Monday, November 1, 2010

pumpkin run 5k. and pie.

A week ago Saturday I ran the WSU Pumpkin Run 5k with some of the girls, most notably, Batgirl (more on that later). The race was on my alma mater's campus, go shocks! On a windy, humid, warmish day.... after a night out at the Midwest Beerfest Beer Dinner.

Um, so I mentioned something about wanting to PR in the Pumpkin 5K race? Uh, yeah that so did not happen. I of course was ridiculously pissed off at myself for not running 5-6 seconds faster. But seeing how I thought I was going to vomit the last half mile, I totally dropped the ball. Pay no mind to the fact that I didn't take care of myself very well for the week leading up to this race. Yet, I was still quite pissed off at myself. Perhaps if I hadn't consumed three days worth of calories at a dinner the night before a 5k, or say, hadn't had more beer than I normally do (coughahem, it was a BEER dinner, i mean i had no choice in the matter!) I might have just pulled off a PR. But it's me. So you know..... that's a gooooood runner.

So in true FWR fashion I ate and drank and didn't sleep the night before and expected to pop off a PR. Right. But. this is where I mention PIE! Even though I didn't PR I still managed second place (uh, only because the fast girls weren't there) in my AG, and this race actually gives prizes for AG winners.

Oh my, you guys.... I won a PIE! Not just any pie, but pie from the Amish bakery in a town outside of Wichita. An Amish town. Horse and buggies, no electricity, the whole bit. AMISH PIE. Let me preface by saying although I love highly refined sugar I'm not much of a pastries fan. Not a fan of cakes or pies or other pastries for the most part (unless it's thanksgiving). But oh my if my mind hasn't been changed by that delicious Amish apple pie. It smelled and looked so amazingly perfect, it was sparkly on top. SPARKLY! I may or may not have eaten it for dinner that night. What? I won that sucker, and it was massive, I needed to get to work on it. No shame.

So me and my pie wallowed in the fact that I didn't get a PR, I got over the wallowing about halfway through said pie and all was right with my world. The pie didn't fare so well.

In other news, Batgirl (i.e. shelley) won first place for female costume and third place in our AG. However I was pretty disappointed that The Lawyer and I won nothing for our costumes, we went as "Freaking Awesome." What, can't you tell that's what we are? And no one understood Liz was dressed up as a runner. Boo race organizers, boo.

*batgirl, a runner, freaking awesome no. 1 & freaking awesome no. 2*


Indi said...

Pie makes all things better..especially during this time of the year!! Hmm..and beer too ;) pie and beer...ok I'll stop now. More on that in 3 weeks!

How did they miss the Chicago awesomeness!!! Fools, i tell you fools!!

misszippy said...

Pie vs. PR? I'd take the pie!

Miranda said...

Pie as a prize? Brillant!! Around here all 5K are usually held at the same time as other festivities, so I am not sure I could run one without having consumed too much beer the night before!

Pretend this is real said...

2nd place is awesome! No excuses... who cares what people were or were not there. Still awesome. Congrats!

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

You should PR next time for sure. Age group awards are always a nice pat on the back.

BTW, wasn't sure what you meant by Freaking Awesome, so I had to look up 'Freaking' online, and this is what I came up with:

teacherwoman said...

Freakin' awesome... fo sho! Love that you won a pie, tho!

Marlene said...

That migut be the best AG prize EVER!

Questionably Texan said...

Mmmm, pie.

Ace said...

Excuse me, but I have to say /deny. If you are finishing 2nd AG then YOU are the fast girl.

/agree on pie > pr. PRs last forever, but the pie was like at least 30 seconds of bliss, right?

Mark said...

I'm liking the idea of edible prizes more and more. I'd be all over that pie.

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