Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the first annual beef stroganoff-off.

So you know those runs with your running buddies when you inevitably get onto the topic of food? Or is that just me and my running buddies? If it is, you should seriously consider discussing food on the run, because it results in eventual genius. Just trust me here. Back to the running and the food talking. It's no secret around here that I love me some food. I love me some beef. And I love me some Alec Baldwin.

Random aside: You know what I'm loving? Now when people balk at my little Alec Baldwin obsession and comment on his sheer awfulness, I can respond with this. "Well, you have a point. I mean, he's no Charlie Sheen." Badda Ching. And I'll say it just like that. Badda ching and all. Just to be even more obnoxious.

Onto the genius. During a run I began talking about a recent batch of (what i thought) fantastic beef stroganoff I had made for dinner. It all starts so innocently. To which two of my running buddies (AP and Shelley) spouted off about THEIR fantastic beef stroganoff recipes. A few crude jokes and four miles later, BAM. The First Annual Beef Stroganoff-Off was born. We just needed judges. And being the brilliant runners we are. The first two people we asked to judge were... wait for Vegetarian. Right. Regardless, we found our judges, scheduled a night and the great Stroganoff-Off commenced. What? We are totally THOSE runners. The ones who run, but also stuff their faces shamelessly with beef and wine. And cheese.

Last Sunday night while the world was watching (or sleeping through) the Oscars, there was an intense battle brewing between three runners and their 'noff. Each confident their 'noff would be superior. Just waiting for sweet victory and the prize of gloating over the losers. And publicly humiliating them of course. The stakes were high. Sounds intense, no?

It. Was. Epic.

I present to you, the First Annual Beef Stroganoff-Off. In photograph:

*some fierce competitors. we look so intimidating.*

*sending out my stroganoff to the judges, just a little sniff test first*

*some of the judges. the lawyer completed the trio, she just didn't get a picture. she pouted. but who can resist a picture of a baby? seriously.*

*and my dog milo, he was a wannabe judge. pitiful.*

*and the other wannabe judge chloe. she used her best smile to beg for a taste*

*THE STROGANOFFS! mine is 'A.' 'a' for AWESOME.*

*standing by our beef. the contenders. shelley, me and AP.*

I didn't win, but I also didn't stand a chance. Shelley used an Amish recipe she "borrowed" from a girl at work. I'm choosing to believe she pummeled the girl and threatened to beat the Amish out of her if she didn't hand over the recipe. That's my interpretation anyway. Regardless, Shelley's Stroganoff was amazing and I will never again make my lame Stroganoff. Because even if she did get the recipe on questionable terms, at least she's sharing it!

Next stop, the Lasagna-Off sometime this spring. That poor Edders is going to have to eat a LOT of lasagna the next few months... I have a competition to win!

That said, If you have an amazing lasagna recipe please share. You'll get total credit for it. Well, maybe half credit. Honestly, probably like a third of the credit... but still.


Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

What an awesome, hilarious contest.

Pretty much all I think about on longer runs is all the things I want to eat when I'm done. Usually, my brain keeps coming back to cold hamburgers. My last marathon, I actually called my brother up at mile 17 and asked him to meet me at the finish line with a burger. It was AMAZING.

Marlene said...

All we talk about is food!!! Love the competition idea.

Indi said...

so when is the Lasane challenge...i may need to judge that one, since I missed this! Love it!

Laura said...

It gets to the point of being ridiculous about how much we talk about food on our long runs.
I love stroganoff...and make a mean one as well.

Mark said...

I think you should expand your judging field. Feel free to freeze a portion of every entry, pack them in dry ice, and ship them to me for tasting. I'm willing to make that sacrifice. Really.

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

I might be willing to judge sometime (and I'm even local)

Funny post FWR!

The Turtle said...

That sounds like so much fun. Sorry you didn't win.

Lindsay said...

You need to raise the stakes. Next time we need to see tw public humiliation too! Looks delicious, those vegetarians don't know what they're missing.

Joanne said...

Great contest! My hubby would want in on that one. Would a BEAN stroganoff stand a chance for non-meat eaters?
Looks like tons of fun AND.. I want to be invited to that lasagne-off. Gotta love that dish!

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