Monday, July 16, 2012

hanging up my hat.

I'm not sure if it will be for awhile, or for good, but after quite a bit of thought I've decided to hang up my blahgging hat. For now. I have a few posts I want to do to finish it all out (races from the past month mostly, and they are posts that will show up according to date: i.e. in the past). I'm only writing this because I wonder about bloggers that just randomly abandon their words. I didn't want to just randomly abandon my words.

So. I might be back, I might not. We shall see. This might last a few weeks, a few months, or forever. I'm just not sure. I will still run. I am forging my way into real triathlons  (not just indoor, i have my second one coming up soon) and moving along in my life in general. And for now, blahgging just isn't working for me.

As a last note, I have big goals to run a 1:45 half marathon this fall, in October in my hometown race "Prairie Fire." The training has begun.

If you want to peek in on my little life feel free to do so on twitter @fairwxrunner or on flickr @

Cheers to some fantastic runnings blahgesphere. I'll catch you on the flip side. Maybe later on around here, or maybe at some races in real life.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

best part of my day. smile.

I got to see this baby girl for all of 12 hours before we had to leave our vacation last week. My sweet niece, Aves. And her fluffy hair! It made me happy. I mean. THE SMILE! Again the joy with the sadness; the fun with the stress, these past few weeks... life is funny.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

life interrupted.

Oh, hi! How's it going? So. I've been gone for awhile! My life got interrupted a bit, but hopefully today (which is kind of my Monday) will put me back on track. For running, working, and life in general. Let's hope.

Last week marked my last vacation of the summer (sort of). What was intended to be a relaxing week at Beaver Lake with my family got turned upside down, sadly. To a three day trip. Due to the death of the Edder's Grandpa. We had a few days with my family, albeit a bit a stressful for us on the last one, at the lake. Which were lovely. Thankfully we made it back to town an hour before his Grandpa passed away.

The blessing in disguise being four unexpected days at home where we were able to be here for his family and get stuff done. We worked on putting our life back on a normal-ish track. Which felt good. Despite the circumstances.

Life interrupted. It happens to everyone. The good with the bad. The hectic with the peaceful. The joy with the sadness. It's life! At least it seems that way for my life.

So that's, that. I'm back from "vacation" and ready to get back into the swing of life. Hopefully. I can honestly say it feels GOOD to be back at work!

Running, which I haven't been doing thanks to my tendonitis (exception of a little race i did do while on vacation), is also making a comeback in my life. Starting with track night this evening. Somehow my running/workout schedule makes me feel like the rest of my life is on schedule. I like seeing my week mapped out on my calendar. Yeah. I'm that girl. That's kind of scary, really. But it's true. So with my workouts scheduled for the week, among everything else in our life, I feel like I'm back! Sigh of relief.