Sunday, May 31, 2009

our fake maui...

Ed and I went to Maui as a graduation trip gift to ourselves after he took the Bar exam. It was relaxing, beautiful, wonderful and overall a total blast. We always want to go back, but stick firm to our policy to visit more places before we do. Plus it's pretty pricey. However, this weekend, we found what we deemed as our fake Maui during our six-year anniversary last minute weekend getaway.

We have both been feeling the stress and strain of work and life. Last year our anniversary was less than stellar, just a total bust, for a variety of reasons. This year, we decided we wanted to celebrate our anniversary in style for a bajillion reasons. We wanted a place that wasn't too far away, but that would be relaxing and low key.

Being near water and nature is ideal for us, we'll pick that over a city any day. We knew of a place called Big Cedar Lodge on Table Rock Lake so I gave the lodge (lodge is a bit of an understatement) a call on chance, told them it was last minute and our anniversary, and we were in luck. The resort totally hooked us up, they had an amazing room waiting for us! Sweet.

Ed and I agreed, this was by far the most incredible weekend trip we have ever taken together. We had an amazing amount of fun in this beautiful part of the country. It's why we deemed it our fake Maui. We decided that in the future when we need to get away, when we can't handle real life another second, we will head to fake Maui... because it's cheaper and faster than the real thing!

We had a full day on Saturday, and took lots of pictures. Below are just the pictures of Friday night (we arrived pretty late) and Saturday morning. More to come on the rest of it later (empty promises... i hear you saying it now).

*this was waiting for us when we arrived, they even gave us a card. if i actually liked cake, i'm sure it would have been delightful, instead ed had the dirty work of eating the whole thing*

*our room, the doors leading out to the balcony, it was delightful*

*ed on the walk to brek*

*nature on our walk to brek*

*ed eagerly awaiting his biscuits and gravy, the boy doesn't mess around, if there are b&g in the vicinity, you better get the heck out of the way, he will take you down in order to get them*

*waiting for some delicious (and it was) brek at one of the restaurants, i had a brekkie sandwich with eggs, bacon, and cheese, and some hash on the side*

*some nature on our walk back from brek*

*this was our 'lodge.' our room was on the top floor, and the third balcony over (the one not covered by the tree)*

*and this is where we spent the rest of our morning, hanging out in these rocking chairs (there were two) on our balcony reading, talking and enjoying the view*

Thursday, May 28, 2009

best part of my day...

Time to list it up, and there is one thing from yesterday, so don't judge on my inability to post in a prompt manner.

1. Lunch at Abuelos, because yet another co-worker is leaving, which is sad because I heart her. It's official, all my favorite people have left the building :( But it was a fun and yummy lunch to celebrate a fantastic person!

2. Ed and I decided to get out of town this weekend to celebrate six years of making it through being married. We decided to celebrate with a last minute weekend getaway! Any guesses where we are going? I mean really, because I have no idea.

3. Katie and I met at the Park last night to do intervals after work. I am terrified of doing speed work outdoors because I always feel like I will suck. But guess what? We didn't suck. We did 4x800's, with a one mile warm up, 5 minutes between each 800 and about a 10 minute cool down. We felt pretty great about our run. Katie kept track of overall time and distance on her Garmin, I tracked only the intervals on mine.

Here are our interval stats:
Run Distance: 2.0 Miles

Average Pace: 7:48
Best Pace: 6:16 (score)
Calories Burned: 213

Our total distance was about 4.5 miles, I'm not sure on total time, hopefully I'll get those stats from Katie tonight since we are meeting at the park again for an easy run.

Even though I was nervous to do speed work outside, we were hitting my goal pace thanks to the handy dandy pace calculators I have been using. My goal interval training pace is between 7:30s and 7:50s for 800's. So last nights 800's weren't as fast as I would have liked, but hey, this is only my second week doing speed work, so I say not bad.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

summer has officially started...

For me, summer has officially started. Not because last weekend was memorial day weekend. Nope. And not because the heat and evil, evil humidity have descended upon this fine flat city. No, no. I know summer has arrived because lawyers league softball season has begun. For the last five years, it just doesn't feel like summer until the summer law clerks flock to local firms like the salmon of capistrano and the festivities surrounding their arrival ensue.

*milo at the first softball game of the season, he usually doesn't take his eyes off of ed, i was bribing him here! ed is in the background at first base.*

So within the last week, it felt like summer has officially arrived. The softball season started last night, and it didn't disappoint. Stormy weather, cold beer, fierce competitiveness from type A personalities, and degrading yells from opposing council--I mean players.... ahhh the sounds of summer. So if you are thinking I am so excited for all of this because I'm a killer and key player for the firm team then you would be quite wrong. Oh HECK no. I turn into the town idiot when you get me near a ball. I am there simply to consume beer, distract players and wait for the fried deliciousness that follows each game. It's delightful. I'm pretty sure Kristen the Running Lawyer and I have a sole purpose during softball season, to make sure the proper food and beer are ordered post game.

*ed playing first base.*

*storm clouds hanging out over the fields.*

*i had to include an action shot. our team did win the game, which is not typical.*

However, thanks to my healthy lifestyle, it's going to take some re-conditioning for our summer Tuesday night fare of fried goodness, tacos and beer. Because Kristen, Ed and I all agreed this morning that our stomachs HATED us thanks to dinner last night. Although Kristen and I are doing far better this year than we were last year. Ed's imitation of us post games last summer is hands down one of the most entertaining things you will ever see. Basically he mocks us for our fine fried food and beer inhalation skills. However, Kristen and I kept clear of most of the fried goodness. I give us mad props for NOT downing an entire basket of jalapeno poppers on our own. A weakness for us both. We were good little runners and only had one popper each. Runners = 1, Poppers = 0! Score. We'll see how long that lasts, we have many weeks to go.

Like I said, in addition to softball, summer doesn't feel like summer unt
il the festivities begin. Last week marked the 5th Annual Wine Tasting. It is always a fun event, there is plenty of wine to taste and it's always interesting to see (coughahem...taste) what everyone brings. I'm personally always tempted to sneak a box of wine into the party. Ed and I brought a randomly picked Australian Shiraz that I can't remember the name of, something with Gnarled or Oak in the name. But apparently we are wine geniuses because WE WON for best red.
*edder and i at the wine tasting.*

*kristen and i being blahg-arific at the party. really i just followed her around all night being all.. whatcha doin' where you goin'... and taking pictures. not at all obnoxious.*

*i think i interrupted a VERY important conversation to take this picture..... mmm-hmmm, i think they were actually contemplating where to play street craps. classic.*

Kristen hosted the event this year at her beautiful and amazing new house. It takes a lot of guts to host this group, trust me. But I think her house fared okay. The party was tame in comparison to past years... past years where I can't be positive, but there may have been yoga push up-offs (the clap during the push up move) between Kristen and I and one of the partners, while we are in, of course, dresses. There was also no making up haiku's for partners this year, that's pretty much my wine tasting party standard.

*uhhh yeah, there sure was a chocolate fountain at that party....
runners = 0, chocolate fountain = 58.*

*everyone loving the chocolate. yum!*

Mmmmm summer is here and I love it!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

getting speedy...

Now that I have every length of race that I have wanted to do under my shoes, I have a new mission. Getting speedy. I realized I never really, truly buckled down and focused on getting fast. I have never trained as hard as I could have in regard to speed, and I get extremely frustrated at my lack of speed. However I've realized that I can't be frustrated at my lack of speed when I don't fully concentrate on getting speedy. That is going to change this summer. Oh yes, they will call me speedy pants by summers end... I hope. I am focusing all my running energy on getting a 10K PR.

Since I am determined to work on speed this summer, I figured why not team up with Runners Lounge and make it official. I have started a 10K group over on runners lounge and am going to be writing about my journey to get faster at 10Ks at least every other week. Nothing like a little accountability to keep a runner honest, right? Documenting my amateur attempts to get fast, because I am no pro, I'm hoping will help me stay motivated, and maybe inspire some others to join me in this quest. Having others in the same boat always helps right?

The good thing is I'm a huge research nerd, so when it comes to something like figuring out how to get speedy on my own, I research the poo out of it.
I'm also pretty systematic, I like lists, I like research, I like to figure out a plan before I ever get started. So in my quest to get faster, I have been doing research and calculating the speeds at which I need to train for my goal 10K pace. My goal by the end of the summer is to run a 48 minute 10K, I know that isn't super speedy for most people, but for me, it is. I have goals beyond that (my ultimate goal is to run a 46 minute 10K... in due time), but I feel like it's a good starting point, not to lofty to make me frustrated if I totally miss it. I think it's a very realistic goal.

In my research I found a few websites that helped me decide my paces and training plan for the summer. I used the McMillan Pace Calculator and the Runners World Pace Calculator (both offer differing paces) and I compiled the two to come up with my goal paces for the long and tempo runs, 400's, 800's and 1600's that are in my summer training plan. I'll be doing speed work anywhere from 7:00 - 8:00 miles. I think these pace calculators are a perfect starting point for deciding a training pace.

To get my goal pace I just typed in my goal 10K time (it usually tells you to enter your best recent race time) and went from there. I think it's a great starting point.
So I hope you all will dig my summer speedy training, and if you are in Runner's Lounge already feel free to go and join my 10K group where you can share your training tips and ideas, many minds are far better than one!

Cheers to a great summer of speediness my friends!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

best part of my day...

Running 10 miles in the sun, then hitting up the farmers market. I heart summer!

I wasn't sure I would make it 10 this morning, some of the girls were only going three, and after a night out with Meggers (who is back in town this weekend from LA) and Mojitos, I was doubtful I would go further than three. But I decided to duke it out and just get the 10 done. Lauren stuck with me, we are both running a trail half marathon in two weeks and decided better to get the 10 done today since we were already there. It was darn hot and humid, but sunny and glorious all the same, even still the heat and humidity were challenging. I'm sporting some pretty hot runners tan lines right now too, that will look lovely with my strapless dress I wear to a party tonight.

As an aside, I don't usually post my running stats because I keep them in my sidebar, I changed tracking systems too, now I'm using Map My Run because Ed uses Map My Ride and I wanna be like Ed. So if you want to check how painfully slow I've been since the marathon, have at it!

Now it's time for a delightful afternoon nap!

Friday, May 22, 2009

best part of my day...

Waking up for an early morning 4 mile run with my all time, hands down favorite running buddy, Milo! It's already humid here in Kansas, but the cool air made for a decent run this morning, despite being soaking wet by a half mile in. Humidity kills me, but after about 2.5 miles I hit my stride and it wasn't so bad. I just have to get re-conditioned to the humidity. Plus I started my new weight training program and my legs may as well be dead weight. How is it I can feel so out of shape when I ran a marathon just four weeks ago?!

I am amazed that I pulled myself out of bed, I'm not a huge morning person, but I can manage. I was inspired by my friend Mike to get up and get out there this morning. He is a fellow media nerd, we went to undergrad together. He is on a mission, a "less of me" mission. We talked yesterday and I shared I'm struggling big time to get up and run in the mornings. Even though running in the morning during summer is one of my favorite things in the WORLD to do. He pointed out that if his 40 year old butt can get up and get out there, then my 30 year old butt can too.

I don't have anyone to get up and meet in the morning right now, and honestly I get tired of trying to get anyone to run in the morning, so I'm on my own in this mission... until now. Mike and I agreed to sort of keep each other accountable, even if we don't meet each other for a run or walk, doesn't mean we can't give each other shit for not doing it! Plus it's comforting, as Mike pointed out, knowing that someone else is out there, dragging themselves out of cool comfortable sheets in the mornings. So we may not run together, but we know the other is out there... and there will be either hell or congrats to doll out! Plus I hate letting people down.

So Mike, although I was literally cursing your name this morning when my alarm went off at 5:50a, and I considered saying screw it, I thought, nope, I'm gonna have to tell Mike if I didn't get up and do it. So I got up, and I ran my four miles.... with Milo. Who oddly is always ridiculously excited to get up for an early run... oh to be a dog.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

best part of my day...

I may be Milton. But I fought for some rights and got them!

Welcome to my new office. Please note window in close proximity to me! YAY! Please note stapler and cool, solid wood old school desk... no gross old 90s cube style for me, no facing taupe wall (you can't see it in photo). I'm satisfied. New office mate starts tomorrow (yes it's a complicated situation, but this person used to work here and is now coming back).

I have stood my ground. I even claimed a bookshelf you can't see in the picture, off to the immediate right of my desk. It is an official nerd factory on my side of the office. I still have some wall filling to do, but in due time. I'm a minimalist at work, what you see is actually my desk looking a bit messy. Yeah, I'm not a pack rat. I like a tidy camp. But I think I'm settled.... Pandora playing Andrew Bird station, check, runner and dog photos up, CHECK! Eco friendly water bottles and coffee mugs, pretty file holders, check, check.

Rock it out Nerd Corps! 1000011100001101 0 010111010 100 1010101010110 100011! All proper nerds communicate in binary code.

what's your song: version 1.3...

I originally wanted to do these every month, but have been a total slacker. However, since I finally whipped my iPod out again (first time since the marathon) to use during some speed work on Sunday, it inspired me to list the last 10 songs I had on my marathon playlist.

Feel free to comment with your favorite songs, especially good summer running songs, since it's time to gear up my iPod for some sunny summer runnin', I'm always looking for new amazing tunes!

The last 10 songs on my marathon playlist, enjoy:
  1. Grace Like Rain - Todd Agnew
  2. Quiet Dog - Mos Def
  3. Numb/Encore - Linkin Park & Jay-Z
  4. Let It Fade - Jeremy Camp
  5. The Final Countdown - Europe (oh heck yeah, no shame my friends)
  6. Stronger - Kanye
  7. Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyed Peas
  8. Supermassive Black Hole - Muse
  9. Let it Rock - Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne
  10. I Will Rise - Chris Tomlin
And yes, I still promise picture palooza is coming. Along with posts about how I'm working on speed this summer, specifically for 10Ks. It's something I'm working on with Runners Lounge. I know, I know, you think these are empty promises, however, I will deliver... and once I do... well it's always worth it! Usually. Well at least half the time. Okay most always a quarter of the time.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

best part of my day...

Reading the killer blog comments that just keep rolling into my inbox from yesterdays post. Thank you interwebs, so far your comments have made me laugh out loud, laugh so hard I got tears, spit water out of my mouth and choke.

I absolutely needed every single one of those... You have no idea, this past week has gone to a poop party on a scab bus. I had given up.

Interweb followers/commenter's.... you kick the sniz!

And an update.... oh the rights are being fought for my friends. May still be moving, but dammit if I don't get in there first and take the good desk next to the window, I may be small, but I am wiry, and run marathons. So take that future smoker office mate, you will run out of breath before you can even move a notepad off my desk. I will beat you down... I just put my big girl panties on. OH IT IS ON!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i think i'm milton...

So almost everyone in our generation can appreciate the movie Office Space. Right? It probably sums up how most of us feel going into work every day... walking into that endless farm of cubes, the memos, the bosses, the misery of it all. And in this economy, yes I know we should all just be grateful to have a job.

However, just because I'm thankful for my job, doesn't mean that there aren't times I don't want to make an attempt to jump out of my window... which really wouldn't work since I work in a one story, free standing building and my window is floor to ceiling and looks out onto a field of grass. And sometimes ducks. I think the only way I could actually do harm to myself is if I made it out the window and the ducks happened to be rabid, quite feasible really.

On to my point. Thanks to recent occurrences at my company, I am now Milton. I even have the red Swingline stapler (it was a "yay you got your first professional job" present from ed right after i graduated from grad school) it rocks my world. Everyone envies it.

I think I'm Milton, not because of the stapler, or because ironically I happen to be wearing my glasses today, but because I am moving offices, yet again. Pretty sure my desk will now face a mindless taupe wall in a corner. I'm also getting a new office mate, someone I know well, and I'm not sure how I feel about this. Contrary to how I am about most things, I'm actually pretty laid back and even keel at work. I roll with the punches... the person I will share with... yeahhhh, not so much. I like a drama free work environment. You see I am the head of my department, only because I am the only one in my department. I just do my thing, mind my business and try and stay out of the way. It's how I roll as a professional.

I have two bosses, which amazingly have stayed the same my entire stint here. My bosses are the second in command over everything here and the sales manager. However, with this move, I'm not sure everyone will share this opinion... coughahem... if you're smellin' what I'm steppin' in (okay to be more obvious, new office mate might come under the impression they are in charge of me.)

Despite my rolling with the punch-iness..... Interwebs, I think it's time to fight for my rights. Otherwise I'm going to end up being bossed around and officing on the loading dock surrounded by creepy old billboard cutouts and posters the size of a semi-truck... with no electricity, or heat, or air, or humans, just rats and a little lightbulb hanging from the ceiling. Just like Milton.

I'm going to need lots of pencils, seeing how they are really useful for shoving into my eyeballs when miserable at work. Apparently, starting tomorrow, I say goodbye to drama free, bring on the pencils... Sigh. As if it weren't getting depressing enough around here.

I was told I could listen at a reasonable volume. My stapler. I said no salt. I will burn this place down.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

best part(s) of my day...

First things first, I have the announcement you have all been waiting for! A lot of you have asked, and I have ignored because I was contemplating and figuring and analyzing and planning like the nerd I am.

But after a lot of thought:
I have decided to run the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon on November 7... with my cousin Rachel.

The Kansas thunderstorms. I heart them.

The decision to simplify my life.

I shall now descend upon Chipotle and proceed to order like this:
Chipotle guy:
What can I get you today
Me: YES.
Chipotle guy: What do you mean? What do you want to eat, and what's up with the fluff ball? Is that your hair?
Me: 1) I mean I want everything on the menu; B) Yes and I apologize

So Interwebs, yeah I've been distant. And really, I don't apologize. I've spent the past three days doing things that desperately take precedence over photoshopping, organizing pictures and playing with my blog. Like cleaning up my back yard, organizing closets, cleaning my house, planting flowers, weeding, organizing the breakfast nook and mud room, oh and the minor detail of actually dropping all said activities when Ed doesn't have to work or train, so I can get my needed attention for the day.

However, I SWEAR to you, Picture-Palooza is coming soon.... I just can't make any promises on when. Ohhhhhhh I see your giddiness from here.

Friday, May 8, 2009

the joyery...

Well I didn't get around to posting the pictures as promised. Our evenings have exploded with busy-ness lately. With Ed working until 8p every night, I've been trying to get caught up and get things taken care of and planned for our super busy summer and fall. I'm a notorious planner and organizer, to a fault... an annoying fault to Ed I'm sure.

I want to say THANK YOU to everyone for commenting such encouraging things to me. Sometimes this blog frustrates me for many reasons, but since the marathon, it has been a total source of encouragement, serving to uplift me each and every day. Thanks Interwebs, you have no idea how much your encouragement has lifted my spirits the past few days.

I'm still working on photos (i am a photoshopper so i go through all my photos before posting, nothing but the best for you guys) and just wanted to say hang on, they are coming and will be well worth it! Promise.

I am also excited to announce that Ed is doing the Bike Across Kansas (BAK) in one short month. The event starts at the Colorado border and ends in Kansas City, and lasts for eight days. I am so excited for him and eager for him to get to achieve one of his big goals this year as well. I'm putting all my measly little races on the back burner and trying to help Ed focus on healthy eating and encouraging him during his cycle training right now.

I'm even going to try and get out there and ride with him a few times during his training, but with my little hybrid Schwinn I won't be able to keep up for long. I am just happy I get to return the favor to him of being supportive during training for a huge event. I'll be posting on this more, even though Ed has a blog, he isn't big at tooting his own horn or writing about some of his physical pursuits... instead I get to do it for him!

Run to the Finish suggested I might also have a case of the post-marathon blues. She is probably right. But I've been much better the past two days and think I've come out on top after being in the dumps. I'm taking her cue and am going to post what I am thankful for (thanks for the idea Run to Finish!)

Fair Weather Runner's Joyery:
  • I am thankful for such an amazing support system on this blog
  • I am thankful and stunned that my 'followers' have all of the sudden taken a jump in the past few days, WELCOME, I'm so honored you are interested in my little life!!
  • I am thankful for a patient, loving, understanding and amazing husband, I could devote an entire post to how awesome Ed is, maybe I will
  • I am thankful that my PT told me this morning I can start running again next week
  • I am thankful for the opportunity to cheer on and support all my girlfriends at the RiverRun 10K tomorrow
  • I am thankful for my job and that WSU has asked me to continue teaching this summer and fall
  • I am thankful for all of my amazing friends, especially Kristen the Running Lawyer and my cousin Rachel who have been super supportive listeners during my post-marathon blues stint
  • I am thankful for the chance to run a half marathon on trails in June
  • I am thankful for my health, and instead of worrying about impending health issues, I'm choosing to focus on the perfect health I currently have, life is too short
  • I am thankful for being 30 and this amazing year I have had so far, and all the exciting things still to come.

Like I said I aim for honesty on my blog, and like many commented, sometimes you just have to get it out there. It clearly helped because the next day after posting the poopery, my mood has improved. So thank you. I promise this weekend it will be picture-palooza! And I'm working on a new masthead! Fun to come.

Last but not least, good luck to all the racers this weekend. My friend Indika is coming from Kansas City today to run her FIRST EVER 10K tomorrow at the River Run along with Kristen the Running Lawyer and many of my blahg-free running buddies. I know Oz Runner is doing the 10K tomorrow as well, after having a root canal yesterday, that is tough on a stick my friends! GOOD LUCK everyone!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the poopery...

I'm in a funk Interwebs. I know, it's either feast or famine on my blog, it's like I'm bi-polar, all leaping and screaming for joy one post, or bummed about something on another. And no, I'm not bi-polar... maybe I'm just a normal human being. With a wide range of human emotions.... hmmmm.

It's been a rough few weeks, at work and physically. I haven't mentioned it yet thanks to all the marathon hoopla, but my company went through another round of major layoffs, I lost a key person to me here at work, which has resulted in some stress. It has been harder on me than I expected, I miss her, my job is harder without her. I start to tear up knowing she isn't coming back. I guess you realize how much seeing someone every day at works means to you when they aren't there any longer. I've handled all the other layoffs like a champ, it was fine, but this one... this one has been rough. In addition, some people have been leaving here on their own, like my buddy Jerf the IT guy, he has been deployed to the Iraq.

This place gets lonelier every week... It's hard Interwebs... it's really hard. But I still have my job, and I am so thankful for that.

Anyway, I'm bummed because I've decided to heed wise advice and not run my all time favorite 10K on Saturday, the River Run. The more I think about it, the more sad I've become. But I've been through this before, the not being able to run a race bum-out and it will be fine. I'm still going (now I'm also going to be at the race to work for one of our stations sponsoring the event since there are no longer enough people left in the building to do certain jobs, so the rest of us are picking up the slack, it's the nature of the game) and cheering on all my friends and Ed who will be doing the race. I've been deemed the official race paparazzi, let the stalking begin. I'm looking at this as an opportunity to return the favor of everyone who cheered me on, now it's my turn. I think it will actually be really fun.

In other poopery news, I attempted to run for the first time since 'm' day last night. That was ugly on a stick. One and a half miles, never broke a 10:30... awesome. Although I did go to spin the night before, which kicked my butt. Plus it was raining on my run, and I took Milo and he wanted to pee on every living thing in sight. I love running in the rain, but when I got home from my pathetic attempt, Ed called and forgot he didn't have a car. So dripping wet and cold I had to drive to his office to pick him up.

Then we rushed to get ready to go to a Cinco de Mayo Birthday celebration for my friend Liz... which was quite entertaining (being the sober one is always MUCH more entertaining!), and oh there will be pictures with sombrero butting to come! But for now, just a random photo, I have to leave you with something. I was so cold though, that I decided it was a good idea to wear a turtleneck sweater, I am lame. And old. And tired.

*sabrina texting in the background, clearly she didn't want to be associated with us*

More poopery you ask? I went to my Dr. again this morning to address yet again my non-stop ear issue. It's like white noise... and please for the sake of my literal hypochondria problem, refrain from commenting on the ear issue. It's not healthy for me. Just know I'm starting yet another round of medication and if that doesn't do the trick, off to the specialist. I get nervous about these things... as most hypos do. And yes, it is a literal problem, not the casual ohhh I have swine flu joking i'm a hypochondriac thing... nope I am a real one.

Like in the way that my doctor knows, suggested some help for me, and is very understanding about it. This problem often leaves me in tears of frustration, it isn't a fun issue to have. Anyway, I just choose not to elaborate on it on my blog because it is an obnoxious and annoying personal problem. Much like feminine itch. BLECH. But I aim for pure honesty on my blog, and this is something I've been dealing with hardcore for the past two weeks.

Verbal diarrhea complete. Poopery indeed. I just needed to vent, these things usually go in my personal journal... so welcome to the mind of ME! You just got a sneak peek! LUCKY. Thanks for listening. I'm ready to go home, watch some AI on TiVo, eat an entire package of Milano's and hope tomorrow is a little easier.

I have more pictures and some happiness for you tomorrow no matter what.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

the finish line...

I received a few more photos of post-race. I'll keep adding more this week, sorry peeps, all you get this week are marathon weekend pictures. I'm getting the full CD of photos from my mom on Sunday. Maybe next week I'll offer more fodder, in addition to more pictures, for now, you get to revel in the glory that are pictures of me. You are welcome Interwebs.

I do have to say, being removed from it all for a week now, I'm pretty proud of myself considering all the conditions I had facing me. It was an amazing experience, maybe I'll pontificate (i heard that word 18,000 times in a meeting this morning and had to pilfer for my own pure amusement) on all of that later this week.

For now, post-race photo delight:

*proof i really did leap across the finish line, i was actually worried the timing mat wouldn't catch me, and yes, those are both my feet up off the ground*

*the announcer starting to go crazy with me, i'm still being uber-running-dork here*

*i don't know who took this picture of my mom hugging me, but it sums up how i felt right after finishing to perfection. please note my sister kris in the background, it looks like she is plotting my death*

*like i mentioned we had no choice but to bring milo with us to OKC at the last minute. and yes i kiss and snuggle my dog, give me a break here interwebs, i've been married six years, am 30 and have no small humans of my own. so please say hello to milo miles, my substitute human, you have to admit he is pretty freaking adorable*

*liz and i post race, she ran her first half, managed to go back to her hotel, clean up, check out and still come and meet me at the finish line. i heart her, she is an amazing friend. oh and you can tell how windy it was, look at my blanket flying in the wind! and there were about 15 cameras on us at this moment, we clearly didn't plan which one to look at. nice.*

*my sister kris, who did the relay with some friends, and i after the race, some of her first words were, "i want to run a marathon now, i want a silver blanket." so i shared. can you tell we share DNA, we even opposite matched and not on purpose*

I'll try and post more photos of the actual pre-race weekend fun tomorrow! Stay tuned.

Monday, May 4, 2009

best part of my day...

Seeing that my uber-healthy after lunch snack of sour skittles is an "excellent source of vitamin c." I am chomping guilt free, and don't you worry, I got the BIG bag.

Still waiting on marathon pictures, but I'll probably start posting pictures from the entire OKC weekend tomorrow anyway. You are on the edge of your seat... don't lie.

There also may be a possibility that this day will rock because this evening I am:
A) Starting my seedlings for an enormous summer garden
2) Putting the finishing touches on the Munich and London legs of our upcoming fall vacation
C) I am no longer in marathon training.... hello dirty martini and vats-o-cheese, I've missed you
4) I am going to my favorite killer spin class for the first time in two months, finally.... seriously happy this marathon thing is over (oh but don't you worry, it only took four days for me to decide when and where my next one is, yep kids, i decided to do another one, this first shot was just too brutal)