Thursday, November 19, 2009

a wonderful rainbow covered in chocolate and beer.

That's what the newest local YMCA is. I swear, Wichita builds some incredibly amazing YMCA facilities. I think I want to move into the newest one, which is actually in a suburb right outside East Wichita called Andover. I went there last night for a spin class with my running injury rehab buddy Lea. I think it's safe to say we both had our rear end's handed to us on a big silver platter. WOW.

The most incredible thing is that the Andover YMCA has a spin studio, with stadium style bike platforms, and nice new pretty shiny spin bikes. I'm hooked. I don't know that I'll ever go anywhere else for a spin class again. The good news is that they have several 5:30a classes that Lea and I are up for attending, and since we live just a few blocks away from each other, and 15 minutes from said YMCA, it will be easy to go to the early morning classes. Which makes getting up stupid early worth it. Because who wouldn't want to get up that early to go to a wonderful rainbow covered in chocolate and beer at 5a to spin their heart out?

In other news. I'm still going strong in PT, and am not so secretly glad I have a fellow running buddy who is taking a break (lea has a stress fracture, she ran the sf nike marathon, amazing) too, so we are rehabbing together with spin classes and yoga. It's nice to have a pal in the same boat.

My PT discovered my lower back is all jacked up, which is most likely causing a lot of my issues. He worked on me a good long time this week, and I feel so amazing. He had me do a little run set, just to gauge my stride. There is a huge positive difference in my stride from when I went to him three weeks ago. When I ran, my legs FLEW, it felt like I was gliding on a cloud, with angels singing and sun shining down on me. I haven't felt that way since.... well I can't remember when. It felt like what I imagine the rest of ya'll must feel like when you run. Nothing hurt, my hips, quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves were firing in alignment.... it was like perfection in running. I felt like I could run FAST and far.

Even though that little sprint was perfection, I'm still not running, despite some temptation here and there after a horrendous day or two. I'm going to see how I feel in January and go from there. We'll see.

Can ya'll believe it's almost Thanksgiving? I actually LOVE this time of year. Thanksgiving is my family's big holiday, more so than Christmas. I'm so looking forward to seeing my sisssy's and aunts and uncles and cousins for three or four days (and my parents, but they live here in town so i see them whenever). It's my happy time!

PLUS, I'm taking all of next week off to work on the house, and take a needed break from work. And that little Edder we all like so much is even taking two days off with me, and said he'll work from home in the mornings. He hasn't taken a day off work since starting his new job seven weeks ago. And yes, I mean he literally works seven days a week. I'm looking forward to next week indeed! So really, not only is the new Andover Y a wonderful rainbow covered in chocolate and beer, next week will be that as well.


Anna Banana said...

I live in KC and I love our YMCA facilities as well. I have grown up in them and now I teach at the one close to my house. Glad your injury is getting better and you have found something(cycling) to kep your fitness up during your injury and the winter.

Mark said...

You better be bringing some of that choco-beer rainbow with you on Sunday!
Hurray for time off. I'm looking forward to my 4-day weekend for sure. And yes, the Y does make nice facilities...then they charge rediculous amounts for the memberships to pay for them!

Marlene said...

Progress sounds good! Also nice to have someone who can relate to what you're dealing with AND workout with you in other ways.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING and enjoy the staycation.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the time off :)

Felice Devine said...

Glad you're healing. I'm sure that little run felt great. You'll feel even better when you return to running completely healed.

teacherwoman said...

I too love this time of year! Sounds like you guys have a wonderful Y there. I am pretty pleased with our two here as well... :)

Katie said...

Enjoy the week off!

I haven't tried the Y. My gym though has great spin classes and is super cheap so I go to get my butt handed to me twice a week.

Spinning is waaay harder then I gave it credit for!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

"it felt like I was gliding on a cloud, with angels singing and sun shining down on me" OMW you are seriously so funny!! Love it..

That is soo nice that you have a great facility to keep you happy during the rehab...I hate the word "rehab," course you use PT so I guess that is the new in term.


californiameaghan said...

do you need a ski vacation? skiing is good rehab right? i know some people who live near great mountains in new hampshire... its ME!

Irish Cream said...

This is one of the best and happiest things I've seen in a while. In fact, I am now thinking about tackling the long commute from Orlando just so I can go to your Y! Sounds like heaven!!

And yay for making progress with the PT! I want someone to make me into a brand new shiny runner!! :)