FWR Facts

I'm a married thirty-something just living the dream. Well... kind of. I'm a pretty average girl, I've only ever lived in Kansas, so in that regard I'm kind of boring.

I'm a nerd, a runner, a yogi. I love to cook and bake. I love wine, coffee and beer and am an unapologetic snob about all three. I love to play the piano, go to music theater, take pictures and fanny about with photoshop. I like to paint. I love being outdoors. NATURE! Water skiing and snow skiing are things I can't live without. I'm a huge music and animal lover who works in radio as a graphic designer/online content director. I teach college classes  a few semesters per year. I obviously also have this blog, which is for my pure amusement.

Also. I am obsessed with my dog, Milo. Yes, I know that is pathetic. I also have cats. And the only thing that keeps me from being a creepy old cat lady is the fact that I'm married (my husband is the edder. he is lawyer. he makes really good beer in our basement. he is also obsessed with his dog, milo. he is really good at making up personalized lyrics to any pop song out there. mad skillz.)... and have no wicker furniture.

Email: fairweatherrunner@gmail.com
Twit me: @FairWxRunner