Monday, January 11, 2010

15 weeks to half 'm' day. and my swag.

Seeing how I went with that subject title last year for OKC, I have to do it again. Plus I don't have enough energy to think of something new, so you're stuck with it blahgesphere. That said, week one of training for OKC was a success. I am doing a three day a week running plan, with lots of cross training thrown in for now. But once I start teaching again at the end of next month, that will change. So I'm trying to cram as much as I possibly can in right now. Like a twice weekly spin class, yoga three times a week and two weight training classes. I'm trying to reduce stress around my running, and last year it was far too stressful for me to try and work, teach, run 4-5 days a week, and live. So far, so good.

Yesterday The Lawyer came over to my house to do our long run, she did 10 (she's running the full) and I did six. My neighborhood is really sheltered from the wind compared to most of Wichita, so we opted for that, but because it's so sheltered there is still a lot of ice on our streets. A good chunk of our miles were spent picking our way through icy patches, we would run for a minute then have to stop and slip all over, then resume running. I bet that was entertaining to all the cars going by. I clearly should have scouted this all out a little better. The good news is, I didn't fall, it was a first long-run miracle!!

Other than the ice, and some wind at the end (but that is nothing new in the big dub) it was an excellent run. I'm not posting my times, I am running Garmin free for now, and I kind of love it really. I didn't even ask The Lawyer what our pace was once, and I asked with mild interest how long it took once we finished. But for my sanity and to remain injury free, time is something I'm just choosing not to give a flying flip about for now. So freeing.

And of course since it was a chilly run, we got back home and insisted the Eddder take us to Starbucks, clearly he gets wrangled into taking us to do a lot of things. So he did, we all headed to Barnes and Noble though, to hit up the Starbucks there and take care of some shopping. Which is where the first of the killer swag comes in. But I have to preface it, OF COURSE.

So every year, I get the Runners World Running Calendar, but I reserve it for work. So I'm left needing a calendar for my fridge. And at the start of every new year, I also buy a brand spanking new journal, whether the old one was full or not. Yes, wasteful, but I don't care. I'm kind of a organization freak, can't have two years in one spot!! The thing is, I make it a point to wait as long as possible into the new year to get these items. I am the queen of procrastination. Since The Lawyer (and the other lawyer, usually known as edder) needed some stuff at Barnes and Noble I decided it would be my annual 'get a new journal and find a discounted and as hideous as possible calendar mission'. Mission succesful.

The Calendar:So it's Parrots this year. PARROTS. Creepy. But it's on cool paper so it made up for it. Other than the fact that when I opened it up to write the next few months events on it, I realized it has no room for said events sooo..... I may have to go back to B & N and retrieve that classy little number I almost got called "Dragons" or that other gem I passed over titled "Warcraft." Tough choice.

The Journal:
There isn't much to say about this one, except it's totally kick-ass! I love it. The cover is a copy of this handcrafted tile some random woman makes. But it caught my eye and made me smile, so I went for it. Oh the things this little journal will have to hear me gripe about, feel sorry for it. Really.

Other Swag:
The hat. First, I forgot to mention that the resolution run was sponsored by Mizuno. Mizuno....mmmmm. They are my first running love, they were my first official running shoe, and although I tried some others (in which i got those nasty stress fractures) last November I went screamining back to the wonderful that is the Mizuno WaveRider, I promise to never stray again. I was wearing my sweet little Mizuno's at the resolution run, natch, and one of the reps was going around handing out Mizuno hats to everyone wearing their perfect little shoes. Usually I wouldn't care about a hat. I would know that as cute as that hat was, I wouldn't be able to wear it because my freak of nature peanut head doesn't look good in hats, they are all way to big for this fluff ball. However. I put the hat on and ohhhh my was I wrong. I'm now in love with it. And seeing how the instant I woke up this morning I KNEW it was going to be 'a day', I slapped the sucker on and haven't taken it off yet. Happy.

Next item. I found a cozy little fleece piece of perfection. I deem it my new favorite thing. It's a fleece I've been desperately needing for years now. The one I had been using belongs in my ski coat and just wasn't doing it for me. But this one is perfect for running, perfect for wearing on weekends, and perfect for wearing to work when having 'a day'. It's the most snugly thing on the face of the earth. And I'm pretty sure I am going to try hard to never actually run in it, because I don't want to ruin it. Plus it was on sale. Although I couldn't buy it with the change in my car IRISH, disappointing I know. Somehow wearing it made today manageable. Yeah, we like to dress up REAL NICE in radio world.
Both the hat and the delightful fleece running jacket above. Yeah, I was too lazy to take separate photos, and Edder happened to snag this RIGHT after i got home from that killer spin class I'm addicted to, all disgusting, and plopped myself down on the floor in front of him to explain the hell that had been my day. He said I looked pitiful, and snapped that pic on his phone, so I'll take it. Not enough energy not to.

Last bit. SKI BOOTS! Please note Frank, he is getting all pushy about his cameo's on my blog now.
I love skiing (both snow and water).... and mountains, and snow, and colorado, and lamps! We go skiing every winter in Winter Park, Co. This year is no exception, in fact we leave in a just a few weeks. And it just so happens I'm going with this girl... oh and her husband who is my baby cousin. YAY! So after begging and pleading I got my very own shiny pair of ski boots for Christmas, they are so soft and delicious inside. Thanks mom and dad! And yes, of course I wore them to work today too, as well as Spin. Ski boots make everything better.

Wow, that was a ridicu-long-post. But happy monday, and cheers to everyone starting their training plans this week! For now I have some more cheese pizza to inhale and a bed that misses me.


X-Country2 said...

I love new stuff!

J said...

I havenet been skiing in about 7 years and my stuff has been sitting in the back of my closet! i really hope i can get out this year! SO lucky you get to go out west to ski! I hope someday I can get out there!

teacherwoman said...

Lamps. lol.

love the new stuff. :)

Anonymous said...

I miss skiing...

Maureen Lisa said...

Your hat is cute! I love the journal idea. I've done that but more with phases of my life. When I'm done with a certain time I'm just like ok next! Good luck with your half!!

Jen Feeny said...

I love your idea of getting a hideous calendar! LOL!

Mike said...

"Ridicu-long". Sounds like a porn star from the 1970's.

I've not skiied since I was 18. I'm now 41. Wife has no interest. I want to go again. Not sure Lefty McNumbleg could handle it, but I'd still like to try again. Need to get in shape first. To ski again...another goal to add to my list.

Here's to comfortable clothing items. I'm just an embarassment when I'm dressed in my comfy clothes. Not for public viewing. Thank God my family loves me.

Lindsay said...

glad you are enjoying your running - it's nice to go stat-free for a little bit here and there. (although, i still wear my watch so i can record it for stat-keeping sakes but i don't check it while i'm running and i don't dwell on it after the fact i promise. just gotta satisfy my inner nerd).

love the new stuff! and mmm starbucks.

Marlene said...

That is some serious swag. Now I want to go shopping...

Mark said...

I'm pretty sure you creep me out a little now that I've seen that calendar. Yep. Pretty sure.

And my God, did you get beat by a pitiful stick right before that pic was taken?