Thursday, May 26, 2011

best part of my day.

Or worst, or maybe kind of a mix. So. The thing is that the Edder was running some errands when his car exploded during the lunch hour today (by exploded i mean a belt fell off or something, i don't know). He happened to have Milo with him, so while he was stranded waiting on both myself and AAA to show up, he let Milo out to run around since he was parked next to a retention pond.

The awesome part is that when I showed up both Milo and the Edder were back waiting in the exploded car with the windows down. So I pulled up, rolled my window down and was hit with a stench so bad I immediately wanted to vomit (there's a vomit theme on my blog lately, eh? and no, i'm not pregnant). Awesome. Apparently our curious, precious little Milo decided to roll around on a decomposed, rotting, fly infested snake while waiting for the car to be towed.

Holy goodness.

People. That was hands down the worst thing I've ever smelled. So much for getting stuff done over my lunch hour. That was a mess. The point is, despite his disgusting stinky smunk, I heart my dog. And clearly he was very proud of himself so I couldn't resist taking a picture of his pride. No worries, both the car and dog have been thoroughly scrubbed.

In other news, May is a busy month for everyone, no? I've been busy, clearly, but also just taking a bit of a break from bloggie land and running in general. Just waiting for inspiration to hit. It finally did today. Thanks stinky Milo! 

Despite another running showdown I have coming up next weekend at the River Run 10K against AP, I'm still not running very much. I'm not worried. FACT. I will win. I've been running casually, whatever pace feels good, how many ever miles I feel like going. It's been incredible. I'm happy. Meh. What I haven't done in miles I've been making up for by doing plenty of hot yoga at a new studio in town, owned by a running buddy. She's amazing. I'm addicted and have no plans of stopping through the summer.

I'm just resting up and taking a break before I start training for.... wait for it... waaiiiiiiittttttt....a fall marathon. My home town marathon no less. Yep, I decided to do one. More on all of the above later.

For now I have more birthdays (they are endless in my family, those May birthdays) to celebrate and a vacation to take!


Indi said...

Milo, Milo, Milo...never a shortage of crazy times!! I'm glad you are enjoying the runs and I have no doubt AP is going to get chicked!! :)

rUntoNamAste said...

That picture and dog: adorable. The stench: not so much. A rotting snake? I probably would have passed out at sight of that thing. Gag! But hooray for hot yoga and a fall marathon. Muy exciting!

Unknown said...

what is it with dogs rolling in those rotten stenches? Bandit did something similar lately and it was DISGUSTING!!!

Irene said...

Dogs are funny that way. :) Mine always seems to find something disgusting to roll in... Your pup is cute, though!

Ditto on the busy May. Since it's a three day weekend, I can get caught up on blog reading. LOL. I haven't had time, otherwise.

Oh yeah, congrats on your half marathon!

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

Way to go Milo!

Glad you're enjoying running when you can fit it in. I wonder if you're just trying to make it a closer River Run between you and AP? :-)

Big Daddy Diesel said...


trawler666 said...

Haha, that's one crazy dog. I can only imagine what it smelled like!