Monday, August 31, 2009

i'm a gloworm...

Good news, after my x-ray this morning (at my one hour and 45 minute doctor visit) I don't have a fracture. Annnnd, that's about all I know. Other than the fact that I bet if we turned out all the lights and close the drapes in the house... I would glow. Thanks to all the x-rays and bone scans I've had in the past year. I'm just waiting until 9p rolls around so we can give that a try.

In other news, a few cracks have started to show in my hard-shelled,"so what if I'm crutches and can't run again" armor. Like when I scanned the room for my flip flops yesterday afternoon for all of two seconds. And when I realized I couldn't see them I started bawling made Ed come in the house and find them for me. Or when Ed told me the sweatpants I wanted to wear today (oh don't judge, i'm working from home today, see... i'm a grumpy elf) weren't clean and the tears started gushing out on their own.

Other than that, I'm still finding this all a bit comical. Although I won't lie, those of you out there racing and running... I started reading some blogs just now and wanted to throw my laptop across the room. So I may take another hiatus. Because yes... I'm JEALOUS AND GRUMPY BECAUSE I CAN'T RUN, AND MY FOOT HURTS. AND YES I HAVE A BAD ATTITUDE ABOUT IT AT THIS MOMENT. Sigh. That felt good. I'm glad you all aren't hurt, and maybe I just need a few more days to cry and whine before I can be happy for you and your races and your running.

Or maybe I just need someone to tell me what the heck is really wrong with my foot so I know what I'm dealing with. All I got today was a, well your bones look really strong and thick and healthy (which is AWESOME news). I didn't get to see my regular doctor today... I'll spare you my frustrations. However my PT, after talking to him this morning, made me feel a bit better.

Now watch out world, my crutches and I are on a mission... where are my Nutter Butters....

Sunday, August 30, 2009

this ain't my first rodeo...

Almost exactly one year later, to the date, of my first stress fracture. I'm down for the count again. This time it's on the other foot, I don't know if it's a stress fracture, all I know is that I can't put any kind of weight on it without searing pain. Enter crutches, hey old friends, welcome back.

It all went down on my 12 mile run yesterday morning with the girls, it was such a beautiful day. I was having an 'off' running day in the first place, lagging far behind the girls once we hit mile six. Then I started to get a 'twinge' in my right foot. I ignored it. Just like last year. I caught up to the girls around mile nine, we had three miles back to the YMCA where we started. I stopped to adjust my laces thinking that was the problem with my right foot...just like last year.... then IT WAS ON. Full blown. I knew right away I was done for. So I yelled at the girls who were probably a quarter mile in front of me already, I had stopped and started several times. They didn't hear.

I had about 2.5 miles back to the YMCA at that point. The whole time I pathetically limped while balling and snotting all over everything. I loved how none of the cyclists stopped to even ask if I was okay. RUDE. I didn't have my phone with me to call anyone. Finally with a half mile to go, Katie came zooming up yelling "get in sister." New rules have already been established, if we need each other to stop we scream and flail or fall on the ground... we are dramatic!

The almost redeeming factor here is that Ed was supposed to go to Oklahoma this weekend and I was staying home to dog sit. He got a heinous migraine Friday afternoon that kept him home for the weekend. So we have been the most pathetic pair this past day and a half. Again, it's comical. He couldn't do anything because of his migraine, I can't do anything because I'm on crutches. We are just sitting here laughing at ourselves! Thankfully Ed's migraine has passed.

The reason it's all so bizarre is that this is exactly what happened last year, almost the same week (last year it was a week later). In the meantime, I sure did go 11.5 miles total yesterday, and I was quite happy with the speed of the run, except the two miles where I was limping and snotting of course.

Side note, comfort eating has begun... so I'll most likely be posting a LOT of information about delicious food, and beef and malts. I don't stress eat, I comfort eat... a LOT. It's quite impressive actually.

Here are some posts about my stress fracture last year, I'm handling it much better already, like I said. This ain't my first rodeo. Actually my stress fracture last year is what prompted me to start my blog:
The start of it all
The ugly side of the stress fracture
Why I'll be really bummed if I can't run the Wichita Half this year
Annnnd, what I WON'T be doing this time around

Now it's time for some more comfort food... pretty sure I smell a burrito and chips and guac in my immediate future.

Friday, August 28, 2009

ohhh my first winner...

I had a highly scientific way to choose my winner. I wrote names on pieces of cut up paper (don't worry if you had a double or triple entry, i wrote your name down on three different slips) and drew one out randomly. My legal team assured me this was perfectly acceptable.

Congrats to my first WINNER:

Send me an email at with your address and Bonnie and I will make sure you have your protein powder soon!

And I know, I make these promises, empty lonely promises, but I think I might have another giveaway soon. Something about sharing my running essentials... mmm-hmmm.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

one day left, plus ted and ed...

Heyooooo blahgies. Today is your last day to enter the Juice Plus Protein Powder Giveaway, your chances so far are DARN good, because only 25 or so people have entered. LUCKY. If you want to up your chances even more, give me a shameless shout out on your blog and I'll give you yet another entry. I'm such a whore.

In other news, Ed made it home safe and sound around 9:30p last night. He said it was the most incredible birthday EVER. The Nuge is apparently a pretty killer guy, even though neither of us necessarily agree with his political views (and boy did he share those with Ed, and then Ed listened to him do a 40 minute radio interview where the rant continued). We aren't ones to judge someone's opinions so it didn't bother Ed at all. He said the Nuge is an awesome guy, so nice and welcoming. He even has his own brand of coffee, Nuge Java, of which he constantly kept Ed's mug totally full of, yeah the Nuge poured Ed's coffee all morning. All while wearing fuzzy black slippers, cargo shorts complete with camo button down shirt with the sleeves torn off... Ted was wearing that, not Ed.

And this is just for Sotally Tober... Ed did not, point of fact, have to hunt and kill his own lunch. Although he did get some broad heads autographed and did get to play with the Nuge's three dogs. All of this seems so surreal. Ed said the Nuge was the most welcoming person he has ever met, just a really great guy, with a personality bigger than life (which I pointed out is why he is a rockstar...literally).

My favorite was yesterday when my sister sent me an email asking who the hell Ted Nugent is (once i actually get my 'honest scrap' post up, you will better understand why my sister wouldn't know who the nuge is). I found some photos to send her to explain, that was a good time. These are some of what I found. I also mentioned that from what I could gather, the Nuge wore the loin cloth during the actual deposition (which lasted all of an hour mind, yet Ed was with the Nuge for about five hours total).

So Ed's birthday was a total success. He said it was one of the best days of his life. Not to mention he got to come home to ME who had his birthday present waiting for him in the car (i got him a wakeboard) and we headed to Old Chicago for dinner and drinks so I could hear all the stories of the day. I was just sitting there in awe, Ed had to keep reminding me to shut up so he could finish his story... I just had so many questions. Pictures (and proof this isn't just a random made up piece of crap) should be coming. Ed's phone died so he couldn't snag any, but his client (who is a long time friend of Ted) did snag some.

Okay, I realize this post about Ted and Ed is long and rambly, but you have to admit, it's pretty stinking fabulous. And pretty random and hilarious too. Mostly I knew Meggers would appreciate this post! So this really was just for Meggers.

To round out the randomness of this post, my legs have been kind touchy lately, I don't know if it's my personal trainer kicking my butt with plyometrics or what, but I have some pretty achy legs going on, like marathon training achy legs. Yet the furthest I've gone lately is 9 or 10 miles. I do speedwork once a week and my other runs are anything but fast! GRRR. So last night I went for a nice long three mile walk with Katie and today my legs feel pretty good, but my shins are tender. This kind of scares me.

Okay you people have better things to do than read me ramble. Don't forget to DRINK THE FWR KOOL-AID!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the man is 30...

Today is Edder's 30th Birthday! I would love to say I have a day full of celebration and fun for him. But since he is stuck in Detroit today, taking depositions ALL. DAY. LONG. I won't even be able to give him his birthday presents until about 10p tonight.

However, I don't feel TOO sorry for the Ed, he is in Detroit taking TED NUGENT'S deposition. Yes, I'm serious. So he gets to hang out in Ted's recording studio all day talking to him (Ted is on Ed's side of the case). Also he breezed over to Canada last night to have dinner with one of his good friends who now lives in Windsor. So he has been having a good time. Seriously, who else gets to hang out (although working) with a star on their birthday.

Not to mention that he is pretty much getting an awesome birthday present from me, and will get to celebrate again tomorrow night with dinner out, plus my family took him out Sunday night, and then we are having a party for him in our new backyard digs in a few weeks. It's sad when you are far too busy and important to celebrate your birthday!

So happy birthday to the Ed! Loves beefy. Loves.

Monday, August 24, 2009

juice-a-licious, i'm giving stuff out people...

Welcome to my first giveaway. Look at all these empty promises being kept from earlier this summer. See, I told you I wouldn't let you down! I have a friend who is an amazing organic, whole foods, nutrition guru. Her name is Bonnie and I heart her. She introduced me to Juice Plus Protein Powder, she knows her stuff and she doesn't mess around with nutrition, trust me.

I use the Vanilla flavored "Complete" protein powder in my smoothies every morning. I also have the chocolate flavored powder that I use for recovery drinks after a long run.

This isn't run of the mill protein powder, it will take you five minutes to read all the vitamins and nutrients that are listed on the back of this powder. That is what won me over in the end, taking me away from standard protein powders. I now swear by it.

Lucky for YOU, Bonnie wants to give some away on my blog. So if you want to win your own can of this powder (it's usually $28) just leave me a comment for an entry, or for a double entry leave me a comment and drink the FWR kool-aid and become a follower. DRINK THE KOOL-AID!!

Here is a link to Juice Plus if you want to find out more about it. GOOD LUCK, I promise, if you currently use a protein powder, even if you don't, once you try this, you will want to jump on the bandwagon. I'll pick a winner Friday afternoon.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

shoe drive and quasimodo update...

I have had a few questions about the shoe drive, and the answer is YES you can still send me your shoes. Absolutely. I was going to go through mid-August with it, but I think I'll extend it through September because I hope to take a box to the Wichita Half Marathon and collect old shoes there. So my shoe drive sure is still a kickin' and later this week I'll have an update of the shoes that are still steadily coming my way. I have some major props to throw out, especially to those who sent their marathon shoes!

Well quasimodo decided we aren't running today. He is especially vicious today. I'm hoping that he calms down by tomorrow so I can get all my runs in for the week. He is ooozing anger. And I mean that literally. I'm pretty sure a few of the warts are already vanished because the skin is entirely gone where they were. And if you are thinking it sounds gross and painful, you are right my friends. But thanks to Ace and Kristen the Running Lawyer, I 'ran' eight miles yesterday. Not too shabby (and by ran, I mean Kristen ran seven hilly ones just for quasi and Ace ran one for me). Thanks guys, I don't feel like a slacker now!

I was going to go to a runners group weight training session at the Y tonight with my personal trainer, but I'm going to skip and do Yoga at home instead because my foot is too swollen to be comfortable in my running shoes. I'm really hoping I'll be ready to do my early morning four-miler with the girls tomorrow morning. Here's another little tidbit... in the past four months, whenever I would talk about being a running slacker or how I didn't run for awhile... it was usually because I had wart treatments. And couldn't, and realized at the time NO ONE in the world wide web would care about my stupid warts. Clearly in the past few months I've gotten over that. These things have taken over my life. In addition, I'm sitting here in total disbelief that I am actually writing about my warts.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

best part of my day (and warts)...

Sleeping in, the rainy-fall-feeling day and the email I got from my University boss saying my next class is cancelled. I know it's good experience to teach as many courses as I can, but dang it if I'm not a little burnt out. So now I won't be teaching again until October, and I can concentrate on MAYBE training for a marathon.... we'll see how the little Wichita Half vs. FWR showdown goes next month. Then I'll decide for sure.

A not so great part of my day though is the fact that my right foot is about to 'esplode. I haven't talked about this on my blog yet due to the fact that it's gross, but I figured since I went all out and talked about poop and parasites and ya'll stuck around, I have nothing to lose.

Here's the thing. I have warts. On the top of my right foot. I've tried over and over through numerous doctor appointments to have these gross little suckers annihilated, so far no luck. For FOUR YEARS they continue to come back, bigger and badder each and every time. They seriously have minds of their own... They are heinous... and I will spare you photos. Unless you want to see them, just let me know and I'll be happy to post (i actually find them a bit fascinating sometimes, but i also love popping zits soo.... ). Actually Kristen the Running Lawyer has affectionately deemed my foot quasimodo.

To continue, the quasimodo warts are not run of the mill every day plantar warts. They have teeth, and hair and they talk to me NON-STOP... that's the main reason I'm so over them. They simply won't shut up, all... ummm hey you might not want to wear those jeans. Ever again. Oh and how- a-bouts if you go ahead and DON'T wear those stinky parasitic flip-flops, and for God's sake get a pedicure. See. Annoying.

My point is, the serious taming of the quasimodo has begun, it started six weeks ago when I went to a dermatologist and he explained how we are going to get rid of these suckers, he is the areas top wart expert (so i'd like to think). I go in every two weeks, they put some stuff on my warts (no burning or lasering) and wrap them up and send me on my way. This is a treatment that takes up to four months, but it doesn't scar (I already have bad scars from all the burning attempts) and 60% of the time, it works every time....

The first few hours after a treatment my foot will feel a little burny-like. Then... THEN after about six hours the agony begins. The itching, the burning the feeling like my foot is going to fall off, it all starts and doesn't stop for two days. It is miserable. It has never been so bad as it was last night, I was ready to go and shove my foot in the freezer's ice maker bucket thing. I was literally laying in bed at 3a thinking the only way to get rid of the flaming pain is to stick my foot in ice. I never did it. But needless to say I hardly slept so I am pooped out today. And my foot is swollen and itches like mad. All of this, to get rid of the warts for good with no scarring, and warts that hurt when I run no less.

Cheers to a happy running tuesday! Me and quasimodo the wart foot are going to pass on running today, but feel free to offer me a mile, because if the swelling and throbbing and oozing doesn't go away, I'm probably not going to run for a few more days. But I'll keep you posted! YUM. Instead I'm going to get a deep tissue massage after work. And yes, be assured I will tell my massage therapist ALL about quasimodo.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

best part of my day...

The fact that tonight is the last night of teaching my pre-session. Oy. Relief! Now I'm not sure what I'll do with what feels like tons of free time.

Another great thing? The fact that I hit my speedwork of 3 x 1 Miles yesterday at 8:00 miles. Of course I did them inside over lunch because of the heat and awful humidity. But I did it, I think I just suck at running outside in the summer. I'm still determined to destroy the Wichita Half Marathon, as I've mentioned... we have a sordid past (this is a link to a post I wrote last October).

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

worms, parasites and poop.... scarred for life...

Ashley the Running Worm (new name, just made that up myself), Kristen the Running Lawyer and I had a running commentary via email all day yesterday regarding parasites, worms and cleanses. As in having parasites and worms inside our bodies that are making us bloated, have intestinal issues, and in general screwing with us, and how to get rid of them. These alleged parasites and worms do evil, evil, evil things to your body.

Ashley sent a link to THIS article, where this woman (who I'm guessing most likely has a teensy bit of the crazy) discusses the fact that for six-months on end she would poop out several hundred worms a day. Just a teensy bit of the crazy... only the teensiest amount... clearly.

However, this lady might have a bit of a point. I'm not so sure that parasites cause every single disease that is out there, like this woman seems to claim. But I can see how some parasitic worms clinging onto our intestines with their crunchy little teeth sucking up our nutrients could cause some damage here and there. I continue reading the article, past the part about how this woman is passing worms and onto the part where she discusses all the many ways we can acquire parasites.
And this Interwebs, is the point in the reading of the crazy lady article where I start to freak the F*(& OUT. I will treat you to the barrage of emails that were being fired at a war-like rapid pace between Ashley the Running Worm, the Running Lawyer and myself on this topic. You are welcome ladies... Interwebs... enjoy. By the by, all of this got started thanks to Ashley's mention on her blog about getting a colonic. Hey... we deal with far more disgusting issues as runners people, suck it up, it's worth the read... or maybe we are just far more entertaining to ourselves. You pick.

KRISTEN: Rebekah (i.e. FWR) brought it up last night, and now I just can’t resist asking – what’s up with the colonic, Ashley?? I’m not sure I could ever really say I was looking forward to having one of those. I didn’t even know there were places in KS to get that done.

ASHLEY: Here's a great article to read right before lunch..... I feel so sick right now.

FWR: OH. HOLY. SHIZ. OMG. OMG. OMG. OMG. OMG. OMG. I am in the middle of reading this article. i'm now convinced i have parasites too. GROSS GROSS GROSS GROSS... need to keep reading. what do we do? or is this lady who wrote this nuts?! W...T...F....!!!??????

ASHLEY: I KNOW!!! I couldn't even finish my lunch! Cuz I had a salad with mixed greens...and a cucumber from someone's garden....and feta cheese...and I was drinking tap water! AAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I need to go poo in a container and drop it off at my dr's office, STAT! To check for parasites.

FWR: i find it hard to believe this woman passed hundreds of worms in ONE bathroom stop...i mean that sounds a bit over the top. and passed them for 6 effing MONTHS?! i mean seriously? someone needs to blog about this issue. i want a colonic. and am doing a cayenne pepper, lemon, maple syrup, water cleanse for 40 days and nights.

ASHLEY: I did a juice cleanse once too. It was the Martha's Vineyard Diet Detox. You are supposed to do it for 21 days, but I couldn't go that long. I juiced my own juice and also had green drinks, green tea (5 times a day) and gave myself coffee enemas....yep, that coffee up the @$$.

KRISTEN (please note, before she was a lawyer, she was a bio-science-super-nerd): Yeah, I read that too and it’s one of the most revolting things I’ve ever heard. I find it hard to believe 600-700 a day for 6 months….and I also am not sure I believe her idea that all diseases including things like MS and cancer are caused by worms doing various things in your body. Then again, there’s a whole evolutionary theory out there that says parasites drive evolution because the organisms that can adapt to survive the parasite are the ones that reproduce. There’s your biology 101 lesson for the day.

FWR: thank you for the lesson professor. now i really want to do a master cleanse. I want to see pictures of the results of these cleanses.

KRISTEN: Well, I know when I googled it this morning someone had posted you tube video of their colonic. Who does that??!! So somebody has to have posted pictures of these things somewhere.

ASHLEY: PS - I also read that one of the worst things you can eat if you have parasites is refined sugar! The parasites LOVE that stuff (as do we....). It said to maintain a diet of high fiber, fruits/veggies, etc. I'm fighting every urge I have to bust out the sour gummies... :( Does alcohol count as refined sugar?? If so, I'm totally screwed...

KRISTEN: No, I’m pretty sure alcohol kills them.

FWR: i'm debating naming the blog post either:
i've got worms.
pooping in a box and dropping it off (i.e. to your dr. so he can test it for parasites and worms).

ASHLEY: OMG, my vote goes to pooping in a box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So there you have it, several informational tidbits for your day. First off, how the title of this post came about, yet how I couldn't bring myself to actually title the post pooping in a box. Secondly, a valuable lesson on how to rid yourself of parasites. So in case you think you have parasites and/or worms, people all you have to do is drink a lot of alcohol. No cleanses, detoxes or meds necessary. Lesson learned.

UPDATE: I had to teach last night, and when I got home late last night, Ed was in the kitchen making dinner wearing flip-flops. I totally flipped the F*&^ out on him, all OMG you CANNOT wear your shoes in the house. THE PARASITES!! Since he had NO idea what I was talking about he just stood there mashing the parasitic potatoes, and tending to the obviously parasitic veg he was roasting, blinking at me. He went to the fridge got out a beer, opened it, handed it to me and told me to go change clothes. That was the end of that.

I woke up this morning still convinced that I do in fact have parasitic worms and that every inch of my house needs to be bleached, steamed and scoured. Including my animals, who will never step foot outdoors again. Sorry Milo, your gonna have to learn to poop in a box.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

can you catch don 5K with pictures (gasp, yep it's true)...

I had a jam packed weekend which started off with a 5K race early Saturday morning, after which I met my aunt and uncle for a quick iced mocha (YUM, essential post race fuel for me), jetted home to take the fastest shower EVER and hit the road with my mom to head to Tulsa to go wedding dress shopping with my sister.

SIDE NOTE: We were successful on the dress hunt! And we even picked the bridesmaids dresses, all of which are stunning, my sister has impeccable taste. I can't wait for this wedding, she is the most deserving person of all the happiness coming her way!
  • This was the first year for this race, it was a 'zero hour' race, the point was for everyone racing to eventually 'catch don.' Don is a 72-year-old super active runner, the objective was to catch him!
  • The way it worked was that the clock started at 15:00, and every few minutes a new group would run, my group, women 20-something - 30-something started at the 2:00 mark. Women in their 60's started at the 9:00 mark. Don started around the 7:00 mark.
  • I started the race with Kristen the Running Lawyer and Emily the Running Lawyer, it was super hot and sticky humid already at 7:45a when our group got to start.
  • I struggled the entire race, I was hot and slow and just sweating beyond belief. It was like sucking soup, not air. I hung in there and had given myself the time limit of 27:00, which I stayed within, barely. My legs were burning the entire time and I felt like I didn't have the "GO" factor. I was also really thirsty. I think I was a bit fatigued on top of it, the wine the night before probably didn't help much..... but eh...
  • I DID beat Don! My total time was 26:45 (my personal third best 5K time) and Don's time was 30:12. Mission accomplished. Considering my running the past two months, I was happy with my time.
  • The race results are hard to read with the zero hour thing considered, but I'm pretty sure I didn't place in my age group, according to zero hour results (time on the clock when I finished which was 24:45, I was 44th overall, there were about 100 people at the race I would guess) but I'm not going to take the time to go through all the times listed to figure it out.
  • Overall, this race was a lot of fun, just because I sucked that day, doesn't mean the race sucked! It was a cool concept, something different and super small. I am sure I would do this race again. I feel like I'm rating this, should I give it some stars (or running shoes)? If so, I give it 5 out of 5 running shoes, because it was so unique!
And what the people want, race photos:

*my age/gender group at the start line, taking off with k & e*

*this would be me around mile 1*

*the amazing don finishing the race*

*now i'm just being a turd, your little FWR at the finish line*

*with two of my favorite running buds after the race, i just love these girls! can you tell how hot it was?! gross hot. btw i LOVVEE this running outfit i'm wearing, i just put it together really quickly the night before, but seeing it in pictures, i have a new fave (thanks to my mom and sister who got it for me!)*

Thursday, August 6, 2009

aussie's are PAWSOME...

I'm not just biased either because Milo is part austrailian sheperd (aussie) dog, okay I am. But they are clearly the most PAWSOME dogs ever. In the video below it's all Aussie dog wrangling the lit-up sheep.

Please note, Milo herds our two cats... and any humans that come in our house or yard. I wonder if we could come up with a similar display lighting the cats and humans up while Milo wrangles them? I think that is the most PAWSOME idea EVER.

Mostly this video just plain made my day. Enjoy interwebs.

Monday, August 3, 2009

first pair of donated shoes...

My friend Julie, a single mom and a runner, donated the first pair of shoes to my shoe drive. They have only been worn a few times, but they were giving her blisters so she got a new pair. She intended to sell them on e-bay, but instead decided to donate them to the drive. Thanks Julie!

I've been receiving many emails requesting to send shoes, and not just one pair, multiple pairs. I was super amped when a Mizuno Representative sent me an email asking to send multiple pairs of shoes. How amazing is that?

And in even MORE news, since starting this post a week ago, I have received two more pairs of shoes!

This pair from Ashley at Journey to a Better Me

And this brand spanking new pair from Annette at Running Again

Your contributions are wonderful, and I leave you with a picture of the pile of shoes I have so far between Ed and I and the other blogger shoes. This is exciting. Those red Mizunos were my FAVORITE pair of shoes EVER. I don't know what it was about them, but I loved them like no other... weird how we can do something like fall in love with a pair of shoes...
I know I'm killing this, but they say in that crazy world of advertising, you have to be repetitive to get your point across. So if you would like to donate your old running shoes, just send me an email at

In other news, I wanna say HEYyyO to new followers, it's like feast or famine on my blog, no new followers for weeks and weeks, then all of the sudden BAM lots of new peeps. So my shout out to John, Heather, Katie, Annette, Kelly's Runner, Irish Cream, T., Rich, Run to Namaste and Mrs. CJ!

And Katie this is for you, NO 'H'...EVER, unless it's all spelled out. In that case if you miss the 'H' you go down. So complicated. I miss you too roomie, you have no idea.

And lastly, despite working all day and teaching a pre-session (i.e. teaching every weeknight for two weeks straight, all evening) I am still doing decently on my runs. we'll see if that holds true through next week of course. however, I did 10 miles on sunday, which i'm surprisedI banged out! watch out wichita half... FWR is on her way back!