Monday, December 22, 2008

i really, really, really didn't wanna....

But I did. I ran my five miles over lunch. The thought of counting laps on the indoor track was too much for me to handle, so instead I opted for the dreadmill. This was my dreadmill entertainment (beside my iPod, which even today wasn't really all that helpful, maybe it's just my mood):
Layer 1 - Elliptical Machiners
Layer 2 - Soap Operas on the overhead T.V.s
Layer 3 - Old Ladies doing Water Aerobics (which was cute)
Layer 4 - The Sad Empty Outdoor Swimming Pool
Layer 5 - The Drab Gray Sky

That is the longest 46 minutes I've experienced in awhile. It wasn't so much having to run on the treadmill as it was that I just didn't hit my stride for three miles and even then didn't really ever settle into comfort. But I suppose that is all part of the training after being sidelined for months. It's all part of running really, doing it even when you don't want to and then wondering why you do it at all. I think that comes with the territory, especially after two bad runs in a row. I was feeling quite proud of myself last week, my runs were going great. But I think that's just running, at least I hope it is, and that I'm not alone here in thinking that sometimes, just like with life, runners have bad weeks.

The run today was also just plain long and boring, (pretty sure I actually referred to it as hideous to a certain someone) and combined with the frustration of not being on my game, it made me all the more frustrated. Not to mention the lady literally STANDING STILL on her treadmill next to me reading a magazine was driving me up a wall. I don't know what it was, but something made me want to take my iPod and throw it as hard as possible at her non-sweaty face. I think I'm grumpy, because today I'm giving running the BIG MIDDLE FINGER, and giving going home and laying on my couch a big cheesy thumbs up. Clearly I need to go on my vacation now.

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