Saturday, October 25, 2008

mad marathon props...

My cousin Rachel ran the Indianapolis marathon last weekend. It was funny that we both unknowingly picked the same weekend to run our first marathons! So she ran hers the day before I was supposed to run mine... of course the difference is that she actually ran hers. So mad props to Rachel on popping her marathon cherry! Her goal is also to qualify for Boston, we agreed to shoot for Boston 2010 together, SWEET! It helps to have someone to push toward a goal with. Hopefully we'll get to run together over Thanksgiving, and maybe even other races besides Boston.

Once I got my stress fracture and it was obvious I was out for my marathon, I made Rachel promise to run miles 18-21 in her marathon for me. She promises she did, and those were the hilly miles, how fitting. I obviously forced her to share all the gory details and made her tell me all about her race, which she did. My favorite was that she was running by "mullet lady" and "is he wearing a sweater or is he just that hairy guy." AWESOME. I'm sure that provided some entertaining distractions. Ughhhh, how uncomfortable must it be to run with a mullet? Gross. Note to self, cut mullet before marathon.

Below are some pictures her dad caught of her finish and right after, what an accomplishment. Her time was 4:03 and although it wasn't the time she wanted, I reminded her it's still an impressive time! And what is life if there aren't goals to chase? Congrats Rachel! :)