Tuesday, November 2, 2010

three weeks to gobbler grind.

Wowza. Three more weeks to the Gobbler Grind. The first half marathon I'll have ever 'officially' trained for in full (i always half-assed them in the past, if trained at all). I'm hoping it pays off. Really this post is nothing more than to track my training from the past two weeks and to note the coming week of training. You know, the really entertaining stuff.

I mentioned my training plan a few weeks ago and I'm happy to announce that besides skipping my long run (and missing my PR by a few seconds during a race) I ended up nailing all the runs, paces and all. Same for last week. All my training this year, yes all 10 months so far, has been done in "slow down and don't get injured so i can finish a marathon without getting injured" mode. So I've been itching to train at the paces I know I'm capable of, and that make me feel good. The kind of running that makes me feel like I've had a good hard run, all fresh and tired inside and out afterwards. Just totally spent. I love that feeling oh so much.

And contrary to what I usually do, I refuse to think I'm jinxing myself by writing this. The Edder reminds me on a regular basis there is no such thing as "jinxing," I'm choosing to trust him on this one. So if I fail, I can totally blame it on him. Clearly it's a win-win. Such a lucky man that Edder.

Week of October 25 Training:
Tuesday - 4 miles
Wednesday - 6 miles with the running group
Thursday - 6 mile tempo, 4 at 8:13 pace (success!)
Saturday - 4 miles
Sunday - 10 miles
Total miles =30

Total Mileage in October = 105.7
(lower than the past few months, but i let myself take it easy after chicago)

Goal for Week of November 1:
Tuesday = 7 miles
Wednesday = 6 miles easy with the running group
Thursday = 7 mile tempo run, 5 at 8:13
Friday = 6 miles
Sunday = 12 miles

I was slightly concerned over how I would feel with my new training paces, but so far I'm feeling good. Sore and tight on some days, but nothing worrisome. I'm actually kind of surprised. I plan to leave my paces where they are for now, I'm not going to speed up my paces anymore until after the half. My training the past few weeks has been comfortable, and I don't want to push it since I still do worry about injury. So I'm calling these paces good and sticking to them and pretty hopeful I can pull off my goal at Gobbler Grind.



Indi said...

Oh yeah!! totally going to whip Gobbler butt!! Cannot wait to see you :) You are going to be awesome...wait...awesomer!!!

Marlene said...

Good for you pushing the pace. Now you don't have the "marathon coming up" excuse. :) Good luck at the half!

Questionably Texan said...

Weird how enjoyable it is to feel totally spent after a workout. Nice job with the tempo!

teacherwoman said...

Yes... everyone should vote!

NIce job with your training!

Mark said...

Man I'm bummed that I don't get revenge on the GG this year. Sounds like you're going to kick some ass there. Maybe you can just kick a little for me while you're there!

Irene said...

I'm so behind on my blog reading! I need to go through a few blog posts to catch up. I'm glad to see you're still training hard and kicking it into gear! The Gobbler Grind won't know what hit it!

smartwool said...

Nice training! Good luck on your up coming race..