Sunday, October 26, 2008

boot free & yogarified...

Today marks seven weeks since I acquired my stress fracture, it happened during a 16 mile run. I was running a four-mile loop so I could stop and hydrate at my car since it was still pretty warm, and around mile seven I felt a little "kink" in my right foot. I figured it was just a foot cramp and kept going, but after another half-mile it was still hurting, and the pain was getting a little worse. So I stopped to check my shoe thinking maybe if I rubbed my foot and loosened my laces it would be okay. I was wrong. I re-laced and took the first running step and instantly knew that was it. So I sucked it up and walked the rest of the half mile to my car, thinking the whole way something more is wrong than a foot cramp, got in my car, took off my shoe and called my husband crying, not out of pain, but frustration. So I limped around on my foot for two days before I went to my doctor, got crutches and started the road to recovery... and fork throwing.

Now, seven weeks later, after five weeks of crutches, and two weeks in the cam-walker, I am walking assistance free and was released to start running next week. I get my running freedom a slow and easy 1/4 mile per week. My doctor is actually having me go to a physical therapist to get fitted for orthotics and have her help me with a running plan. He also tested my calcium and vitamin D levels to find out how my bones are doing. I was never a milk drinker, so I'm a bit worried about that one. But since my fracture, I've taken to Vanilla Soy Milk and drink it every morning, it's actually pretty tasty stuff.

I'm not going to abandon biking and swimming now, I'm enjoying it, and I do have the whole triathlon thing to do in December. And really since I won't be running full force for quite a few months I need other shiny objects to distract me... and yes by shiny I mean gym bikes and lap pools.

Aside from running, actually I should say to aid my running, I do yoga. I love how it relaxes me after a tense day at work and stretches me out after a long run. It is also another way I get to see my friends, I rarely attend a yoga class without Kristen or Julie! I do yoga for flexibility since I have "tight hip" issues that hinder running. Today cyberspace, I got to go back to yoga after a two-month hiatus. So, Ed wrapped my foot up (I'm retarded at these things) and I was off. Even though I didn't do some of the moves that could have hurt my foot, I still got a pretty good workout. Overall it's been a pretty eventful boot-and-crutch-free few days. I feel like a very blessed girl.

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