Thursday, January 28, 2010

13 weeks to half 'm' day.

Oh my. First, I haven't been ignoring you interweb. I've spent most of my week skiing in Winter Park, more on that another time. For now, I came back and have 80,000 blogs to read and catch up on, and my very own posting to do. So here you go, it's going to be to the point, so unlike me. Because I'm, of course, at work, and since it's my first day back, I'm quite popular (meaning people got a lot of shiz done while i was gone and now it's my turn to take over).

This is very late, this post is about LAST week's training. To sum, I only ran twice, my short easy run and my long run. Both done indoors because I'm scared to run alone in the dark in the morning. After work? Not so much. I just find mornings creepy, orrr maybe it's that I'm one of the grumpiest, non-morning people you will ever meet. Whatever the case, basically I'm just a big wimp.

Despite all of that, I got up around 4:30a Friday morning for my long run and did 10 miles at the Y. FUN and I felt fine the whole time, no complaints at all. I had no choice on getting up to do that run Friday morning. There was no other time I could cram it in, and I have a feeling 10 miles on the second day at altitude would not have gone well after a full day of skiing. Other than those two runs, I think I maybe did some yoga, I can't even remember last week! My life has been just ridiculous lately. Needless to say, for as wonderful as my workout week was last time around, last week was the antithesis. But meh, you do what you have to do.

So there you go. Still semi on schedule, hoping all my skiing made up for my lack of working out so far THIS week, and plan on cramming in all my runs in the next four days, including one underground cave race on Sunday with some other blahggies, the Groundhog 10K. I have a feeling I won't have a good showing, but what can you do? My legs are SHOT from skiing, and it was totally worth it.

Next up? All about Winter Park!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

dear college hill, you're welcome.

This has been one of those days that you simply can't just make up the shiz that has happened. First, I got a new car today. It's been a really long time coming, but ohhhhhhh boy was it worth it. However, that is an entirely different subject (the car), but it is totally pertinent to what I'm about to share.

Most of my day was consumed with trying to purchase the car. At one point in the day I was stuck at home, car-less just waiting for the bank to finish putting our stuff together for the car. Finally around 3p, Edder and I were heading to the bank. We live in a neighborhood where a lot of our friends and co-workers also happen to live, one of those people lives on the same street, but two blocks away. We pass their house nearly every time we leave our house. Today was no exception. However, I looked up right when we were passing their house and noticed some random dude, looking quite suspicious, walking out from behind our friend's house. So we called our friend (and ed's co-worker) and told him what was going on, and drove closer to the house to check it out.

The guy could tell we were clearly watching him and that Ed was on his phone, so he came over and tried to get Ed to roll down the window... ummm right. That didn't happen. We drove away a little, then the dude goes and walks up to our friends front door and rings the doorbell. Like he was supposed to be there. Right. Of course he was. He then stopped a female jogger to talk to her and that's when Ed got out of the car, still on the phone with our friend to figure out what was going on. The guy gives Ed some lame story and starts to walk away. And this is where it gets really good. Because the walk? THE WALK?! This guy was CLEAARRRLLLY--and yeah, i'm gonna be all non-politically correct--flaming gay (not that there's anything wrong with that, unless you are trolling my neighborhood trying to break into my friend's houses.....). He had a swagger that was just, wow. And while talking to Ed, claimed he was looking for his "hook up," yeah the guy was saying he was a man-hooker trying to find the house he was supposed to be at.

That alone takes this story to an entirely different level where the question enters, who ordered the male prostitute to show up at our friends house as a prank? Hmmmmm... buuuuttt that wasn't the case, unfortunately.

To make a long story short. We called the police, stayed in our friend's driveway until he got there while Ed walked around checking doors and watched the guy walking around the 'hood through the fence. Our friend showed up, at which point we thought we could go along our merry way and buy the car. But no. You see there has been a huge rash of break-ins in our neighborhood since the summer. And after we had left, our friend gave us a call, and we had to turn around and go back to our friend's house where a bevy of cop cars were waiting, with the culprit in one of them sitting down the street. So we spent another half hour explaining what happened what must have been 10 times to all the police officers, God Bless 'Em. Edder went and identified him, but I wouldn't do it. And it sure was the man hooker/burglar.

It put a major kink in our schedule of getting the car, and of getting back to work, but it was worth it. I would have wanted someone else to do the same. Plus, it's one less guy in our hood trying to break into houses. Because in the end, we all know, the dude was really there trying to get into houses, and he just happened to be in the right spot, at the right time to get caught.

Crisis averted. Culprit apprehended. FWR.... keeping the streets of College Hill clean, one male hooker/burglar at a time.

And just because it makes me ridiculously happy, and makes me feel like I finally have a grown up car, here is my new ride, which I'm in love with! I gave myself away to the sales guy in about two minutes. Pretty sure the keys had just been handed to me when that was taken, random but excellent timing on Edder's part:

Sunday, January 17, 2010

14 weeks to half 'm' day.

I wasn't going to blog until tomorrow while at work, yes I'm a stellar employee. But since The Running Lawyer inspired me to blog thanks to this post, I had to as well. Because I'm a total one-upper... or because I figured if she could blog with the week she had, I could sure manage to spit one out while sitting on the couch watching Planet Earth. LUCKY YOU.

I've spent my day either sleeping, eating, running or doing errands (well and now watching planet earth of course), and really most of those errands involved finding food. Ahhhh Sundays. The best part was definitely running with The Lawyer. We are switching up where we run each week. This week was her 'hood, which is in a suburb just outside the big dub and where we can find some decent hills (for our area). We started out running in the 35 degree fog and ended up in 47 degree sun. Kansas is SAAWWEEESOME.

It was a fun run, and like the lawyer pointed out, wasn't boring, we always share plenty of TMI, always spot random crap and laugh... a lot. My favorite was when we came up with the spectacular idea to find one of those monkey-harness-backpack-leash-for-kids-thingy for me, so the lawyer could just hold the leash while I run in total blissful oblivion beside her. This way she doesn't have to worry about guiding me every 10 seconds and keeping me on pace. BRILLIANT.

I'm not the most observant runner (i've had to be pulled aside or stopped on more than one occasion by a fellow running buddy when i wasn't paying attention)... I'm in my happy world...a lot. Even if I'm not running. This is why I'm glad my best friend is also my running partner, she is absolutely fine letting me putter along beside her mindlessly. Even if she does think I'm my own "special" brand of crazy....coughahem....and let's the world wide interweb know it. She also called me slow last week. Don't worry, I punched her in the ovary for that one.

After a crazy busy week, I'm happy that week two of training went as planned. I stayed on track with my other two runs (a three miler and a five mile tempo run respectively), fit in all my yoga, spin and weight training as well. So today, my eight miles on as many hills as we could hunt down, was just the oodles of chocolate icing on what was my workout week cake. The rest of the week? Meh, I'll just say I'm glad I have the friends I do and that my workouts went well.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

best part of my day. clickity goodness.

So I have this college buddy, a fellow media nerd if you will, who I won't name. But he has this blog Clickety Click Click and came up with this brilliant idea to take a picture at 7:15p every single night. No matter where he is. I'm a bit jealous he thought of it really, but I thought it was so clever. And so far it's proven very entertaining. It feels like I'm prying into someones life, I get to see what someone else is doing every night at 7:15p. Love it.

Go check it out, because it's pretty stinking incredible. Plus, he has a cute dog!

Monday, January 11, 2010

15 weeks to half 'm' day. and my swag.

Seeing how I went with that subject title last year for OKC, I have to do it again. Plus I don't have enough energy to think of something new, so you're stuck with it blahgesphere. That said, week one of training for OKC was a success. I am doing a three day a week running plan, with lots of cross training thrown in for now. But once I start teaching again at the end of next month, that will change. So I'm trying to cram as much as I possibly can in right now. Like a twice weekly spin class, yoga three times a week and two weight training classes. I'm trying to reduce stress around my running, and last year it was far too stressful for me to try and work, teach, run 4-5 days a week, and live. So far, so good.

Yesterday The Lawyer came over to my house to do our long run, she did 10 (she's running the full) and I did six. My neighborhood is really sheltered from the wind compared to most of Wichita, so we opted for that, but because it's so sheltered there is still a lot of ice on our streets. A good chunk of our miles were spent picking our way through icy patches, we would run for a minute then have to stop and slip all over, then resume running. I bet that was entertaining to all the cars going by. I clearly should have scouted this all out a little better. The good news is, I didn't fall, it was a first long-run miracle!!

Other than the ice, and some wind at the end (but that is nothing new in the big dub) it was an excellent run. I'm not posting my times, I am running Garmin free for now, and I kind of love it really. I didn't even ask The Lawyer what our pace was once, and I asked with mild interest how long it took once we finished. But for my sanity and to remain injury free, time is something I'm just choosing not to give a flying flip about for now. So freeing.

And of course since it was a chilly run, we got back home and insisted the Eddder take us to Starbucks, clearly he gets wrangled into taking us to do a lot of things. So he did, we all headed to Barnes and Noble though, to hit up the Starbucks there and take care of some shopping. Which is where the first of the killer swag comes in. But I have to preface it, OF COURSE.

So every year, I get the Runners World Running Calendar, but I reserve it for work. So I'm left needing a calendar for my fridge. And at the start of every new year, I also buy a brand spanking new journal, whether the old one was full or not. Yes, wasteful, but I don't care. I'm kind of a organization freak, can't have two years in one spot!! The thing is, I make it a point to wait as long as possible into the new year to get these items. I am the queen of procrastination. Since The Lawyer (and the other lawyer, usually known as edder) needed some stuff at Barnes and Noble I decided it would be my annual 'get a new journal and find a discounted and as hideous as possible calendar mission'. Mission succesful.

The Calendar:So it's Parrots this year. PARROTS. Creepy. But it's on cool paper so it made up for it. Other than the fact that when I opened it up to write the next few months events on it, I realized it has no room for said events sooo..... I may have to go back to B & N and retrieve that classy little number I almost got called "Dragons" or that other gem I passed over titled "Warcraft." Tough choice.

The Journal:
There isn't much to say about this one, except it's totally kick-ass! I love it. The cover is a copy of this handcrafted tile some random woman makes. But it caught my eye and made me smile, so I went for it. Oh the things this little journal will have to hear me gripe about, feel sorry for it. Really.

Other Swag:
The hat. First, I forgot to mention that the resolution run was sponsored by Mizuno. Mizuno....mmmmm. They are my first running love, they were my first official running shoe, and although I tried some others (in which i got those nasty stress fractures) last November I went screamining back to the wonderful that is the Mizuno WaveRider, I promise to never stray again. I was wearing my sweet little Mizuno's at the resolution run, natch, and one of the reps was going around handing out Mizuno hats to everyone wearing their perfect little shoes. Usually I wouldn't care about a hat. I would know that as cute as that hat was, I wouldn't be able to wear it because my freak of nature peanut head doesn't look good in hats, they are all way to big for this fluff ball. However. I put the hat on and ohhhh my was I wrong. I'm now in love with it. And seeing how the instant I woke up this morning I KNEW it was going to be 'a day', I slapped the sucker on and haven't taken it off yet. Happy.

Next item. I found a cozy little fleece piece of perfection. I deem it my new favorite thing. It's a fleece I've been desperately needing for years now. The one I had been using belongs in my ski coat and just wasn't doing it for me. But this one is perfect for running, perfect for wearing on weekends, and perfect for wearing to work when having 'a day'. It's the most snugly thing on the face of the earth. And I'm pretty sure I am going to try hard to never actually run in it, because I don't want to ruin it. Plus it was on sale. Although I couldn't buy it with the change in my car IRISH, disappointing I know. Somehow wearing it made today manageable. Yeah, we like to dress up REAL NICE in radio world.
Both the hat and the delightful fleece running jacket above. Yeah, I was too lazy to take separate photos, and Edder happened to snag this RIGHT after i got home from that killer spin class I'm addicted to, all disgusting, and plopped myself down on the floor in front of him to explain the hell that had been my day. He said I looked pitiful, and snapped that pic on his phone, so I'll take it. Not enough energy not to.

Last bit. SKI BOOTS! Please note Frank, he is getting all pushy about his cameo's on my blog now.
I love skiing (both snow and water).... and mountains, and snow, and colorado, and lamps! We go skiing every winter in Winter Park, Co. This year is no exception, in fact we leave in a just a few weeks. And it just so happens I'm going with this girl... oh and her husband who is my baby cousin. YAY! So after begging and pleading I got my very own shiny pair of ski boots for Christmas, they are so soft and delicious inside. Thanks mom and dad! And yes, of course I wore them to work today too, as well as Spin. Ski boots make everything better.

Wow, that was a ridicu-long-post. But happy monday, and cheers to everyone starting their training plans this week! For now I have some more cheese pizza to inhale and a bed that misses me.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

my husky boy.

I present to you, the glory that is Frank my cat. This is his usual lounging position in the middle of the living room rug. Pretty sure he's waiting for fifth dinner. He has a bit of a tum on him, but he is darn proud of it.
And yes I was mostly productive this weekend and do have things like week one of OKC 1/2 marathon training to report on, my successful and cold first "long run" of the year, plus that SWAG and news to share. But Frank won out. So enjoy... ohhhh, but wait. Does this make me creepy cat lady?! Oh dear.

Friday, January 8, 2010

resolution beer run & frosty 5k.

I realize I already kind of summed up the Resolution Beer 5K on New Years Eve. And yeah, I'm a little late on all of this, but ummmm, busy week?! Yeah, we'll go with that. I actually have been sick though.

So besides enjoying a teensy bit of beer while doing a 5k with some good friends, there isn't much to say about this race. It was ridiculously, mind numbingly, nose freezing, eye watering, cold. And since it started at 5p it got dark before it was over. I think it would have been a much more enjoyable race if it started an hour earlier, but that's just my opinion. Despite the cold and dark, it was a fun race.

*a little pre-race beer to keep us warm, i heart these girls (me, lea, candace and indi)*

After some New Years Eve enjoyment, Indi and I got up New Years Day and started getting ready for the Frosty 5K. Luckily we had plenty of time since the race wasn't until 11a, which was just a perfect start time for a cold winter race. Loved it.

I went into this race prepared to take it easy and I did. The race isn't chip timed and I didn't wear my Garmin (on purpose), but the results said 28:02, which is my second worst 5K time (the worst being that little NYE beer run the night before). BUT, I only took it easy because I promised some people I would, despite a little cursing in my head about it, I need reminders. I have to admit it was an excellent decision. I got to run the entire race with one of my favorite human beings in the UNIVERSE, The Running Lawyer.

What an amazing way to start the year, running side by side with the lawyer, on a sunny day, through my favorite part of my hometown -- downtown and along the river, feeling fantastic. It made me ridiculously happy. Pretty sure not much could beat that. I felt incredible the entire race, I was really surprised about that really. This is always a fantastic race. LOVE IT!

So there you go, an amazing start to my 2010. I'll take it. Of course we all gorged ourselves at our traditional post-race eatery the Good Egg. Mmmmm... it was a fantastic day. Because it sure did end with The Running Lawyer and I dragging Edder to that little Alec Baldwin movie that's out right now. He even laughed once or twice, despite grumbling about it....shhhhh I think he secretly didn't mind.

*indi, the running lawyer and i after the frosty 5K, how sweet is it we all have matching hats, and gloves and not on purpose?*

*who needs a PR when you have jazz hands?! and because no post-race photo is complete without them, that's why, oh i know there was some 'WTH'? going on in your blahggie heads*

Saturday, January 2, 2010

a good start.

I think 2010 will be good, and that makes me happy, especially since the past three years or so have been somewhat forgettable. This year has started out spectacularly, despite a little cold I acquired, I'm guessing due to the fact that I forgot to take MY yoga mat to the gym the other night and had to use a gym yoga mat...bad idea. I have no resolutions to announce, because I'm not that kind of girl. I've blogged about that before, but I'm the type to say why wait for a new year to resolve to be better?! So I've got nothing for you there.

Onto the great new year so far, exciting news. I RAN!! In fact I ran two 5Ks in two days. I am going to say I got a PR in the first 5K, because it was totally a PR for a beer race. Yes, I had a beer BEFORE the race, then there were three beer stops through the whole 5k. I am a lightweight, those who know me at all know this. In fact, I should not be allowed to use technology after even one beer, those who have witnessed this...HOLLAAAH.

Lost my train of 5K on New Years Eve....yes. So I did the 5K with some friends and even Edder joined in. Although he took the beer part far more seriously than I did...hey, someone had to drive home. I'm not even sharing my time, because it doesn't matter. It was fun and freezing and something different and shared with good friends. Plus, the perfect way to start the evenings festivities. Which included fellow runners bombarding my house for pizza and beer and games, it was a whole bunch of running nerd fun.

Tomorrow I'll recap a good first few days in the new year, including that second 5K in two days, some quality time with Alec Baldwin, a few announcements (just like school), some SWAG and maybe even a picture or two! EEEIIIIAA, happy new year!! Annnnd I'm spent. Time to go back to sleep, having a cold sucks. Or give in to a guilty pleasure and watch Pet Psychic...yeah, I just admitted that interweb, but it's such a fabulous train wreck!