Monday, May 10, 2010

some kind of redemption.

Two weeks after going out big at the OKC marathon I had my fair share of doubts that my legs would let me run well at my hands down, all time favorite race in the history of the universe. The Wichita River Run 10K. I'm not sure it's so much the course or the length, it's the memories and the people that make this race my favorite. It's the biggest race in Kansas (so they say) and it kicks off our city's week long River Festival. Good stuff.... mostly the RiverFest rocks because you can get food on sticks, but that's an entirely different subject I will cover later this week after my annual RiverFest pig-it-out-with-food-on-sticks lunch on Friday of course.

To continue about the race, right (sorry I get excited about food, and well almost anything as you will see, on a stick). The River Run (as you may recall if you've read my blog for any amount of time) is a race I've been doing for years, I think I first did the two mile race at the age of 7 or 8. Then in my old age, it was my first "long distance" race in 2006. Oh memories.

I didn't get to run this race last year thanks to a nagging injury and the fact that my PT duct-taped my feet together so I couldn't run for weeks after the marathon. So I was excited to at least give it a shot this year and see if I couldn't whip off a PR. Well interwebs, you could say I did that.

I ran the race in 48:30 (my garmin time since this isn't a chip timed race, my clock time was 48:47). WHAT THE WHAT?! My previous PR was at the River Run two years ago with a time of 51:01 (official clock time, my watch then was around 50:30).

And yes I know there could be all kind of disputes about what my real time was and being all official and proper about it, but you know what? Just give me this one people. I needed it. Let me revel in my Garmin time opposed to the non-chip timed official clock where I didn't pass the start line for :17 seconds). I knew deep down I had sub-8 minute miles in me for a race longer than a 5K at some point, if I could just stop getting injured. I just didn't know it would be now. And I'm thrilled. To reward myself? I'm eating chocolate covered bacon and any foods I can find on a stick the rest of the week.

In all honestly, I needed that race so badly. Ridiculous amounts in fact. I needed a PR, I needed to run and feel good about running again since the past two years of running for me have proven more than challenging. I needed to prove to myself that I don't suck, especially after THAT marathon. Which yes, I do have draft upon draft recapping THAT marathon sitting in blogger, I've just chosen to pretend it never happened for now, so bear with me the posts are coming. Anyway, I needed to know that I could run hard and well, not feel tired or feel like quitting, I needed to negative split and finish strong... and that's exactly how I felt and what I did during the River Run. Finally, some kind of redemption, And it was sweet. My hometown and all time favorite race did not fail me.

In fact here are my splits. I'm going to share! Enjoy. Also feel free to verbally reward me appropriately, because if you do, I'll eat extra foods on sticks JUST for you (i'll even take requests). I may even document it. The splits:
Mile 1: 7:58
Mile 2: 8:03
Mile 3: 8:03 (um, how's that for consistency?! random)
Mile 4: 7:59
Mile 5: 7:48
Mile 6: 7:27
Mile .2: 6:40

Now for PICTURES!!

*race start. that guy in the front? he is a local air force dude (and a native kenyan) and he ran the race in something like 30 minutes. go wichita!*

*yeahhh, it takes a village to help me run. what can i say, i was eating some shot blocks and indi offered to help with my bib, i couldn't turn that offer down seeing how i never get my bibs on straight anyway. oh and don't mind the chick who's head is poking out on a stick... there's a whole post a comin' on that one ya'll, just you wait*

*garmin up ladies (and lea on a stick) we all have matchie match garmins. sweet, no?*

*my running girls pre-race, most of them anyway. sunshine, liz, katie, indi, myself, lea on a stick, and the lawyer. words cannot describe how much i love them all! running would be nothing to me without them*

*katie and i happily running along around mile one*

*lea on a stick stole my medal since she couldn't be at the race this year, paybacks are coming! regardless, this was post race and i was a happy, happy girl. also. i have no shame*

*my athletic supporters post race, indi and the lawyer, and lea of course! they returned the favor well from my supporting efforts last year. and as you can tell, it was a chilly day, perfect racing weather sunny and high 40's*

In addition to the race we had a wonderful and full weekend with friends revolving around our River Run traditions we have created. It was wonderful, and I sure will share more since I've decided to officially try to return to blahggie land now. Until I post again, 'you stay classy blahgesphere.'