Wednesday, February 17, 2010

10 weeks to OKC.

Sunday was a heartfest. I ran 14 miles on the 14th (i did the same mileage on the same date last year, awwww, how sweet). Happy Valentines Day to me! Last year I remember being in pain for most of the day after my 14 miler, this time around? Not so much. Since I missed my planned 14 on Saturday, due to life, I sucked it up and ran alone on Sunday. The thing is, that since my 14 got postponed a day, one of my running buddies, Katie, called on Saturday morning to suggest we do the "Not for Wimps" Trail Race in a city right outside Wichita. She did the race last year and reported it brutal and messy, but oh so fun. So of course I was all about taking 10 of my 14 miles to the brutal suburb trails.

However. The Kansas weather showed up Sunday morning, wind chills in the single digits, wind gusting up to 40 mph, mixed with pending snow. Katie called and we decided 10 miles, part of it run out in an open field, in the weather and on that course (which goes over a lot of sand, because yes, little known fact, Wichita is a very sandy city, especially along river banks--which the race is run along, random but true) was a bad idea. So I wimped out. Like a true Fair Weather Runner. I was a total and utter wimp. Because I sure did take those 14 miles inside to the Y. But here is my reasoning. The wind. I can take the cold, the sleet, the rain, the snow, anything really. But the wind? No. It makes me cry. I was positive that if I attempted to those 14 miles in the evil wind I would end up curled in a fetal position on the side of a road, where wild dogs would surely find me and eat me. All thanks to THAT marathon (yeah, i say THAT marathon like someone would say THAT woman... you know, with total disdain).

So I wimped out. I was a wimp wimp wimp wimp wimp. Hey, at least I admit it. I had no desire to face the wind after an already semi-tiring weekend. So the YMCA track and treadmill it was, I split my run between the two and called it good. THEN I discovered the absolute joy that is chocolate milk after a long run. Oh my. It was delightful. I never understood how The Lawyer or some other running buddies could stand to drink chocolate milk after a long run. But for some reason on Sunday I was craving it. I think I'm hooked. WHO KNEW!? So there you go, an uneventful, non-painful, semi-boring 14 miler where I watched the Olympics or pestered my friends via text. In addition to that 14 miler I did manage to run my two other scheduled runs, but left out a few miles thanks to a busy-ish tiring week.

As for this week, it's one of those weeks where you try and jam as much in as you can among big events... like work and a sister getting married and all the activities that surround helping her get ready for that. Yeah, my sister is getting married on Saturday, and I'm so excited for her, it's just wonderful! I plan to stick to my long run schedule and knock that long run out on Sunday, we'll see how the weekend goes with so much family in town. The good news is that YOU interweb will get to see the FWR in a big pink fluffy dress. Of this I promise you... can't wait can you?


Ashley said...

CANNOT WAIT to see the dress pics!!!! I hope you look like a marshmellow peep! ;) And yes, chocolate milk after a race is one of my fave treats! The Running Chalupa & I sure did have some on Sunday!!!

Indi said...

Oh, can't wait to see the pink fluffiness! Hey don't blame you at all for taking it inside, that wind was nasty Sunday...spring where are you?? And see Chocolate milk is the perfect recovery drink..yummy goodness!!

Hannah said...

The wind on Sunday truly was brutal - I don't blame you for staying indoors! Way to get the mileage in anyway!

Marlene said...

14 miles inside? That's not wimpy... maybe a little insane, but you are a trooper! Way to get it done.

And chocolate milk is my MOST FAVORITE POST-RUN DRINK ever. Sooo good.

Valerie said...

Did Ashley tell you about our 4 mile race on Sunday? OMG, it was absolutely miserable! You were definitely smart taking it inside.

Mark said...

You big pansy. It wasn't THAT bad on Sunday. Well, okay, it was. My run sure was a blast.

Oh boy...nothing like God-awful bridesmaid dresses. Looking forward to making fun of that :)