Tuesday, October 18, 2011

best part of my day. the poutinery.

Uhhhh, yeah. Poutinery. It's a thing. It exists. I AM NOT KIDDING!!

And can I tell you first hand? It. Is. Killer. I about died when our friends suggested we go to a poutinery. I thought they were trying to be all, "hey gullible Americans, haha, let's go to a poutinery." Because, right. "THOSE EXIST, eh. wink, wink."... But really, they are too polite to pull one over on us. Poutinery's exist. WHO KNEW!


And, wait.

Random aside: speaking of gullible Americans. We are THOSE one's. The one's who happened to make the brilliant mistake of taking out American cash on our way to the airport to go to Canada. Right. You know, Canada, where they apparently ONLY accept Canadian money. It's a fact. Learn it. And there's your lesson for the day, interwebs.

Moving on. So. The first stop across the Canadian border Friday night was at the Poutinery (while waiting for our real dinner of sushi to be prepared). My SQUUEEEEEE was barely containable... I just stood in front of "Frenchy's Poutinery" in gleeful amazement.

*happily inhaling poutine, which is french fries smothered in delicious gravy and cheese curds*

Oh, Canada... I miss you already. I've already screamed twice this morning over the fact I couldn't have Tim Horton's coffee and 'Tim-Bits' to start my day.

Race report from Detroit Freepress Half and pictures coming soon. As a preview, I absolutely adored this race, it was incredibly fun. With the bonus that my hip, point of fact, didn't fall off!


Unknown said...

mmmmmm poutine

Paul said...

Just got back from Canada and don't know why people would ruin perfectly good fries with gravy. ;)

Gravy is something you put on bad meat to cover it up ;)

The seafood was most excellent up there!

B.o.B. said...

so glad you said what that was cause i had no idea. lol!

also, i'm sad i didn't meet you. bummer. glad your hip stayed in tact. :)

Mark said...

Fries, gravy AND cheese curds?! How could that not be delicious?

Questionably Texan said...

Mmmm poutine. How I miss thee.

Indi said...

Can't wait to see pictures!! Funny enough I had poutine (not for the first time though) last week as well!! delicious!! Expand those culinary horizons and embrace the yummyness my friend!

Carolina John said...

ah that sounds fantastic. I want to try poutine so bad!

Cory Reese said...

I have never heard of this stuff...but anything topped with gravy sounds good to me.