Monday, November 30, 2009

a swift hard slap of humble on my face.

The Oklahoma City Marathon, I thought that was humbling. That amount of humbling is nothing compared to what I'm about to embark on. Me, the girl who has run 30 races over the past four years (no i don't mean that to sound cocky).... wait, I have something to say here.

RANDOM THOUGHT ALERT: yes, I know to some those 30 races consisting of multiple 5ks, 10ks, 10 milers, two milers, half marathons and only the one marathon,...well to some those are no big deal because there aren't multiple marathon notches in my running belt, which might cause some to think or act like I'm not a legitimate runner. I may do every other distance, but since I can't marathon that means I can't really run. But I am really proud of those 30 races, despite what distance they are. And no, I don't expect you to be as proud as I am, but the time and effort, the fun and friendships, the memories and lessons I have in all of them, I think that still legitimately qualifies me as being a runner. And a damn accomplished one.

Back on track. The big humble slap in the face. Me, non-marathoning runner girl since 2004, is starting from scratch. In about two weeks I will begin walking. Then in January I will start a beginning runners training program. Now that's some humble friends. Give me my 'piddly little a five hour marathon humble pie' over having to start over in running any day.

It's not what I would choose to do, because I know if I wanted to go and run 10 miles tomorrow, I could do it (again not being cocky, just honest). It might get ugly, and be painfully slow (not that i'm fast anyway) but it would get done. Instead. I will walk. Then I will run/walk. Then I will run. And hope this approach does the trick and keeps me healthy. One thing is definite... through my physical therapy the last six weeks, my perspective on running has done a 180. And it's what I've needed for about three years now.

But dang it if I don't go out there and become the best damn walker and beginning runner anyone has ever seen. I may have new perspective, but I still have a hell of a lot of determination. And clearly no shame.

So cheers to starting over. Washing the slate clean and starting fresh in 2010. With fresh new legs and fresh new perspective and fresh new moral support. I'm just thankful I have some people behind me telling me I can run, and believe I have the ability to run fast, and teaching me to believe that myself. Even if it isn't in a marathon. Running doesn't define me. But I sure am excited to see what it has in store for me in 2010.

Friday, November 20, 2009

best part of my day.

This is a little video my brother in law Lance created. If you love the show Glee, and in general love yourself some happy, give it a watch. It made my morning. Also, he created this at work.... with his buddies.... I need his job. Lance is the one with spiky brown hair, and beard, you will see him featured on some killer air guitar. He's got some sweet moves.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

a wonderful rainbow covered in chocolate and beer.

That's what the newest local YMCA is. I swear, Wichita builds some incredibly amazing YMCA facilities. I think I want to move into the newest one, which is actually in a suburb right outside East Wichita called Andover. I went there last night for a spin class with my running injury rehab buddy Lea. I think it's safe to say we both had our rear end's handed to us on a big silver platter. WOW.

The most incredible thing is that the Andover YMCA has a spin studio, with stadium style bike platforms, and nice new pretty shiny spin bikes. I'm hooked. I don't know that I'll ever go anywhere else for a spin class again. The good news is that they have several 5:30a classes that Lea and I are up for attending, and since we live just a few blocks away from each other, and 15 minutes from said YMCA, it will be easy to go to the early morning classes. Which makes getting up stupid early worth it. Because who wouldn't want to get up that early to go to a wonderful rainbow covered in chocolate and beer at 5a to spin their heart out?

In other news. I'm still going strong in PT, and am not so secretly glad I have a fellow running buddy who is taking a break (lea has a stress fracture, she ran the sf nike marathon, amazing) too, so we are rehabbing together with spin classes and yoga. It's nice to have a pal in the same boat.

My PT discovered my lower back is all jacked up, which is most likely causing a lot of my issues. He worked on me a good long time this week, and I feel so amazing. He had me do a little run set, just to gauge my stride. There is a huge positive difference in my stride from when I went to him three weeks ago. When I ran, my legs FLEW, it felt like I was gliding on a cloud, with angels singing and sun shining down on me. I haven't felt that way since.... well I can't remember when. It felt like what I imagine the rest of ya'll must feel like when you run. Nothing hurt, my hips, quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves were firing in alignment.... it was like perfection in running. I felt like I could run FAST and far.

Even though that little sprint was perfection, I'm still not running, despite some temptation here and there after a horrendous day or two. I'm going to see how I feel in January and go from there. We'll see.

Can ya'll believe it's almost Thanksgiving? I actually LOVE this time of year. Thanksgiving is my family's big holiday, more so than Christmas. I'm so looking forward to seeing my sisssy's and aunts and uncles and cousins for three or four days (and my parents, but they live here in town so i see them whenever). It's my happy time!

PLUS, I'm taking all of next week off to work on the house, and take a needed break from work. And that little Edder we all like so much is even taking two days off with me, and said he'll work from home in the mornings. He hasn't taken a day off work since starting his new job seven weeks ago. And yes, I mean he literally works seven days a week. I'm looking forward to next week indeed! So really, not only is the new Andover Y a wonderful rainbow covered in chocolate and beer, next week will be that as well.

Monday, November 16, 2009

about chicago.

There are 10 very important things I learned while I was in Chicago last month:

1. I only like hot dogs if they are consumed in Chicago or at baseball games. Gene and Jude's in Chi-Town had the tastiest hot dog I have ever had. Hands down.

2. Local Chicago breweries are fun, informational, and have incredible tasting beer. Just YUM. And are even more fun with cousins!
3. Volunteering at a marathon is just plain incredible. It was a great experience. Plus I almost peed my pants when I saw the elites, it was verging on ridiculous how excited I got.
4. Being the first 'team' at your aid station to finish setting up your gatorade table is easy work for these cousins. We won t-shirts for it. Yeah, we are just that good. And there had to be at least 25 tables at our aid station.5. Matching is fun. Especially when it's with Chicago Marathon volunteer gear (and winning t-shirts) even if the matching jackets look like we are American Airlines workers.
6. Apparently my sub-conscious does not like heights. Because when stepping out onto the Sears (Willis, whatever) tower ledge I wouldn't let go of the wall, even though I wasn't really scared to do it. I am ridiculous. But I clearly made it out there regardless.

7. I love Michigan Avenue, Millennium Park and basically all things downtown Chicago. I could camp out there for weeks on end, maybe under a bridge somewhere, and be happy
8. I really, really want to run the Chicago Marathon in 2010, I guess we'll just have to see about that one.

9. Running along Michigan Lake was one of the best runs I have ever had in my life ever, ever.
10. I love my cousins, especially when Brian walks sweetly down the street with Edder, precious.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

update: best part of my day.

HELLO. Big news. Sweatband guy in spin class clearly has an arsenal of gear, because he sure was wearing a different colored sweatband in spin class last night. It doesn't take a lot to make me happy, obviously.

In other news. The mayhem in the Robinson house continues, I think I mentioned I'm in teaching mode for the fall again, my semester will last until December 6, and this is my largest class yet. Work is just ridiculous for Ed and I both. Note to everyone, when one of the radio stations you work for decides to flip formats in a matter of five days, and all things online are your responsibility... plan a vacation. And FAST. Just leave. Pretend that format change isn't happening. Sigh. Also, Christmas comes darn early in radio. Sigh numero dos.

And finally, switching law firms is no walk in the park either. Yeah, Ed has a new job which is awesome, and which I am writing a post about. It made for an interesting September. His career has gone from a slow cruise to 1,000 miles an hour in a matter of weeks, in a great way.

I'm pooped. And is it ridiculous to want a housekeeper? Honestly. Thoughts here please. I'm thinking just for the duration of my teaching schedule. I'm a neat freak clean-a-phobe, it drives me crazy not having enough time to keep up on the house and laundry. For some reason the thought of getting one makes me feel guilty! What do you think?

And in running break update news. My legs were clearly screaming for a break. I've been in PT for two weeks now and despite some hard work, the legs, they are still TORE UP. I forgot to mention in addition to everything else I said was wrong with my legs, I also have shin splints. But like I said, I'm enjoying my break, honestly it feels like I have had a 80,000 pound weight lifted off of my body. Sigh of relief. I really needed this break, mentally and physically. It feels so good to just relax and focus on my relationships, life, work, getting stronger in many ways and getting stuff done! This is how it is supposed to be right now. I like it.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

best part of my day.

It had to be the guy on the bike behind me in spin class. I had a clear view of in the mirror, he was wearing a sweatband on his head. That rocked my face off.

Plus, I love that my spin class sweated my face off. My cardio is going to be back to stellar in no time. I'm loving me some running fast! I've been enjoying yoga and spinning all week. I went back to PT yesterday and got a strength training program that will guarantee my core and booty/hips/quads/hammys are superb by the time I'm ready to run again. Whenever that may be.

I've had a great week blahgesphere! I hope you have too.

Friday, November 6, 2009

wicked good.

Oh holy snack! We went to Wicked last night, it was simply incredible. Wait. Let me preface. I love musicals, probably with a sick passion. I force Ed to buy Music Theatre season tickets every summer. Singing in the Rain is hands down my favorite musical/movie ever, and I sure do love me some Sound of Music. In fact one of my favorite recent memories was going to Hollywood Bowl's Sound of Music Sing a Long with my sister Kris, our friend Meggers and a bevy of their pals. Seriously where else are you going to see a nun smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer sitting on the walkway up to the Bowl, then eat guacamole, drink wine and sing your ever loving heart out? NOWHERE.

Okay, back to Wicked. We had just the best night, so much fun, even though Ed had a late start deposition yesterday afternoon and risked missing out on it (don't worry, he literally made it to dinner right on time, although i did freak out appropriately). We started the evening with dinner at an Airplane Hanger (keeping with a Kansas theme for the night) with friends and then headed to the show. I love touring company's, they allow smaller towns the luxury of seeing amazing Broadway productions. Company's, you are greatly appreciated.

We bought a block of tickets with friends quite a few months back, in all 22 people. It was worth the cash and the wait. Our seats were close enough that we could see the costumes and faces clearly. It was bliss! It made me so happy. And the show was just stellar. But what made the show even better? Yeah, okay this is another aside, but hang with me here.

Ed and I have a little addiction to the best TV show of all time, Frasier. We watch it every night before bed. Frasier for us is like grabbing our binkys and a warm glass of milk. So we are sitting there watching Wicked and it gets to the part with the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and he comes out and Ed and I look at each other and are all... Is that Kenny from Frasier? We sat a little stunned and in excited awe, took out the program and a phone to sneak a peek at the cast, and indeed, it WAS Kenny from Frasier. Well, his real name is Tom McGowan.

Okay that part was cool, but it got better, and perhaps a little awkward and it left Ed and I a bit starstruck. Let me say I'm not the starstuck type. After all my years working in TV and Radio, and meeting lots of musicians, I just don't get amped up about it. The exceptions clearly now being Tom McGowan (well and alec baldwin of course).

To continue, last night the cast was raising money for a local AIDS and HIV organization. After the show cast members were standing in the lobby with donation buckets and right in our path was Tom McGowan. So Ed whips out some cash (donation-smomation, he wanted to talk to tom) and heads his way. Ed was all "you did such a great job tonight, just fantastic." The next part was a little awkward. I was standing behind Ed smiling like an idiot all doe eyed and fascinated not knowing what to say and Ed blurts out "We watch Frasier every night before we go to bed. We love you." Yeah. That's not awkward. But Tom was so gracious (because i'm sure he hears that ALL the time... chirp...) and smiled and said "Ohhh great thanks. I appreciate that."Then gave the creepy stalker like girl (i.e. ME) a side glance that clearly said lady please don't maul me.

That's it. There's my Wicked good story from last night. Good talk with Tom. Good times. We, of course, went home, watched a Frasier, and went to bed happy.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

just let go.

Hmmm. So. Where to start. September was brutal, and ugly. October was full of fun and wonderful. And here we are, just newly into November and who knows what this month will hold. I have a feeling it will hold me some learnin's.

Guess what interwebs. I can't run. Well I should say I'm choosing wisely NOT to run. Until January 2010. I'm taking a 'season' off of running. Clearly my body is protesting, it has been since about March. I ran some really good races between April and August, and some not so good. I achieved my goal of finishing a marathon, getting a 5K PR and doing a trail race. But since my body isn't a hoss, it's not a train that can run and run, race after race, mile after mile. I need a break. Actually my Physical Therapist suggested I take a season off of running. Duly noted.

It sounds absurd in a way, as a runner. But somehow I know it's right, it's absolutely what I need right now. It's time to focus and re-focus on certain parts of my life I've been ignoring and that I had given up on. So watch out non-running life, because when I put myself into something, I go all in. Maybe that's why I suck at Poker. And Gin.

My legs are... in the words of Meatwad... TORE UP. My PT is amazing, he is understanding, he is just the kind of PT I need. He looks at the why and what's go on all around, not just the injury or pain. He gets to the nitty gritty of it all.

Anyway, I know you want, so I'll give you the laundry list of all the things wrong with my scrawny little chicken runner legs:
Both legs are super tight
Low ankle rotation
Weak core, hips and booty (see people, being scrawny and skinny isn't all it's cracked up to be, we are lame and weak, boo)
Compensating from the weakness by running from my calves
Knotted calve
Tight calves
Tight messed up IT band on left side
Popping knees, something is wrong there, because of tight IT band (and my knees never ever even hurt when I run, or walk or do anything)
Weak hamstrings

That's all I can think of for now. See. TORE UP! Fire me up, I'm having a 'nic fit... okay that's only funny to Aqua Teen fans. Regardless, it's obvious I need some time to strengthen, rest and recuperate and focus on other parts of my health. The good news is I LOVE spinning class and that is one of the things I get to do. Along with lots of yoga (i've missed you yoga), pilates and strength training. The last one will take some effort. But I'm game.

Don't worry, I will still blahg. Promise. Since I always have topics rolling around in my head, and because I entertain myself quite a bit when I write. But mostly I'll continue the blahg because I'm an utter narcissist. Plus, I have a lot to recap. Pictures from the summer, trips, the fall, telling you all about my little life the past two months. The good stuff.

So hello needed running hiatus, goodbye frustrations, in a lot of areas of life. In the end, I'm looking at this as a running fast. I'm also going to be 'fasting' from a few other things, just to help me refocus. I'll talk about it all more later. Maybe. If I feel like it. Because in the end... I DO WHAT I WANT

So it's time to "Let Go" as Frou Frou would say. Time to let go of being so stubborn with running, and a lot of other things in life. Things that resemble me knocking my head against a brick wall repeatedly while the brick wall is all... "lady look, I'm not moving, get over it, you are ridiculous." Cheers to this season friends. Also. Cheers to Nutter Butters.