Wednesday, May 16, 2012

music. with a side of running.

The past two years have changed my running landscape. From the way I approach running, some insights into why I run, to my running goals and even to my running shoes. I know there is a great debate among runners: to run with music or without. Each side has it's valid reasons.

The passion I have for music is something I am not willing to forsake during a run. I'm finding my niche in running lately, in regards to how I want to run, what works for me, and where to put my boundaries to dictate what I need in my running. In other words: I DO WHAT I WANT (oh wise cartman).

That statement sums up my latest change in running. American culture would likely say that's a selfish way to approach it. They also might say listening to music while running can be dangerous. But as an introvert who needs moments alone each day to keep myself in check and to ensure I'm happiest, I need to run alone sometimes. And I need to run with music.

Plain and simple. For me? Running and music go hand in hand. I can't imagine running without music. It's not even about the distraction for me. It could almost come down to this: I run in order to have time in my day to listen to my music. Uninterrupted.

The great debate about music and running will probably always be an issue. An issue of a runner's safety, of being able to stay in tune with your body, among other reasons. But for me, listening to music while I run makes me feel safe.* It makes me feel happy. It helps me stay more in tune with my body. It helps me express my frustration, my joy or my confusion. It helps me clear my head. It allows me to dwell on the good stuff. Or just plain figure shiz out.

Music is my fuel for running.

So, what's it for you? Music, or no?

*i use my phone as my iPod, so i always have it on me. throw in runs with milo, runner ID, and i feel covered.


abbi said...

I run with music about half the used to be ALL the time. I love to just get away, zone out, and enjoy some music while running!

Julia said...

i absolutely love what you said about running the way you want to. that has been my journey this year. im still learning who i am as a runner but i got really burnt out at the end of 2011 and i think a lot of it stemmed from getting away from the reasons i started running and not running as ME but as someone else. i definitely LOVE my music as a motivator and a way to zone out. on the trails i dont normally listen to music but on the roads i definitely like the distraction!

Indi said...

Its funny..I always thought of myself as needing music while running too. That is until I hit the trails. the first loop when I did the 40 took me 5hrs and 5mins and no music the entire time! But put me on the road for 30mins and I need music. GUess Mother Nature has way of keeping me motivated and focused!

The Unexpected Runner said...

I run with music unless I am on the trail with a partner. I ran my night leg at Ragnar without music for safety but otherwise all my road running has tunes....good tunes ;)

XLMIC said...

I am sometimes really into running with music and sometimes really not. It's weird. I used to feel like I needed not so much.

Deb said...

I gotta have my music. It's funny because there are songs that I like, but I can't stand running to them so I pick and choose my list carefully. There are plenty of guilty pleasures on there!

Carolina John said...

I like it. I can totally get on board with that approach. Everyone needs time to themselves sometimes, especially when those damn kids just won't leave you alone.

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

I always run with music unless I'm running with someone or running a race. I got to have my music when running alone even though I catch myself tuning out the songs sometimes.

Most songs on my list have a fast rock beat, but I listen to all types of music.

Neon Blonde Runner said...

As you know, I do books on tape for jogs and then I use playlists full of high energy music when I race! I'm a little nervous that if I were to listen to music alll the time, it would take away some of its magical effects to speed me up haha.

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