Monday, February 8, 2010

11 weeks to OKC.

I clearly skipped my '12 weeks to' post, because I've been a crappy blogger. So I'll kind of cover both weeks, and by kind of, I mean I will. So for week 12 I ran a grand total of 10 miles, killer and impressive eh? It may have had something to do with the fact that I spent most of the week on vacation skiing. But once I made it home I managed to squeeze in four uninteresting miles and then the Groundhog 10k. Which was so spectacular, it gets a post all it's own. LUCKY.

As for last week, it was better, I actually did all of my runs, but not all of my miles. I managed two runs during the week, which were done fairly easy since I was kind of sore from the race, and yesterday was dedicated to my 12 miler. The dreaded, evil, causes me injury 12. I have to point out I did the run all lonely. Because someone was out of town. I was nervous about pacing myself, so I pulled out the Garmin for the first time since last August when I used it on the last 12 miler I did. Then I realized I'm kind of a jerk because I let The Lawyer pace me, guide me, pretty much do all the dirty work on our long runs. She is totally getting some sort of gift (please offer suggestions). In addition, maybe I'll stop being a jerk and start pulling my weight on our runs.... or not.

Back to me. And my 12 miles. They were fairly uneventful. For starters, I didn't get injured. That's a plus. Oh and then there was the whole fact that my Garmin died. And since I had NO IDEA how much further it would be for 12 miles (even though i was running in my own hood) I started to panic. Because I should point out I'm a math idiot (even though ironically, i teach 'under' the math department at WSU... i hope they never figured out i charmed my way out of taking college algebra and instead skidded by with taking some lame math class involving how to make an algorithm to quik trip from campus.) So clearly, a little panic. I needed to go 12, and I had no guide, no watch...SCREWED. So I took my average pace, whipped out my phone...which was handy since I'd been texting THIS GIRL about RUNNING CHICAGO TOGETHER throughout my run (just have to give a big EIEIEIAYAYAYAYAyAY), and figured out how much longer I needed to run. It seemed good enough for me.

Oh and then I almost stepped on a dead Possum, just hanging out at one of the cross lights, all gross and mashed, pretty sure I screamed and jumped a little. Oh and THEN these evil little ice/snowflakes started pelting me in my face (at around what i'm guessing was mile 10). And to top it all off? Some AHOLE in a stupid crappy little clown car sure did drive toward me and honk.... THREE TIMES. Right in front of me. Like I hadn't seen him? Because I sure did. Apparently my little self was taking up far too much room on our very wide street. Of course. Why do people do that? I wasn't even running anywhere near the middle of the street. Grrrr.

Overall my run wasn't stellar. But not every long run can be some kind of fantastic, right? So far this year, all my 'long' runs have been really good, so no complaints. I'm not even the teensiest bit sore today. I must FINALLY be doing something right. Sigh of relief. Anyway, I finished my run and came home soaking wet and freezing. So what else would I do other than start inhaling food like mad? NOTHING. Warming up was secondary. That delicious Chili and those poor Milanos had no idea what was in store. Demolished...all the Chili and half the bag of Milanos. In about three minutes flat. It was a good day. And then I finished the rest of the Milanos, natch. Hmmmm there are a lot of all caps in this post, clearly yesterday was a good day. Or should I cyber-scream at you... A GOOD DAY.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on a weeks of great training! OKC is going to be here before you know it!

Ashley said...

LOL - I wouldn't call a dead possum, a honking ahole, and texting ME about the awesomeness of running Chicago together "uneventful." But I guess your life much be more EVENTFUL than mine! ;)

Marlene said...

Girl, you got the run done! Way to go!

Hot food after a long EVENTFUL run is the best thing in the world.

Mark said...

Nice work. I, however, WAS sore after my long run on I must be doing something wrong!

Oh, and EXCELLENT call on the chili and milanos. I could make a bag of milanos disappear in record time right now.

teacherwoman said...

Nice work, hun! I would have screamed at the sight of a dead possum too!

Felice Devine said...

Hey, you got the run done and that's what counts!

X-Country2 said...

Very nice week of training! (Dead possum, aside.)