Monday, May 14, 2012

three weeks to hospital hill. blissed out.

I'm not exactly sure what my deal is, but the past few weeks have brought a change to my legs. It's like they want to run. Badly. Farther and faster. If I don't run enough or at a certain pace it's like my legs turn into little monsters who refuse to calm down in the evenings. Bizarre.

Even my long run yesterday was something I didn't expect. I've been loathing longer distances but yesterday even after finishing 10 miles (with the last 6 at a pace I'm hoping to keep during the half) my legs weren't done. They were still antsy. I do think it's a fluke, and that it will pass. Until then I'll ride the 'legs just wanna run' wave and see what happens.

Week Seven of HH Training: 
Monday - 4 miles
Tuesday - 5 miles, hills
Wednesday - double yoga, lunch class and evening hot
Thursday - 3 miles with milo
Friday - 5 miles, hills
Saturday - Rest (even though my legs were driving me and the edder both crazy, i couldn't sit still)
Sunday - 10 Miles (four with milo and some friends, six solo at a faster pace)

*my smiley milo blissed out post run, waiting for our starbux treats. 
he is wishing everyone a great running week* 


Indi said...

woohoo!!! While i can't keep up with you, look forward to taking you out on some trails here sooner than later! Run Beka Run!!

Neon Blonde Runner said...

It's not a fluke, you're going to rock the half!!!

Carolina John said...

Sometimes a woman just has to run. Sounds like you're ready to rock that half! Go get those miles.

Marlene said...

Nice running! Let's hope that pep sticks around.

Yayyy for Milo pic! We don't see him enough!

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