Tuesday, March 23, 2010

best part of my day.

Well it was last night actually. But I'm still riding a high from it all, so I say it counts. I had a birthday last month and Edder sure did get me fourth row floor seats to John Mayer for it. The concert was last night. So after waiting almost an entire month, I finally got to collect on my present. And oh holy goodness was it ever worth the wait.

*john mayer, he is smaller in person than i thought he would be, this is not a zoomed in photo, this is how close we were. simply amazing. and exciting!*

The concert was simply incredible, I have to say it was one of the best nights of my life, definitely the highlight of my year so far. I love John Mayer's music, and to be able to watch him sing 50 feet away from me (or further, i'm bad with distances...because is there a difference between a 1/2 and full marathon....chirp) was on entirely new level of incredible. I'm kind of at a loss for words over the whole thing. Still a little dazed!

Even though 'we' (coughahem) lost our camera in Kansas City right before the concert, Edder managed to grab a few pictures with his phone, at least we have that. It was a fantastic night.

Michael Franti opened for John Mayer, and he was down on the floor after he finished his show and I managed to get a picture with him. Needless to say I'm going to put a few of his fantastic and happy songs on my running playlist. This guy was a darn good time, a little stinky, but a darn good time!

*awwww, getting a hug from franti, this guy was so amazing and i sure did tell him that to his face, i'm now a huge fan!*

I just got back from Kansas City and have a full afternoon of Physical Therapy and Running to squeeze in around some other stuff. I've been very MIA from the blahgesphere and am so behind on everyones blogs.... I've been going through a running blip and was trying to spare spewing my angry verbal vomit all over you. Instead the ones I love have gotten to deal with all my recent frustrations and my emotional roller coaster of crazy. Consider yourselves lucky interweb, I've been an ugly mess the past few weeks and you would not have wanted to deal with it. But the blip has been contained and things are looking up for that little OKC race next month. More on that, and catching up with all of you, later.

For now, do yourselves a favor and go download some John Mayer and Michael Franti for your listening and running pleasure! I promise it won't disappoint.


ShutUpandRun said...

Sounds like a blast. Glad you had a good time!

teacherwoman said...

Oh yes. John Mayer is a angel from heaven! I remember seeing him in concert when he performed with the numerous ammount of wonderful stars for Eric Clapton's Guitar Festival in Chicago a few years back... So. Much. Fun!

Aron said...

i have seen him at least 4 times, and once was 3rd row center stage and it was THE BEST. i looooove him also <3 so glad you had such a great time!

Indi said...

Yey to Ed for a great birthday gift!
Yey for you on having a fantastic time :)

Mark said...

lol...yeah, that guy LOOKS really smelly :) Good to hear you enjoyed your birthday present!

Unknown said...

I already own some michael franti and john mayer. :-)

X-Country2 said...

What a fun trip! I love me some John Mayer. Mmm.