Monday, April 16, 2012

adventures in oz.

Despite having 90+ tornadoes hit the state of Kansas this weekend, there were no casualties and only some minor injuries. Well done Kansas weather teams, well done.

It's hard sometimes to take tornado threats seriously where we live, especially for me since I work in the media and am saturated by media and news all day, every day. Just like Floridians don't worry about Hurricane's and Californians are used to Earthquakes. Kansans don't usually sweat tornadoes.

That said, this weekend was the first time I can honestly say I took a threat seriously. As in I didn't go outside to watch the sky. Well I did, but only BEFORE the tornado got within a few miles of our city. We actually prepared for this one, albeit during those five minutes we were watching a 1/4 wide tornado head directly toward our part of town. But we prepared nonetheless. That was a first.

In a funny twist, we were supposed to go camping this weekend with a group of friends. We made the last minute decision (all being long-time kansans knowing our weather 'threats' could turn out to be a bit of wind and some sprinkles) to nix our camping trip and instead get together for an indoor campy meal. In our friends' basement. And I can honestly say (especially since this storm wasn't fatal) that we were all relieved the storm ended up coming through, it made us feel like our decision to forgo our camping trip was worthwhile.

So, we stuffed ourselves with Taco Soup (our typical camping dinner fare), some Island Park beer (wall cloud stout to be exact, in keeping with the theme of the night of course) and s'mores. All while tucked away in the basement waiting out the storm.

*roasting a marshmallow by candlelight. indoor camping at it's finest. no comment on how many i ate, let's just say my workouts this week may be a bit more intense....*

Parts of Wichita did get pummeled, a tornado did come through and rip things up. Thankfully the tornado took an abrupt turn before moving into our neighborhood. The extent of the damage at our house included one snapped Iris and a few limbs scattered across the lawn. The parts of Wichita that got the worst of it were more industrial than neighborhood, which I suppose is better. Although a few neighborhoods did get severely damaged. Seeing some of the pictures it's actually pretty incredible there were no serious injuries.

*ariel view of just one of the several damaged buildings on spirit aerosystems campus*

 *this little guy did a full flip! an airplane at the kansas aviation museum*

 *the worst hit neighborhood in wichita*

 *another wichita neighborhood* 

Ariel photos are all from photo galleries.

Happy Monday, and cheers to a good running week! Oh and I guess it's Boston day, good luck Boston runners! Soak up those well deserved 26.2 victory miles!


Carolina John said...

Wow, that's scary stuff. Glad you guys came through it ok!

lindsay said...

glad you are ok! smores don't have any calories during a storm...