Tuesday, October 19, 2010

rosstoberfest 5k

A week before Chicago I decided to run the 3rd Annual Rosstoberfest 5K. The first two years this race was held I was relegated to cheering the runners on from my front yard while hanging out on crutches. This year I was excited I could finally run it. Although I wanted to race it, with Chicago looming and all my focus on that, I decided to take it easy. Thankfully my original running buddy Katie had a half marathon the next week as well so we decided to run it casually together. It worked out perfectly!

So although I want to PR at a 5K at some point this year (perhaps at a race i'm doing this saturday, we'll see, i never assume in racing, ever) the Rosstoberfest wasn't the race for that. But I loved it, the course goes past my house twice and through the streets that I run on a weekly basis. I loved running by my house, having Edder and Milo out there waiting for me (thankfully milo realized he wasn't supposed to run out and join me, he often tries to chase me if i run by the house when he's outside or i take off on a run without him) and all the cheering from my neighbors that were out didn't hurt either. I think that was the best part of the race, seeing so many people I knew out in their yards cheering everyone on. It felt good to run on home turf. I don't have a lot to say about this race except the weather was amazing and the running company I had next to me the entire time was even better. It's a race I hope to continue doing for many years to come.

I finished in 25:05, that was good enough for a fourth place AG finish. I'll totally take it seeing how I was holding myself back the entire race. It goes against every fiber of my being not to go out and run hard in a shorter race. According to my pace calculator (that sounds ridiculously nerdy) that was exactly 8 minute miles. How's that for consistency? What's bizarre about that is the fact that I ran Chicago in exactly 10 minute miles, guess I'm on a roll with even mile splits? Quite random.

After the race Katie and I ran into Lacy who had won the women's division of the race (congrats again lacy) and then we jogged back to my house and that was that. We decided to pass on the beer and brats offered post race, something about having that at 9 in the morning just wasn't appealing. So we didn't stick around long and I'm sure I missed some other people I knew out there. Bummer.

That's all I have on that. Well, that and a picture I pilfered from Lacy from the race (thanks for that lacy!)

*katie, myself and lacy post rosstoberfest*

Rosstoberfest 5K
Garmin Time = 24:57

Official Time = 25:05

4/59 Age Group

124/494 Overall


Questionably Texan said...

Pace calculator? Definitely a nerd. Do you just keep that pace calculator in your little pocket protector?

Marlene said...

I would love to run a race in my neighborhood! Too cool running past the house. Congrats on the 5K! Not a bad time at all for just cruising through.

Mark said...

very nice job for just an easy run! you should definitely let it rip sometime soon and go for that PR (as long as it's an even split, of course).

Lacy said...

Wondered where you went to. Loved that your crew had the tunes pumping from the driveway!
I waved, but I doubt they knew why :)

Indi said...

even stevens!! or even robinson :) Its the season for good races for you..i totally feel it!