Monday, March 29, 2010

4 weeks to 'm' day.

Oh wow. Four weeks, no wait, actually 27 days to be exact. I may have slightly jinxed myself on Friday by admitting I'm doing the full marathon, not in the way I expected (i.e. injury). But in the way that by Friday at noon I was a sniffling, shivering, tingly skinned mess of a girl. I left work a little early, came home and proceeded to sleep and rest almost the entire weekend. I barely had the energy to eat that bag of Milano's so you know it must have been bad.

I only worked for half a day today and am feeling much better. I don't know if it was allergies or something else, but it sure did knock me out. So I didn't work out for three entire days. Which to some, that may not be a big deal. But to a girl a month away from potential marathon redemption, it's HUGE. However I had a make-up run today (make-up runs are the best kind of runs, right?!) that went really well. Except I'm noticing that lately the first four miles of any run I do are just brutal. Anyone have thoughts on why that is? Once I pass four? I'm good, but until I reach that point of four (or sometimes five) it takes everything I have to not just give up and go home.

The Lawyer and I are planning on a nice leisurely 22 miler on Saturday bright and early, we don't want to run Easter Sunday, so Saturday it is. The bummer about that is that it falls on the day of a great local 10K race that we will have to miss. I almost pouted. Then realized I'm saving myself a race fee. And a crappy logo'd t-shirt I'll never wear. For a race I wouldn't really be able to go out and "race" considering the miles I'd have to run the day after it, and the fact that it's at the park I run at on a regular basis and it would be like any other run I have there, only with hundreds of other people, and got over it. However, all of that, the race, the 22 miles, started me thinking about where I was at this point in training last year. And it wasn't a good place.

I'm sure any outsider reading my blog last year was thinking, this girl is asking for disaster trying to run that marathon. By this time last year I was doing zero cross training, and was in pain for every. Single. RUN. All of them. I was hobbling around 100% of the time, running or not. Trying to ignore the pain. That only got me so far, in fact it got me as far as running the 10K at the Easter Sun Run last year. Then I didn't run another step until the day before the marathon.

I was thinking about that fact almost exclusively today on my sunny and warm (oh it was glorious) run this afternoon. How I was so unprepared physically and mentally for that marathon last year. The differences in my condition (physical and mental) this year are like night and day. The fact that I will actually be able to run the three weeks leading up to this marathon? That alone makes a huge difference. That and calming words have me in a good mental place for this upcoming marathon, a place I'd like to stay. And am going to work very hard to maintain the next 27 days.

For tonight, I'm working on my marathon playlist and getting more excited by the minute in doing so. I am reminding myself of all the positives over last year going into this year's 'm'. Like how I know the course really well (second year for the marathon, third year doing the OKC race in general), I know where it's going to suck and how to deal with those parts. I also know the hills.... oh the hills, which will seem minor to anyone who doesn't live in Kansas, wait no, who doesn't live in Southern or Western Kansas. But to those of us in the flatland, not so easy. All of this is to say that this year I have a plan for the race (unlike last year which was basically run, pray, survive), I'm going in thinking about it more than I did last year.

Overall I'm feeling good and positive about the OKC Marathon now, in fact I'm looking forward to it. Not in the nervous way, in the excited, ready to see what it holds and hopeful I'll get that redemption kind of way. Of course I'm a roller coaster, we'll see how I feel in a few days. But for now? I'm in a good spot. Finally. And it's oh so relaxing and calming and good.

Friday, March 26, 2010

dirty little secret.

Well, it's time to admit this blahgesphere. I sure am going to run a marathon next month. No, no, not a 1/2... a full.

Yeah, 26.2 in Oklahoma City. I've been keeping it quiet on my blog because there is no better way to put it other than I'm kinda nuts. I've been really paranoid and superstitious about training for it and trying for redemption no less, from last year...THAT marathon. I kept telling myself after I ran 16 miles I'd really admit I'm running the marathon, then 16 came and went, 18 came and went, 20 came and went and I still couldn't bring myself to do it. Maybe I can't really even think it myself, just in case I somehow screw it up and have a massive fail. Again.

CRRAZZZYYYYYYY! This girl. Right. But seeing how that Oklahoma City Marathon is just 30 days away, and if I get really hurt now I'll whine about it on my blog anyway, I figured why not go ahead and throw it out there. Put my huge fear of failure out there for all of you. You're welcome. I've just been so worried about jinxing myself, or getting really injured again, and the failure uuugghhh the thought of failure, all of it somehow in my mind made it seem that if I didn't blog about it, it would all be okay. And for the most part, it has been. And now I just feel like an idiot for not talking about it. Also an idiotic move on my part? Anyone could have gone and looked at my workout stats on the side bar of my blog and noticed the length of my runs, not that people stalk my workouts, just sayin'....

However, what's funny is that almost everyone I talk to on a regular basis sure has known for awhile and have been really supportive through this whole process. And a few randoms I've run into along the way, just because I needed to vent or talk about it. Telling them didn't make my training go to poo, so I was safe there. I have had a few hip and knotted up leg blips, but nothing major. I do know the people who have known have been nothing less than spectacular in being supportive of my whiny fears and issues in regard to the whole thing.

I did have to start admitting it to my friends when I mentioned how I ran with The Lawyer and they knew how far she was running that day and would question me about it. Even The Lawyer stopped saying how many miles she actually ran with me on her blog and otherwise, because I'M JUST THAT NUTS that I asked her not to. She seriously needs an award for putting up with me. So it's official. I am nuts and I am also running a marathon next month, with The Lawyer (i hope we hold hands the whole time). Do I need to cyber shout that, I think I do. Because I'M RUNNING A MARATHON next month.

So I'm going to close my eyes and use all my guts to hit 'publish post' and pray that I don't end up injured later this week.... it's been established many times in this post already that I'm crazy. I mentioned that, right? Crazy and superstitious and paranoid.

Here's to running marathon No. 2! And hopefully getting a big fat dose of redemption while I'm at it!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

5 weeks to my 1/2 'm' day.

I'm so behind on posting about all my training. Basically because two weeks ago I was a blathering mess of tears and ramble over the fact that I once again landed myself back in the hands of my very capable physical therapist thanks to running. I was a mess, physically and emotionally. Thankfully I just had some bad knots in my quad and hamstring, along with a painful fibroid from a muscle strain in my hamstring as well, and a slightly pulled groin, all of which were making my hip very cranky.

Things got ugly, so I holed myself away spewing angry words and tears and was ready to give up. Have I ever mentioned I'm a drama queen? AND an emotional roller coaster? Because I got quite dramatic about the whole thing. It's how I roll.

To sum here is what I've been up to. Physical therapy has definitely been doing the trick, I sure did shed a few tears of pain for the first time in PT, but that means it's working. RIGHT?! Although I'm not back to perfect, things are feeling much better, I find I don't realize how much pain I am/was in, until the pain is gone. Like I'm not wincing when I walk down steps or turn corners, it's amazing! So two weeks ago I took things very easy after my fabulous long run in fantastic weather with The Lawyer. You know it's a good day in Kansas when you get to run in your short pants in early March! After that long run I didn't run again that week, just rested my legs and did some elliptical and yoga, that was it. And reveled in the fact that I ran in my short pants, natch.

Last week I was back at running and had three pretty successful runs, one being a fantastic tempo run that made me hopeful that I don't point of fact suck in general and that maybe I might just PR next month. My long run was done on Sunday, and although I had some nagging annoying pain in my right leg, it went well... um, well enough. Okay it was a bit frustrating. If you ask The Lawyer? She may not agree, she might tell you I was off the charts frustrated during that run as she got the brunt of a few choice texts thanks to all my frustrations. Words were shared, she politely listened and encouraged. So the run was less than stellar, and quite frustrating, but overall? I did it. Also I learned I really shouldn't indulge in a smoothie at home, then a huge brunch of french toast and cheesy (oh how i love cheese) hashbrown casserole a few hours before a long run. Mmm-hmm, not the best choice I've ever made. I paid for that one dearly. But it tasted so good at the time!! Anyway, as of today I am happy and confident that I'll be okay to race in OKC next month. Can't beat that!

As for this week, I just started my runs for the week today. Thanks to that John Mayer concert (have i mentioned that was killer yet) and physical therapy yesterday (where my PT told me to hold off and not run yesteray) and so far so good with a little more than four this morning. But it's technically a running rest week and I have it pretty easy, no complaints. So I'm back with my non-crappy attitude, and am desperately trying to catch up on your blogs. You people are busy.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

best part of my day.

Well it was last night actually. But I'm still riding a high from it all, so I say it counts. I had a birthday last month and Edder sure did get me fourth row floor seats to John Mayer for it. The concert was last night. So after waiting almost an entire month, I finally got to collect on my present. And oh holy goodness was it ever worth the wait.

*john mayer, he is smaller in person than i thought he would be, this is not a zoomed in photo, this is how close we were. simply amazing. and exciting!*

The concert was simply incredible, I have to say it was one of the best nights of my life, definitely the highlight of my year so far. I love John Mayer's music, and to be able to watch him sing 50 feet away from me (or further, i'm bad with distances...because is there a difference between a 1/2 and full marathon....chirp) was on entirely new level of incredible. I'm kind of at a loss for words over the whole thing. Still a little dazed!

Even though 'we' (coughahem) lost our camera in Kansas City right before the concert, Edder managed to grab a few pictures with his phone, at least we have that. It was a fantastic night.

Michael Franti opened for John Mayer, and he was down on the floor after he finished his show and I managed to get a picture with him. Needless to say I'm going to put a few of his fantastic and happy songs on my running playlist. This guy was a darn good time, a little stinky, but a darn good time!

*awwww, getting a hug from franti, this guy was so amazing and i sure did tell him that to his face, i'm now a huge fan!*

I just got back from Kansas City and have a full afternoon of Physical Therapy and Running to squeeze in around some other stuff. I've been very MIA from the blahgesphere and am so behind on everyones blogs.... I've been going through a running blip and was trying to spare spewing my angry verbal vomit all over you. Instead the ones I love have gotten to deal with all my recent frustrations and my emotional roller coaster of crazy. Consider yourselves lucky interweb, I've been an ugly mess the past few weeks and you would not have wanted to deal with it. But the blip has been contained and things are looking up for that little OKC race next month. More on that, and catching up with all of you, later.

For now, do yourselves a favor and go download some John Mayer and Michael Franti for your listening and running pleasure! I promise it won't disappoint.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

shhhh, i'm everywhere.

Yeah, I'm whispering right now. The creepy kind of whisper. Because I'm sneaky and evil and watching.... and EVERYWHERE <---- I shouted that last one.

Okay. So. My cousin Rachel was out running her sixth marathon last weekend, the "Last Chance for Boston" in Ohio. She had to run 26.2 miles on a one-mile loop. Go Rachel, and she got a fantastic time at the race. The best part was of course getting an email from her telling me how she thought of me every single mile because of THIS. The below. Enjoy.
Yeah.... I had that made and planted there, just to cheer her on via hideous orange colored cone. I'm mostly bummed I didn't have time to bedazzle it. Cause it's how I roll. You're welcome Rachel. And congrats on No. 6!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

about winter park.

Per my usual listy self, I decided to go ahead and post about that trip to Winter Park last month. Yeah, I never said I was prompt.... ummmm actually I'm never prompt, annoying, but true. It's just how I roll. But here you go, my ski trip to WP last month, complete with pictures:

1. The ski week started with dinner out in WP during a slight snow storm, just a tiny one. We had some KILLER pizza and delicious beer. We went on our annual ski trip with my cousin Brian and his wife Rachel this year! It didn't disappoint! And here is a little known FWR fact. I'm a bit of a clepto when it comes to beer mugs, as is SOMEONE else. We have an ever growing collection of mugs from going out together. I love mug (it's okay, we know a lawyer... or 80, i think we'll be okay).

2. The ski week started out fantastically, even if it was blizzard conditions on the mountain on day one with the wind literally blowing so hard it could almost stop you while going downhill, but meh. It was fantastic nonetheless.

3. My dog Milo needs to grow a pair. We took our dogs to WP with us, they are both wonderfully behaved dogs and can be trusted in a condo by themselves for hours on end, it's true. However, I'm pretty sure Brian and Rachel's dog Ally would beat Milo down without fail ever single night. Milo needed to 'man up,' but he never did. So embarrassing. But the dogs sure were precious playing in the snow together.

these pics are courtesy of rachel, the second one sure is milo, he loves him some snow running

4. All I can say is that this style photo is taken every time we are together, I'll just let you come to your own conclusion on our catch phrase for it.... all I know is that it. is. awesome.

5. The views are pretty priceless.

this pic is courtesy of rachel, too pretty not to post!

6. Beer, yeah hold on here, I sure am gonna write this.... is even better after a hard day of skiing.

7. Crappy chilli with some cheese and Fritos thrown in, along with a semi-decent mocha are oh so much better at 8,000 feet.

8. You can make a drinking game out of just about anything. Seriously. And we sure did. SOMEONE came up with the idea to play a drinking game (with delicious home brews thanks to my cousins, see below we may have made a dent in those) to the movie Anchorman, where we had to drink every time they said Ron Burgandy, Ron or Burgandy. Fair warning fellow drinking game players.... by 30 minutes into the movie, hold on, because you will be well on your way to being hammered drunk. They have GOT to say that name at least 50 times during the first 30 minutes alone! We changed the rules to only drinking to the FULL name... but still... wow.

9. Note to self, you may be able to spin your face off, yoga a decent amount and run a few miles at a pop, but day three of skiing will kick your ass. Duly noted. Also, you might want to stay of the blocked off competition downhill/slalom run (pictured below)....coughahem.... not that I ended up on it 'by accident' or anything....

10. Even though we take the exact same snow ski vacation every single year? It never gets old.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

best quote of the day.

Maybe it's the wine talking, or my delirious state from the crappy week so far, but I'm pretty sure even THIS tops Bob's Costas' "And the always enjoyable giant, inflatable beaver" quote from the Olympic closing ceremonies.

I'm pretty sure, no I'm positive, because we sure did TiVo it back a billion times, that Randy Jackson from American Idol just said "Awww dog, you know what I loved about your package?" TO A DUDE. Yeah, maybe it's the wine that made that comment far funnier to me, but I'd like to think others of you in the blahgesphere have the same jr. high humor as me. So fellow AI contestants be warned... Randy Jackson is now judging 'packages'.... just sayin'.

Also. American Idol contestants. Never, and I mean NEVER admit to the America that you don't know what to do with your hands. Because all TiVo's will be paused while the peeps watching make fun of you thanks to Talladega Nights... "I don't know what to do with my hands.... Car ran good."

Monday, March 1, 2010

8 weeks to my half 'm' day.

Holy shiz, I can't believe OKC is only eight weeks away. Which means it's been almost a year since I ran my first and only marathon. THAT marathon.... that thing that totally kicked my ass and beat me to a pulp? Yeah, that one. Just needed to throw that out there.

This past week was my 'rest' week for training. And did I EVER take it very seriously. My sad little hip has been angry with me, so I decided to give it a rest and only ran twice and went to yoga once. LAME. But seeing how it WAS my birthday week... yes, WEEK, I went ahead and decided to not feeling guilty about any of it and sure did eat a brownie for breakfast on Saturday just to be defiant about it all. So take that week nine of training.

Today though, I am getting back on the training wagon like a good little runner. I'll be hitting the gym and the streets like a mad woman trying to make up for my uselessness last week. IT. IS. ON. I'm determined to make sure OKC doesn't kick my ass yet again, even if I am just running the half. We'll see how that turns out. Today, I'm not hopeful. But it's Monday, and it's cold and I haven't had nearly enough Milano's to determine my opinion on all of the above. So I should just shut up and eat. On that note, I have some Milano's to consume.

But not before I mention that I've decided I'm ready for spring, and the Edder has been making fun of me for the past week because I assume the best way to will spring into coming, is to dress appropriately. Apparently that isn't doing the trick since it was still 32 degrees this morning. But in keeping with my defiant attitude for the past week, I sure am still dressing like it's spring. Take THAT winter.

Happy Monday Interweb.