Wednesday, April 18, 2012

st. patty's day 5k. livin' on the edge.

I wrote this two days after the race, which was a month ago. Still posting it anyway, because that's how I roll. At least I made sure to add pictures:

So about that race on Saturday. To actually race or NOT to race? Well that decision was made quite easily for me. For a variety of reasons. Lemme 'esplain.

a) I set my alarm for 6:30a since my friends were coming to my house around 7:30a to pick me up. And my alarm never went off. Excellent. I woke up at 7:15a.

b) My allergies hate me. Which means I can barely breathe let alone run well.

c) The girls and I.....well... we were under the impression the race started at 8:30a. Since that's what it had said on the race regi page. Annnnnnnd we were wrong. Our other friends running the race realized this fact and were actually there on time. We unintentionally bandited a race only because we got to a race that started at 8a, at 7:59a. Time to pick up packets? Um, no. Bandits! Even though we paid, we just didn't get to use our chips and bibs. So sad.

 *pre-race. we were thinking we had so much time....*

Therefore, AP beat me once again. The awesome part was the only reason we knew the race started at 8a is because of the starting line phone call we got from our other friends we were meeting at the race. Telling me AP was going to race without me. We were confused. We talked it out. I shared that AP could have the win because my sinuses hate me and obviously we weren't going to get to the race in time. I admit defeat again.

AP is a winner. I am a loser. AP = 3; BR = 0. But that's a 0 I wear with pride. I will continue to race him, someday I will win. I'm not a quitter! Most of the time, anyway. I have plans though. There shall be a 10K showdown and he will have to man up and run in a longer race for once. Enter into MY territory!

Moving on. We parked (we made our own spot, that's how we roll) and jogged to the start line, as we were jogging we saw the racers come around the bend.... soooooo we just jumped in. And a minute into the race we spotted our other friends racing, caught up to them and proceeded to enjoy the race together all while sporting our supa' hot st. pat's knee socks. It was a win-win.

 *post race with our little group that day*

Our group split after the race, some to run extra miles and then those of us not so ambitious (coughahem) went and loaded ourselves up with delicious coffee and had some fantastic quality time with the girls. You can see where my racing-mind currently resides.... that's right. It pretty much doesn't exist. Meh. Fatty delicious mocahs with lots of girl-talk after a race = happiness for me. Another great race day in the books! I'll take it, especially since race days are fewer and further between for me these days (100% by choice). Even if a boy DID beat me. 

Cheers to a week of running, interwebbers!


JFord said...

I have a reoccuring nightmare of oversleeping through a race!!! (Is reoccuring a word or spelled right?)

J said...

Ugg my worse nightmare is my alarm not going off the day of a race.

And no I am not Canadian BUT Tim Hortons has spread into the US!

B.o.B. said...

love the socks!

Carolina John said...

geez how hard is it to post a starting time? crazy directors.

Jeffrey Franck said...

You look silly...

WildChildT said...

LOVE the socks! I don't consider it banditing if you've already paid for the race. You girls rock!

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Gina said...

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