Thursday, April 2, 2009

best part of my day...

Yes, point of fact, I have already had a morning great enough to make it post worthy. The best part of my morning was driving into my neighborhood coffee shop for a morning mocha and seeing Emily, one of the running lawyers, getting in her car. We live quite close to each other (it's why we are morning running buddies) and both have an addiction to our local coffee shop called Cafe Posto.

Side note: Posto has the most unbeatable gelato and coffee, PLUS they are dog friendly, they keep water on the patio just for neighborhood pups! In the summer, after dinner, Ed and I will often hop on our bikes and take Milo to Posto where we sit on the patio to eat our gelato while Milo lays next to us and we watch the world go by, it is quite fabulous.

Today is stupid cold again, in fact there is threat of SNOW. And we are out of coffee (a heinous offense in our house, when this happens Ed and I agree not to speak to each other in the morning, we know there is no good that can come from our mouths if neither of us have had our morning coffee, and by "we" I obviously mean me, Ed is one of those annoying bright chipper morning people, one of those who shoots sunshine out his butt at 7a) so I had no choice but to stop for some delicious goodness with the bonus of getting to see Emily. We managed, through our shivering and clenched teeth, to plan on running together Saturday. And discuss the fact that this weather is stupid and clearly no one realizes it is April and it's supposed to be 80 degrees.

On top of that since it is so stupid cold I whipped out my favorite puffer vest (it's L.L. Bean) and while I wasn't too impressed with the way I looked today, I got compliments on how cute it was from both Emily AND the Barista. It's such an unexpected happy part of a day, when a girl isn't feeling to cute, to get two compliments in a row. So yes, it's absolutely shallow, but getting those compliments totally made my morning! I never said I wasn't shallow.

Another great part is that all my morning meetings have been canceled thanks to the pilgrimage half the staff here at the station have made to Kansas City to see the queen of pop live and in CONCERT (that was said in my radio voice) or to Vegas for the ACMs. So I have a quiet morning free to sip my mocha, eat my smoothie and granola, and be entirely useless.... sweet. What's that? Work? Ohhhhh, you're hilarious. This is radio.


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Anyone who does not appreciate a compliment is LYING... You are not in the least bit "Shallow" for having a compliment make your day.

A good cup of Coffee is the BEST way to start a day.



NancyPants said...

Sounds like the perfect morning!!!

Yeah, we had a blizzard here in Wisconsin this past weekend. Spring can come any day now.

Denise said...

Compliments are the best. We should all try to give them out more often...but only if they are sincere!!

Unknown said...

Snow up there still? Ouch. I hope you get better weather soon.

The Gibsons said...

is it absolutely sad that i know britney spears is in concert in KC? that means i really have no life (not that i want to go see it...just that i spent such an inordinate amount of time on facebook to have seen all about it. blah.)

and where might a link be to such a cute puffer vest? i'm thinking that now since i live in a place that actually has winter, i may need to invest...especially if it comes with compliments! :)

Ashley said...

To answer your question, NO - I will not be seeing Britney in concert tonight, lol. Though I heard she was shopping on the plaza yesterday...and the Sprint Center is just blocks away from my office, so I'm sure I'll have to detour on my way home from work later.

And no more talks of snow please...I was told it was to be in the 60's tomorrow! ....but snow on Saturday. :\ lame

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Thanks for the kuddos!! Glad that my honesty is appreciated..

Hope the rest of your day was as good as your morning.

Aron said...

i looove getting compliments :)

lol at the sunshine :) i am not the chippest of morning people either.

J said...

Sounds like a great morning! I love local coffee shops! Yours sounds soo perfect! Hope tomorrow and the weekend are just as good for you!