Monday, June 25, 2012

this is probably a bad idea.

Me. Doing a for reals outdoor Triathlon next week. Don't worry, it's all of about 12 people 'competing' in this Tri. I got an exclusive invite thanks to my training buddy. I guess this means I should head to the pool and give swimming a shot for the first time in.... oh, you know.... FIVE MONTHS. Oh, and ride a road bike for more than 20 minutes (did that for the first time yesterday).

This may be a bad idea, I know I'm a slow swimmer, yesterday showed me I'm a very tentative and slow road biker. Mostly because I am not coordinated. I am terrified of falling. Because you can't fall off a bike in the gym.... well that made those indoor tri's much easier.

But this is the real deal. Saturday I will be lining up at 6:30a to swim in a lake, ride a road bike 10 miles and run.

With such a small field of competitors my greatest athletic fear may come to fruition. Which is that I come in last. Yeah, yeah, all that matters is that you finish, blahblahblah. I wish I could think that way, still working on that one.

After my last indoor tri, I am keeping my hopes and goals low. Because that thing was a big 'ol hot mess that sent me into a downward spiral of childish 'I WILL NEVER SWIM IN PUBLIC AGAIN' fits. There may have been a few tears. Mostly just because I cry a lot. That still doesn't mean I'd be happy to come in dead last this weekend. I hate being last in ANYTHING, it's called youngest kid in a big family syndrome.

The only upside here is that I will have my training buddy by my side, and I am far more comfortable in lakes than pools. I think what I discovered is that I like personal space, and in a lake, I can get away from other swimmers (even if i get off course and it slows me down a bit) if needed. Personal SPACE. I like it. A LOT. Unless it involves smothering my dog with snuggles and kisses. He gets no personal space. I mean, his paws smell like Frito's, can't resist smothering that boy.

Off to see if I can manage a 30 minute swim. Because I have no doubt that's how long it will take me to swim 600y in that lake next Saturday.... Floaties blown up, flippers on.... and GO.


Theia said...

Good luck!!!!

misszippy said...

I think you can cram in all the training you need in a couple of days! ; )

Seriously, good luck to you. You'll have fun no matter how it goes, I'm sure.

Indi said...

can't wait to hear all about it when I see you!

Carolina John said...

Have fun! lake swims are where it's at.