Tuesday, November 10, 2009

update: best part of my day.

HELLO. Big news. Sweatband guy in spin class clearly has an arsenal of gear, because he sure was wearing a different colored sweatband in spin class last night. It doesn't take a lot to make me happy, obviously.

In other news. The mayhem in the Robinson house continues, I think I mentioned I'm in teaching mode for the fall again, my semester will last until December 6, and this is my largest class yet. Work is just ridiculous for Ed and I both. Note to everyone, when one of the radio stations you work for decides to flip formats in a matter of five days, and all things online are your responsibility... plan a vacation. And FAST. Just leave. Pretend that format change isn't happening. Sigh. Also, Christmas comes darn early in radio. Sigh numero dos.

And finally, switching law firms is no walk in the park either. Yeah, Ed has a new job which is awesome, and which I am writing a post about. It made for an interesting September. His career has gone from a slow cruise to 1,000 miles an hour in a matter of weeks, in a great way.

I'm pooped. And is it ridiculous to want a housekeeper? Honestly. Thoughts here please. I'm thinking just for the duration of my teaching schedule. I'm a neat freak clean-a-phobe, it drives me crazy not having enough time to keep up on the house and laundry. For some reason the thought of getting one makes me feel guilty! What do you think?

And in running break update news. My legs were clearly screaming for a break. I've been in PT for two weeks now and despite some hard work, the legs, they are still TORE UP. I forgot to mention in addition to everything else I said was wrong with my legs, I also have shin splints. But like I said, I'm enjoying my break, honestly it feels like I have had a 80,000 pound weight lifted off of my body. Sigh of relief. I really needed this break, mentally and physically. It feels so good to just relax and focus on my relationships, life, work, getting stronger in many ways and getting stuff done! This is how it is supposed to be right now. I like it.


Mark said...

what? no pictures? you need to sack up and whip out the camera phone and ask him to smile.

And I still don't have an answer as to what your participation level in the Giblet Jog will be yet!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

I totally notice what people wear, glad you can be entertained.

Wow you guys are BUSY...I just got a new role at work that starts next week which means less time for the old blogger.


Felice Devine said...

I would LOVE having someone to clean my house. Love it. I say go for it -- reduce your stress, you know?

Irene said...

Back (a bazillion years ago) when I had my son, someone asked me what I wanted as a "gift." I said I really wanted a houskeeper. They laughed at me. Nope, not ridiculous at all! Don't feel guilty, either. Having a clean house that you didn't have to clean is a good day, even if it just last for one day.

Yeah, your body needs a vacay!

Take care!

Irish Cream said...

Oh my gosh, do NOT feel guilty! It's not like you'll be sitting on the couch eating nutter butters while the cleaning lady is cleaning the house! I say go for it! That is the one perk of my Extended Stay Hotel . . . I get my room cleaned once a week! It's AWESOME.

Mark said...

I knew you wouldn't be running...I was just hoping you'd still be coming as that photog/cheerleader/annoyer I was hoping for :) Maybe you can be the hard cider passer-outter too! We can exchange celly #'s and text before the race to get organized.

Oh, and I totally meant take a pic with that dude knowing it...make him cheez for the camera with his fancy little headband!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Sounds like the break is exactly what you need...smart move! Hope the work stuff settles down for you soon too! :)

X-Country2 said...

Oh, get a housekeeper. Best money you'll ever spend.