Thursday, June 14, 2012

i put my track suit on!

So. I still have a race report to write and have gobs of stories to share about my trip. Internetters? I love to blather. So hold on, lots-o-information will be coming your way the next few weeks.

First item of blather. Doing group track workouts. And how it didn't suck! Let's delve in.

Last week I went to a track workout, hosted by a local running store (GoRun). I had some company to go along with me so I didn't feel so very awkward and alone. Just somewhat awkward. Don't you people know me? I am awkward city! Seeing how I was fresh off a hilly half marathon I went into the workout knowing I wouldn't perform at my best.

And I didn't. I quit after half the workout:
FWR DID - warm-up drills, 800, 1200, 1600, rest. stop. hobble home. cry a little. take aleve.
GROUP DID - warm-up drills, 800, 1200, 1600, 1200, 800. 

The good news is that I absolutely loved it. For the most part everyone was so friendly, nice, welcoming and not competitive. Which was a relief. Everyone was there to learn and get better. The coach is pretty steller, I'm a fan. So we decided to head back again this week and drag the running Katie along.

I have to admit, we had a blast. We got WORKED. We loved it. We left. We will return. This week's workout was to do four sets of 400's as many times as you could manage. Our little group (me, this girl and the running katie) decided to stop after two sets. Track workouts are new to us, we will work our way up to more. That's what it's all about. I was pleased with our consistent pace of a 5K effort (about a 7:15 pace). I am giddy over the fact that two of my favorite people in the world, also run my same pace. It's a colliding of awesome in my world.

I look forward to doing track work all summer, and watching my improvement.

Then there was today. I headed out for a five mile lunch run, turned four mile shuffle. That was extremely ugly. C'est la Vie. Those runs happen. My legs were protesting the entire time. The combination of wind, heat, humidity, recent speedwork (in new free 5.0's) and general leg/body fatigue took a toll. But I slugged it out.

And I'm glad I did. Summer running in Kansas.... it's a character builder.

*anticipating said four mile shuffle, not optimistic. but keeping it uber classy with a work bathroom shot.... it's how i roll. pure class.*


Katie said...

summer running in general makes me want to vom. way to tough it out.

ropadedeporte said...

So, after leaving you all hanging with the mother of all scheduling dilemmas (and I just know you've been on tenterhooks waiting for news on both fronts), followed by my long radio silence, it would probably be easy for you to assume everything went disastrously belly up, nothing worked out, and that's why I've been so quiet and sad. Chandals