Thursday, December 11, 2008

what's your song, version 1.0...

Having my iPod on a long run or during speed work is vital. I'm assuming that all runners who use an iPod have their running playlists. I have a playlist for short runs and one for long runs. The short play list is full of music that I do not listen to in "real" life, like at work or in my car. In real life I typically only listen to mellow, singer/songwriter and generally happy stuff.

However, while I run I need anything but my norm. I go for Kanye and Outkast to Beyonce and Britney, even a little country, and I'm not ashamed. With races coming up and playlists from last spring, I decided to do some updating, but still want to add more.

I wanted to wait to do this post until I knew at least six people read my blog since I want to share playlist ideas. But I'm curious right now, and not a patient girl, so I'll hope the three of you reading this will chime in with your favorite tunes, it's always good to refresh the playlist, especially when gearing up to train!

Some songs from my 'short run' list:
Live Your Life - T.I.
The One I Love - Greg Laswell
Love Lockdown - Kanye West
Paper Planes - M.I.A.
Every Day - Rascal Flats
Don't Cha - The Pussycat Dolls
Gold Digger - Kanye & Jamie Foxx
Up in Here - DMX
How Far We've Come - Matchbox Twenty
Gimme More - Britney Spears

The song I need when I feel like "I just don't wanna" (some call this a power song, I find that term stupid, I prefer my term which is obviously superior):
If You're Going Through Hell - Rodney Atkins

Ed's current favorite running song:
Hypnotize - Notorius B.I.G. (milo, milo, milo, can't you see, somehow you are so big and beefy.... ed made his own lyrics to the song. yes he is almost 30, yes he makes up songs and sings them to our dog and yes he is a lawyer. )

Your turn!
(meaghan i was tempted to write 'you're' just for you;)


The Gibsons said...

ahhh! i LOVE paper planes!!! too funny.

here's my current, just-as-random, snippet rachel's "26.2" list:
1. when i grow up - pussycat dolls
2. every little kiss - sara evans
3. my love - JT
4. let go - frou frou
5. shut up & drive - rihanna
6. anytime - eve 6
7. snow - RHCP
8. it's all good - mo thugs
9. mr. bartender - sugar ray
10. crystal baller - 3rd eye blind "kick it up a notch" song:
control - mutemath

what a brilliant idea to share....and it makes me feel a bit better about this completely random mix of embarassing music that really does get a girl runnin'. hahaha, kudos indeed.

Anonymous said...

Yes, my list is equally as random (but probably far more embarassing):
1. Don't Stop Til You Get Enough
2. Mercy - Duffy
3. Shake It - Metro Station
4. Disturbia - Rihanna
5. Pon de Replay - Rihanna
6. Break my stride - the 80's wonder that it is
7. How Far We've Come
8. You Can't Stop the Beat - Hairspray (only I would run to a song from a musical)
9. Stronger - Kanye
10. Rebirthing - Skillet

Soon to be accompanied by several Disney songs in preparation for my Disney race!

californiameaghan said...

paper plane, party up, britney spears and pussycat dolls are definitely on my list. i recently updated with in the ayer and low. i also have old favorites like forgot about dre and california love. without my pod i would never get any exercising done. your welcome. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh good LORD. Here is some REAL music. Some actual kick-ass stuff here, don't you doubt it: =)
1. John Legend "Green Light"
2. Kanye West - "New Workout Plan"
3. Jem - "They"
4. Kanye West - "Homecoming"
5. Kardinal Offshall ft. Rihanna - "Tide is High"
6. Beyonce - Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)
7. Travis Barker Remix - "Pump it" - best fast running song ever
8. Muse - "Butterflies and Hurricanes" - we MUST learn the piano solo in the middle...this song kicks serious ass
9. Lenny Kravitz - "Lady"
10. Estelle - "American Boy"
11. Tim Myers ft. Lindsay Ray - "Brand New Day" (The Target Song).

I love Target. I want to live there.

Good idea! I'm downloading some of yours!!! Lemme know which of mine you LOVEEE!!!

Anonymous said...

OOoh!!! OOOOOOHHH! I forgot one and it's BRITNEY. "Toy Soldier". Off the hook. lawls.