Tuesday, March 24, 2009

what's your song: version 1.2...

I skipped doing this last month and am now desperate for some new tunes. I need to beef up my long running playlist. My picks this month are a little random, they are songs I've just picked up along the way and am currently enjoying. On those long runs all I need is variety, so random is perfect. Right now I'm working on packing my marathon list full of great stuff. Feel free to share your current favorites.

In no particular order:

  1. High and Dry -Radiohead
  2. Blinded by the Light - Manfred (yep, there's my no shame song of the month)
  3. Single Ladies - Beyonce
  4. Eye of the Tiger - Survivor (this is my shout out to Julie and my mad RockBand skillz)
  5. Walking on Sunshine - Katrina & the Waves
  6. Flume - Bon Iver
  7. Wanna Be - Pussy Cat Dolls
  8. Dead and Gone - T.I. and J.T.
  9. Comes and Goes (In Waves) - Greg Laswell
  10. Boom - Flight of the Conchords (and for good measure and a little entertainment, I give you their music video, it gave me too much enjoyment not to share)

My "I Just Don't Wanna" Pick (the song I hit when I need major motivation):
Let it Rock - Kevin Rudolf (this get's played the last mile or more of my long runs)

Here are links to the past two versions:
version 1.0
version 1.1

And Travis I know you aren't a runner, but I have a feeling you could suggest some excellent songs seeing how your blog is mus-tacular. Waiting sweetheart.... just waiting....


IzzyBubbles said...

I'm too lazy and tired to think about my entire playlist right now, so here's my current absolute favorite hit repeat to get me through the last two miles song:

Supermassive black hole - Muse

Denise said...

I listen to my shuffle when I work out, but I don't think I could even tell you what's on it. I just sort of zone out.

As for the marathon, stay healthy over the next few weeks and trust in your training...and yourself. You're going to do great!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

i'm the same way with music, I create those genius playlists from iTunes, set it to play. It's just background noise... honestly couldn't tell you at the end of the run what I've heard, but it still helps :)

aNd! said...

I like to revert back to songs that I would rollerskate to for example Michael Jackson "Wanna be startin something".....I'm with you on the Kevin Rudolph song (although I usually sing this to myself well at least the one line that I know over and over) lol!

The Gibsons said...

i LOVE supermassive black hole! that was going to be on my list!!! haha, awesome. twilight much? fabulous...

hmmm...new songs...new songs...not sure what i put before, but here are my chicagoland faves:

1.beautiful smile-the afters
2.extra ordinary-better than ezra
3.lipstick & bruises-lit
5.so what-pink
6.game of love-santana (totally...i'm such a cheeseball...)
7.morningside-sara bareilles
8.her eyes-pat monahan
9.just let go-mae

that's all i got...haven't updated in awhile...

T-Bone said...

Yeah, I'm not a runner, but I wish I was! If I was, I think these would be on my list. They aren't in any particular order but I don't think you can go wrong with any of them

1. Dreaming of You - The Coral
2. Sinnerman - Nina Simone (Verve Remix)
3. Surrender - Cheap Trick
4. 99 Red Balloons - Goldfinger
5. Short Skirt, Long Jacket - Cake
6. Travelin' Band - CCR
7. Kiss of Death - Split Lip Rayfield
8. Thrash Unreal - Against Me!
9. Stuck Between Stations - The Hold Steady
10. I'm Shipping Up to Boston - Dropkick Murphy's