Thursday, August 27, 2009

one day left, plus ted and ed...

Heyooooo blahgies. Today is your last day to enter the Juice Plus Protein Powder Giveaway, your chances so far are DARN good, because only 25 or so people have entered. LUCKY. If you want to up your chances even more, give me a shameless shout out on your blog and I'll give you yet another entry. I'm such a whore.

In other news, Ed made it home safe and sound around 9:30p last night. He said it was the most incredible birthday EVER. The Nuge is apparently a pretty killer guy, even though neither of us necessarily agree with his political views (and boy did he share those with Ed, and then Ed listened to him do a 40 minute radio interview where the rant continued). We aren't ones to judge someone's opinions so it didn't bother Ed at all. He said the Nuge is an awesome guy, so nice and welcoming. He even has his own brand of coffee, Nuge Java, of which he constantly kept Ed's mug totally full of, yeah the Nuge poured Ed's coffee all morning. All while wearing fuzzy black slippers, cargo shorts complete with camo button down shirt with the sleeves torn off... Ted was wearing that, not Ed.

And this is just for Sotally Tober... Ed did not, point of fact, have to hunt and kill his own lunch. Although he did get some broad heads autographed and did get to play with the Nuge's three dogs. All of this seems so surreal. Ed said the Nuge was the most welcoming person he has ever met, just a really great guy, with a personality bigger than life (which I pointed out is why he is a rockstar...literally).

My favorite was yesterday when my sister sent me an email asking who the hell Ted Nugent is (once i actually get my 'honest scrap' post up, you will better understand why my sister wouldn't know who the nuge is). I found some photos to send her to explain, that was a good time. These are some of what I found. I also mentioned that from what I could gather, the Nuge wore the loin cloth during the actual deposition (which lasted all of an hour mind, yet Ed was with the Nuge for about five hours total).

So Ed's birthday was a total success. He said it was one of the best days of his life. Not to mention he got to come home to ME who had his birthday present waiting for him in the car (i got him a wakeboard) and we headed to Old Chicago for dinner and drinks so I could hear all the stories of the day. I was just sitting there in awe, Ed had to keep reminding me to shut up so he could finish his story... I just had so many questions. Pictures (and proof this isn't just a random made up piece of crap) should be coming. Ed's phone died so he couldn't snag any, but his client (who is a long time friend of Ted) did snag some.

Okay, I realize this post about Ted and Ed is long and rambly, but you have to admit, it's pretty stinking fabulous. And pretty random and hilarious too. Mostly I knew Meggers would appreciate this post! So this really was just for Meggers.

To round out the randomness of this post, my legs have been kind touchy lately, I don't know if it's my personal trainer kicking my butt with plyometrics or what, but I have some pretty achy legs going on, like marathon training achy legs. Yet the furthest I've gone lately is 9 or 10 miles. I do speedwork once a week and my other runs are anything but fast! GRRR. So last night I went for a nice long three mile walk with Katie and today my legs feel pretty good, but my shins are tender. This kind of scares me.

Okay you people have better things to do than read me ramble. Don't forget to DRINK THE FWR KOOL-AID!!


Mark said...

Wow, sounds like the Edder had quite a good time with old Sweaty Teddy. He should have gone out and shot something while he was there though...good times. Oh, and I'll pimp you out on my blog for another entry :-)

Ashley said...

I honestly have NOTHING better to do than hear you ramble....which is probably why I involve myself in email wars with you & the running lawyer. I'm a glutton for punishment, LOL!!!

Glad Ed had an amazing bday!! When you said you had his bday present waiting for the car...I was totally picturing you (no, not like actually visualizing it!!!) naked & waiting for him, so I'm glad you threw in that it was a wake board, LOL!!

Okay, I need to quit talking/typing now....cuz that totally came out all wrong. Wow....I may need (additional) therapy.

Marlene said...

What a great Birthday! Too cool.

Hope those legs are okay. I hate that achy feeling. Taking a hot spsom salt bath before bed every night. it relaxes & soothes the muscles... sooo nice.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

"the Nuge wore the loin cloth during the actual deposition." Can you imagine trying to take someone seriously whilst they were sporting a small shape of fabric over their twig and berries.. HEHEHE

Good for Ed and what a fun present.

Sorry about the soreness!! Hope the Legs start cooperating..

Hugs and love... new giveaway on the old blogger.. I sure hope people participate I am trying for an ambitious 200 comments.. UGH!!

The Gibsons said...

i will not fall for this; i can't shout out because i don't blog and this ain't gonna' make me start (unless maybe your giveaway was for Nuge's loincloth itself...ahahahaaaaaaaa!)

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

THANK YOU for helping my cause. And someday I will do a more personal post... in the mean time this post should keep you busy...

WE have a land Turtle named Tally, our water Turtle Hermie died a few months ago.

I DONT COOK!! Hubby makes all the meals, I really love his Chicken Enchiladas.

I have been lifting since 8th grade... I took a few years off to see what non-bulky Mel looks like. Now I am toning and working on my core strength. There will be a post soon with Muscle Man's new workout equip..

Hope this tides you over lady...

Sotally Tober said...

Sounds like Ed had freakin' awesome time! As far right as Ted may be politically, he has always at least seemed willing to listen to, and ultimately disagree with, the rest of us. Ha!

Are the plyometrics new to the workout program? Could be a simple case of DOMS. Good luck. You'll be better in no time.

californiameaghan said...

blogger ate my first comment. i will try to be as witty again.

my uncla and aunt's last name is newgent. i used to tell people they were related to ted nugent. i don't make stories like that up any more. obviously.

back to bikram tonight. gonna make you sweat!

B.o.B. said...

That is the most random thing I have ever read. I mean the whole taking Ted Nugent's deposition. Hilarious.

His episode of Cribs is one of the best ones. Period. ;)

Jen Feeny said...

I miss the Nuge. He has(had) a hunting store in Jackson where I lived when I lived in Michigan. He's a wild one for sure!

Happy b-day to the hubby!

T-Bone said...

This is one of the more awesome things I have ever heard. Spending a day with the Motor City Madman. I would have been suspicious that it was some kind of a ruse whereby Ed was lured to Ted's ranch and then blindfolded and pushed out of a helicopoter with a hunting knife and a 30 minute head start. But I guess that didn't that's good.