Friday, October 21, 2011

the detroit freepress half. in photograph.

As I mentioned, the Detroit Freepress Half was so much fun. It was a fantastic course, not bad weather (it was my kind of running weather, chilly and rainy) and it was wonderful to run alongside someone who was doing their first half marathon.

Experiencing someone's first big race with them made for one of the most enjoyable races I've ever done. I loved just running along, taking in the sites, stopping to take pictures whenever I wanted and chatting with my running pals. I had an absolute blast during the race. And before. And after. Perfection!

*kristen the canadian and i pre-race trying to stay warm*

*the start line*

*the ambassador bridge - the bridge between detroit and windsor, ontario. it was WIN.DY up on that sucker, i was running close to the caution tape and could have sworn it was going to blow over my head and strangle me. very dramatic, i know*

*a view from the bridge, one side of the river detroit, other side windsor*

*running along the detroit river on the windsor, ontario side looking onto the detroit skyline*

*starting the underwater mile into the border tunnel* 

*inside the tunnel right on the border, it was warm and had quite the deceptive hill in it. it kind of made me nervous being in there, got a lil bit claustrophobic, especially when i started hearing odd noises...*

*making it out of the tunnel into the US of A. my favorite was when we crossed to the canadian side the announcer was so chipper and delightful all "hey canada, show the american's how fun we are." and when we crossed back into the US the border guards were just standing there yelling "show your numbers, where is your number." they were terrifying.*

*finishing, finishing... happy*

*post race, killer medals, all smiles with my canadian running buddies*


Indi said...

I love it!! You look so happy and enjoying every bit of it!!! Yay..happy running is the best!! Love ya

Robin said...

Great pics, looks like a nice event. Would love to run that one one day!

Lora Abernathy said...

Very cool.

ihaverun said...

What an awesome race. So cool to run from one country to another! And you look so happy.

Too funny about the difference on each side of that undergraound mile =)

Marlene said...

So much fun!!! Love the photos & commentary, especially the border crossing. :) Awesome medals - well, the ribbons. I want to do this!

Emily P from Windsor said...

Can't wait to run this race this year (2015)!! Loved your story! Did you carry a passport with you? I am trying to figure out where I should put mine! Kristen's husband Chris is my Family Physician here in Windsor! :) Small world :)

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