Monday, December 12, 2011

best part of my day.

Hasn't happened yet. But it involves taking my dog Milo for a run around the neighborhood to enjoy Christmas lights when I get home from work. Man, I love running in the evenings this time of year. It's so SPARKLY! And you know I love me some sparkly, interwebs. SPARKLES! Maybe I'll take some pictures on my night run, post the sparkles later this week.

In other news. I have been running. Some. And doing yoga. Some. But it's just the right amount for my taste right now, actually. The amount that makes me happy.

And yes I'm still alive but barely blahgging! I have grand posts waiting to be written, pictures to be shared, stories to told... OH THE STORIES! The many stories and updates. Okay, maybe just a normal amount of stories and some lame updates about my current obsession of doing projects around my house and knitting. THANK YOU PINTEREST!
But you have to wait. Maybe tomorrow.

Happy Monday, YA'LL's!!


Lora Abernathy said...

Enjoy your run this evening!

Indi said...

We're doing a christmas lights run next wednesday followed by beer of excited!! Hope it was a fabulous time!

Carolina John said...

Hope you got to enjoy the lights last night!

Marlene said...

Oh I am loving the sparkling lights!!!

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