Wednesday, June 27, 2012

best part of my day. little yellow ball.

Thanks to some nagging ankle pain, hip and quad/hamstring pain, I'm taking a running break this week. Just yoga for this girl. My body is protesting. Big time. In every way possible. Yesterday (and still this morning) I have been fighting off what feels like a stomach bug and impending sinus infection. My body is screaming at me for a break. It's been a bit nutty lately, sleep hasn't been a priority, nor has rest. So last night I gave in, skipped donning my track suit for speedwork night, and rested.  I got bored after an hour.... but continued to rest it out.

I have a doctor appointment this morning regarding my little ankle issue. **I wrote this too soon. Just went to the doctor, diagnosis of peroneal tendonitis. Looks like some RICE and PT for this girl. But it's all good, I go on vacation next week anyway!

So, my ankle/leg (obviously now we know my peroneal tendon). It's been nagging at me for about six weeks. It isn't getting worse, which is good, but it isn't getting better. So it was time to get it checked out. X-ray's gave the all clear that it wasn't the dreaded "S" word (stress fx in the tibia). Thank goodness, that was in the back of my mind.

Onto the best part of my day. Since I'm going easy on my body this week (and next, apparently), trying to get rid of pesky knots and aches and pains in my legs; every night I've been foam rolling, sticking and using the tennis ball for trigger point release.


The funny thing is that I had several tennis balls roaming around our house for my trigger use. They kept disappearing. I blamed the Edder, naturally, and went to Target to get a package of new tennis balls.

The mysterious missing tennis ball problem resolved itself last night. After I opened up my new can of awesome (i.e. little yellow balls) and sat on the floor to begin foam rolling, Milo came running into the bedroom. He promptly snorted around, picked up the tennis ball from beside my head after giving me kisses, and trotted off with it in his mouth. How in the.... he could smell the new tennis ball, I guess?!

So that explains that one. Now to find where he's hidden the rest. I let him keep that ball, we decided he was more excited about that new shiny yellow ball than he has been about anything recently. Because he took that ball straight to the Edder to play. Please note: milo doesn't fetch, his preferred method of playing with a ball involves us throwing it high in the air in different locations so he can jump for it. Silly herding dog.

He kept that ball with him the rest of the night.  Clearly. The fluffy toe fur sent me over the edge. He can have as many shiny yellow balls as he wants.


Indi said...

He's so adorable!!! Crazy Milo :)

abbi said... the tennis ball thief. Hope you find the others...they are like socks that disappear in the dryer around here though, no idea what happens to them. Occasionally I'll find one behind a piece of furniture!

Julia said...

hahahaha! my oldest dog is the same way. she hates fetch. just steals and hides! what a crazy! hope you feel better soon:)

Unknown said...

How cute. One of my dogs steals and destroys my tennis balls. He somehow manages to rip all the green fur off of them, leaving a naked tennis ball shell. weird.

Lindsay said...

I'm impressed by your dedication to roll. I keep saying I need to.......

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