Wednesday, February 25, 2009

mid-training motivation...

Ed found an article during his ritual early morning news scour this morning and emailed me the link. I found it highly motivational and simply wanted to share it.

It's a story in the New York Times about a 44-year-old who runs Pike's Peak in three hours, and runs the mountains almost daily. Incredible motivation, in my opinion, for all of us out there training for those 'fulls' this spring:

Friday, February 20, 2009

where is this girly girl coming from...

I'm not the girliest of girls, but I'm not totally butch either, I guess I'm kind of in-between. I'm athletic, wear jeans and sweaters or t-shirts almost every day, but love to dress up once in awhile. Heels, bags and super nice jeans are my weakness. I'm proud of the fact that I like to sweat, I love beer, I hate fruity drinks (unless you count wine, which I don't), all my running/workout clothes are black or blue, I'm not prissy or refined (I just have to play that role sometimes at my husbands work parties, but really I think they all know better), I don't wear a lot of makeup, I don't cry at movies, and please give me chicken wings and pizza any day.

However, a few weeks ago that changed. Upon Kristen the running lawyer's suggestion, I went to the outlet to view their goods and instantly fell in love with the black Marathon Girl skirt. I ordered it on the spot, it didn't hurt that it was 60% off either. My new and unusual crave came in the mail a few days later. And cyperspace.... I heart it. I ripped it out of the bag and put it on, it was just incredible, so comfortable and it made me feel so pretty and feminine. The coolest part was where I thought I'd hate the way my awkward little chicken legs looked in it, but instead I loved the way my legs looked in it. On top of the whole skirt thing, another oddity I'm experiencing is currently salivating over all of Nike's new hot pink running gear. I can't help myself, literally.

So what has caused this sudden change and given me the desire to be girly? My best guess is that it's thanks to the simple fact that I am turning 30 in five days. This is currently my excuse for every bizarre thought or action, and any discrepancy in my norm for the past few weeks. It's all being blamed on the fact I'm turning 30. Like the fact that I was standing in the middle of my kitchen squirting E-Z-Cheese into my mouth and chasing it with orange juice and Sprees while Milo was sitting there telling the entire household that "yep, fluffy has lost it,' I looked at him and blamed it on turning 30. Or when I started spontaneously crying at some baby commercial, also blamed on turning 30. Or the reasoning behind turning my blog pink...seriously, it's just so not like me, but it came over me like a wave, a little voice saying, change your blog... make it pink, so I did. And of course it's also my best guess on the whole girly running gear thing as well, I'm turning 30, I do what I want. Be forewarned that I'm going to use this excuse for everything and anything over the next year.

Now I must eat my sloppy joe and drink my beer because some things will never change once I turn 30...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

a 14 mile heart-fest...

Emily and I ran 14 this morning, how sweet is it that we ran 14 on the fourteenth, and it happened to be valentines day? It was like a heart-fest..... and by heart-fest I really mean it was a let's get this motha' finished because it's still 25 degrees and we've been running for two hours-fest. Overall it was a really good run. It was only 20 degrees when we started, but the wind was barely present (in Kansas terms anyway) and it was sunny and clear.

If it hadn't been sunny that run likely would have been unbearable. The only complaint I had was that my legs started to ache around mile eight. My poor little chicken legs can't handle the cold so well, they just get so tight which is really frustrating. Other than that, it was a great run on a new route which we now heart.

To keep us distracted we played 20 questions, it kept us entertained the first four miles or so. But I lost, I couldn't figure out Norah Jones... seriously NORAH JONES, not a hard one to figure out, clearly my mind wasn't so sharp, how embarrassing! After the run I had a lightning speed round of stretching and using the foam roller then rushed to get coffee with Ed (it's a Saturday morning tradition for us) at a local coffee shop. I had just enough time for a quick shower--which solved my achy leg problem--and headed off to teach for the afternoon. I had sympathy on my students and let them out early today under the stipulation they "shoot their footage," but really it just allowed me to come home and lay on the couch.... so devious, yet so brilliant.

As for more acknowledgement of today's holiday, Ed and I celebrated valentines day Thursday night since we loathe going out on valentines. He is out getting steaks and a bottle of wine now. Really for us, there is no better way to celebrate than filet's and wine at home! For now though, it's time for a nap, I gotta rest up for my BEEF!

Friday, February 13, 2009

my friday foto...

Here's my contribution to Nike Mom's Friday tradition! Ummmmm.... how do I explain?

This was in the bathroom at work awhile back. And don't worry, it wasn't just there for an hour or so, he stayed planted in that bathroom. Of course he traveled to various stalls and spots through the weeks. It got to the point where gripping fear would seize me every time I opened that bathroom door, I was rabidly thinking WHERE IS THAT LITTLE B%STARD TODAY?! Please note that thing is like 8 feet tall. We are very productive here in the media...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

no blog-slap needed...

I ran seven miles this morning with Emily. It was actually enjoyable, peaceful and the longest run I have done before work. It felt good, it was a balmy 35 degrees and the wind wasn't blowing, so considering the time of year we had great conditions. The most eventful part of the run was that I dropped a glove somewhere after mile 2.5 (we did an out and back) so on the way back we were distracted looking for my glove. It was a good distraction, and Emily found it!

It made me think that maybe it would help to play 'games' on longer runs to make the time go faster, although Emily and I never have a hard time finding things to talk about on a run. We talked the entire seven miles this morning. But even still, I'm trying to think of games we could play during our 14 miles on Saturday, any ideas?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

well, you see, the thing was...

First off, feel free to blog-slap me. I didn't run my seven miles this morning, and yes I have an excuse, and yes it is absolutely reasonable, or seemed that way at 5:15a this morning. I woke up to rain (and it wasn't just a sprinkle), wind, and 35 degrees. I told myself if Emily was up for it, I didn't have a choice, I needed the motivation and I was already awake and getting dressed.

But together we decided it probably wasn't the smartest choice to put our bodies through a run like that and risk getting sick. So I crawled back in bed until it was time to get ready for work. And as I was getting gas on my way to work, standing in the cold, windy rain, I was happy with our choice not to run.

Luckily the day cleared up and it turned out to be really nice so I came home from work and went for a quick three miles with Ed. I even did weights after. So all wasn't lost.

However, Emily and I are running seven tomorrow morning at 5:15a, no rain in sight. So if it doesn't happen, you can blog-slap me twice...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

best part of my day...

Hearing Ed's much needed words after wondering out loud whether or not I should really get up at 5:15a to run my seven miles before work with Emily (considering my bad sleeping issues, it can be a problem to get up so early):
"Well my honest answer is this. You made the decision to run a marathon, and so you need to do the work, whether you want to or not. My sympathetic answer is you do need your rest, but we both know you won't sleep well until your class is over in two weeks. So go run."

He is absolutely correct. I will be getting up at 5:15a to run my seven miles. Writing it here will help keep me honest. If I report tomorrow I didn't run because,blah, blah, blah and whine, whine, whine, you have permission to blog-slap me...

Monday, February 9, 2009

best part of my day...

I don't know that I would call it the best as much as the most irritating yet entertaining part of my day. I learned that my dog is bat-poo-crazy, he is one of THOSE dogs who barks aimlessly at the wind. At 2:30 in the morning. And when you let him outside to check things out he is too intimidated by the wind to leave the porch. What a little a-hole. I love him.

eleven weeks to 'M' day...

Week five of marathon training went exceptionally well, contrary to what I was assuming, my 12 mile run was relatively easy. It was in the high 60s, I ran in shorts and a technical tank, just incredible weather. I felt good the entire run despite a few glasses of wine, a restless five hours of sleep and way to many chips and salsa, the night before. I was stunned, to say the least, of course my 14 this Saturday could be a different story. That 12 miles gave me the confidence in myself that I will be able to run a marathon, what a relief to finally feel it.

That said, I have a hectic few weeks coming and even though I was feeling calm today, I'm starting to worry tonight. I have two weekends of teaching video editing to college students ahead of me, a class I haven't taught before, more new territory. Plus a 14 and 16 mile run on those weekends, not to mention working full time and weekly runs on top of everything else I do at home. Sometimes I wonder what I've gotten myself into. I got through the last set of teaching class/training schedule, I can get through this one. I'm sure it will come wrapped nicely, maybe in some parchment paper, maybe some twine around it, complete with a mini-breakdown inside, which I will unwrap at some point during the next two weeks.

I guess I'm putting all my verbal diarrhea out there so I can garner some encouragement from fellow runners, so feel free to heap it on, don't worry, when I'm able and you're in need, I will return the favor. Just ask Kristen the running lawyer... I'm disgustingly chipper and encouraging when needed.

Friday, February 6, 2009

how bekar got her groove back …

After feeling bad about myself for skipping runs last week, I only ran twice and it was a total of 10 miles, this week my running groove has magically re-appeared. And those two runs last week were far from pretty. On a bad week I remind myself I have only been back to running full-on for five weeks now, thanks to that evil little (no, big) stress fracture from last fall, but in the end it doesn’t make me feel any better about one bad run… or 20.

This week however, after a full week of eating total crap (yep I had two, count them TWO cheeseburgers with french fries this week) and not drinking nearly the amount of water I should have been, my runs have been surprisingly good. I’m still wary, because tomorrow I run 12 and it could just as easily go to total crap!

I ran a six mile-tempo run on the dreadmill last night. My new dreadmill theory is to keep the incline set at 2% at least, and when not on a tempo run do incline intervals during any treadmill workout. I was happy to find last night that my run came easier than weeks past. In fact I wanted to speed up, but staying mindful of my foot I stayed at 8:27s for three miles and only bumped up to an 8:13 for the last mile, started and ended the run with an easier pace.

As I was running I recalled how just a month ago I was at the same gym huffing and puffing, wanting to vomit on the guy next to me during speedwork. Marked improvement. The miles and work are paying off after all. Victory.

I’m just sharing the joy of a good running week! The thing is that next week could end up proving brutal, you just never know in regards to running do you? Running is like a present you unwrap every day. That gift is either swift feet, strong legs and easy breathing, or a brown flaming bag of dog poop.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

your tip of the day...

Boulevard Wheat and Chocolate Fudge Icing make an awesome combo.... yes, for dinner.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

best part of my day...

Seeing this on my computer screen....

Thank you for submitting your entry for the April 26, 2009
Oklahoma City Marathon: Marathon.


I am officially signed up for my first marathon. Bring it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

a little enjoyment for your day...

Have I mentioned I love my job? And my new office. Although it's horrible to say, but after the massacre a few weeks ago, I am benefiting a bit, I am now in a office. My new roomie and I are sharing giggles left and right and it is fabulous. So much better than the cube farm! So I'm going to let you in on some of our daily joy.

Just a bit of dance interpretation to one of my favorite new running songs:

best part of my (yester)day...

Coming home to a calm, quiet, newly insulated super warm house. Curtains closed, dim lights on and lounging on the couch all night and having the best quiet evening I've had in months with Ed. We even talked for an hour straight, no interuptions, it was just what I needed!