Friday, January 8, 2010

resolution beer run & frosty 5k.

I realize I already kind of summed up the Resolution Beer 5K on New Years Eve. And yeah, I'm a little late on all of this, but ummmm, busy week?! Yeah, we'll go with that. I actually have been sick though.

So besides enjoying a teensy bit of beer while doing a 5k with some good friends, there isn't much to say about this race. It was ridiculously, mind numbingly, nose freezing, eye watering, cold. And since it started at 5p it got dark before it was over. I think it would have been a much more enjoyable race if it started an hour earlier, but that's just my opinion. Despite the cold and dark, it was a fun race.

*a little pre-race beer to keep us warm, i heart these girls (me, lea, candace and indi)*

After some New Years Eve enjoyment, Indi and I got up New Years Day and started getting ready for the Frosty 5K. Luckily we had plenty of time since the race wasn't until 11a, which was just a perfect start time for a cold winter race. Loved it.

I went into this race prepared to take it easy and I did. The race isn't chip timed and I didn't wear my Garmin (on purpose), but the results said 28:02, which is my second worst 5K time (the worst being that little NYE beer run the night before). BUT, I only took it easy because I promised some people I would, despite a little cursing in my head about it, I need reminders. I have to admit it was an excellent decision. I got to run the entire race with one of my favorite human beings in the UNIVERSE, The Running Lawyer.

What an amazing way to start the year, running side by side with the lawyer, on a sunny day, through my favorite part of my hometown -- downtown and along the river, feeling fantastic. It made me ridiculously happy. Pretty sure not much could beat that. I felt incredible the entire race, I was really surprised about that really. This is always a fantastic race. LOVE IT!

So there you go, an amazing start to my 2010. I'll take it. Of course we all gorged ourselves at our traditional post-race eatery the Good Egg. Mmmmm... it was a fantastic day. Because it sure did end with The Running Lawyer and I dragging Edder to that little Alec Baldwin movie that's out right now. He even laughed once or twice, despite grumbling about it....shhhhh I think he secretly didn't mind.

*indi, the running lawyer and i after the frosty 5K, how sweet is it we all have matching hats, and gloves and not on purpose?*

*who needs a PR when you have jazz hands?! and because no post-race photo is complete without them, that's why, oh i know there was some 'WTH'? going on in your blahggie heads*


Lacy said...

just two yards to the south, I was standing oblivious that any jazz hands were being thrown up. Sheesh! One of these day!
Yeah, super bowl is my annual bandit run as of late. I run, just don't pay :)Therefore I don't cross the line :) Maybe then...

Anonymous said...

You ladies look too cute in the pictures. Glad you had such a fun race to start the new year off.

teacherwoman said...

Amazing start to the year, indeed! Great pics!

CJ said...

Sounds like a fun race! Love the jazz hands!


Emily said...

great way to start 2010! I think the beer run looks like a blast, although I totally agree an earlier start would be a million times better.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

What a GREAt way to start the year. I will have to do a Jazz hands pose for you all one of these days..

Ashley said...

Aw, so bummed I missed it! Looks like you gals had a fab time, tho! And FWR in PINK?? Wow! :)

Mark said... get to do all the good races.